Life’s Essentials with Prem Rawat

Life’s Essentials with Prem Rawat

As our lives become ever more stressful, Prem Rawat explores the essentials of leading a happy existence, with his unique insight, wit and wisdom. These episodes feature Prem in conversation with a range of hosts, telling his stories and messages of peace throughout his unscripted and unrehearsed events from all over the world. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Life’s Essentials with Prem Rawat

Tue Nov 09 2021

The inevitability of change; Can you adapt to enjoy life?


The episode discusses the inevitability of change, the importance of slowing down to feel contentment, and the search for identity. It emphasizes the need to appreciate the time given to exist on Earth and focuses on generating love from within ourselves. The episode also explores the paradox of life and the coexistence of destruction and recreation. Additionally, it mentions a practical online course called 'Peak' that helps understand and experience personal peace.

Life’s Essentials with Prem Rawat

Tue Nov 02 2021

The Blue and White Marbles of Life


Acast powers the world's best podcasts. Mark Bittman hosts a podcast called Food, discussing recipes, cooking, injustices in the food system, and America's food policy. Guests on the podcast include Bill McKibben, Leslie Nicole, Mrs. Pat, Emily Meggit, Alice Waters, Dan Levy, Cory Booker, and Jack Bapan. The Life's Essentials with Prem Rowa podcast explores how we shape our lives and live life to the fullest. Prem Rowa uses an analogy of blue and white marbles to explain capturing good moments and avoiding pain and suffering. The capacity to store good moments is available to every human being. Some people struggle to collect the good marbles due to various reasons like focusing on difficulties or wanting things to be a certain way. We often seek explanations for everything but sometimes it's better to wait for technology or future improvements before seeking answers. Technology has improved over time, allowing for more efficient extraction of resources. New discoveries are constantly being made in the field of cancer research. Uncertainty is a part of life, and not all questions can be answered. Enjoying and accepting every moment is a way to be ready for whatever may come. Beliefs about karma can shape how people interpret events in their lives. The hosts of the podcast 'Two Mr. P's' discuss funny and memorable experiences from school. A story is shared about a king who cuts his thumb and later realizes it saved him from being sacrificed. Moments in life can be shaped into whatever we desire, but it requires consciousness and awareness. Life is a chunk of time that can be divided into moments. There is no scale for wisdom or happiness, but there is a scale for time. Being normal dictates what happiness means, but the pandemic has disrupted that. Happiness and peace are possible even in the midst of the pandemic. Filtering out misinformation and focusing on what is true is crucial. Technology has increased individual responsibility to filter out what is good and true. Paying attention to joy and beauty should be a daily habit.

Life’s Essentials with Prem Rawat

Tue Oct 26 2021

Are You Looking Outside your Box?

PodcastsFoodThinking outside the boxSocietal normsFashion trends

The episode features discussions on various topics including food, thinking outside the box, societal norms, fashion trends, black lives matter, ego stroking, and reflections on life and wisdom. It also mentions podcasts like 'Bike Club', 'My Mate Bought A Toaster', and 'The Famous Sloping Pitch'. Additionally, it promotes Prem Rowart's online course 'Peak' and his new book 'Hear Yourself'.

Life’s Essentials with Prem Rawat

Tue Oct 19 2021

The Ultimate Game: In life what should we really be in to?

PodcastsLife ReflectionContentmentSelf-awarenessInner Peace

The episode discusses various topics including the power of podcasts, the ultimate game of life, viewing each day with awareness, contentment and peace in life, and knowing yourself and finding peace. It emphasizes the importance of reflection, self-awareness, and finding joy and contentment within oneself.

Life’s Essentials with Prem Rawat

Tue Oct 12 2021

Can you hear yourself through the noise?

PodcastsFoodLife's EssentialsPerspectives on LifeBeing Alive

Acast powers the world's best podcasts. Katie Oven and Jasmine Pack host a podcast called Bike Club for Tasty, where they discuss food topics and create rankings of their favorite foods. Prem Rowart is the host of the Life's Essentials podcast and in episode 21, he answers audience questions from Spanish TV personality Ighati Boru. Prem Rowart's new book called Hear Yourself explores different perspectives on life and wisdom gathered from his experiences. The book took two years to write and aims to bring about different perspectives on how everything should be in life. The book focuses on important aspects of life that are common to all of us.

Life’s Essentials with Prem Rawat

Tue Oct 05 2021

Gratitude and Joy; Patience is the key


Acast powers the world's best podcasts. Katie Oven and Jasmine Pack host a podcast called Bike Club for Tasty, where they discuss food topics and create rankings of their favorite foods. Prem Rowat's Life Essentials podcast episode is about gratitude and joy, emphasizing the importance of maintaining clarity and patience in our lives. Balancing life requires both mind and heart. Negative self-talk can create anxiety and fear. We often focus on the negative experiences and forget the good ones. Prisons are made bad by the people inside them. The Peace Education program helps prisoners realize their role in creating their own misery. Clarity can have a profound impact on our lives. A humorous encounter helped secure rights for a show in Iran. A story about choosing a successor highlights the importance of asking questions. Father advises son to work hard, be honest, and avoid greed in life. Son expresses gratitude for father's wisdom and inspiration. Father asks son what he sees, and son describes his surroundings. Father emphasizes the importance of patience and adjusting to the light within oneself. The speaker highlights the wonders of the universe and encourages patience to appreciate them. Choosing not to be thankful leads to misery, while gratitude brings joy and understanding. The speaker discusses the limitations of technology in communication. Smartphones have made their owners dumb. The world is facing issues like fake news, suicide, homelessness, overflowing prisons, wars, destruction of the planet, deforestation, and high carbon footprint. Container ships produce more pollution than all the cars on Earth due to their use of diesel and sulfur dioxide emissions. There is a possibility for a better world where people live consciously and protect the planet. The population is rapidly increasing with over 7.7 billion people currently. Despite technological advancements, there are still problems like obesity and food scarcity. Human beings need to be in control of technology and make choices based on clarity, heart, understanding, peace, joy, and human dignity. Greed has caused many problems in the world and it's only going to get worse unless changes are made. Prem Rowart offers an online course called Peak for personal peace and has a new book called Hear Yourself.

Life’s Essentials with Prem Rawat

Tue Jul 13 2021

The Grand Illusion and You - Are you just an actor, or is there more to life?

  • The podcast explores the deeper meaning of our lives and how we become confused actors in this theatre of existence.
  • Prem explains that there is a way to find clarity in this confusing world.
  • The three things discussed are power, energy, and the world we have created for ourselves.
  • Power is described as everything that was, is, and will be with no end.
  • Energy is the quintessential merging of the creator, susta...