What You Will Learn

What You Will Learn

We’re Adam and Adam, two Aussie blokes that love reading great books. Each week we share the best bits from the best books, and interview the world’s top authors. The books we cover can help you improve every area of your life, from your health to your wealth, from your relationships to your mindset. You’ll learn to pick up healthier habits, and drop the ones that are holding you back. We put the world’s best ideas within your reach, for a fraction of the time it would take to read the full book. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

What You Will Learn

Tue Jul 18 2023

The End Of An Era: Thanks For Listening


The episode covers the hosts' reflections on their podcast journey, including achievements, memorable interviews, book writing, the impact of books, the future of the podcast, and their decision to end it. They express gratitude to their listeners and reflect on the transformative power of books.

What You Will Learn

Thu Jun 01 2023

I Am Malala

Malala YousafzaiEducationTalibanActivism

The episode covers Malala's early life in a society where girls were expected to stay home, her father's belief in education for all, tension with a self-proclaimed Mufti, the arrival of the Taliban, the rise of Faz Lula and increased Taliban threat, closure of girls' schools, and Malala's activism.

What You Will Learn

Wed May 24 2023

ATTITUDE Book Launch

book launchattitudechangelearningfear

Today is the official launch day of the book 'The Shit They Never Taught You About Attitude, Vision, Change, Learning, Fear and Boldness.' The key thread in all successful biographies and books is attitude. Success is not due to a leg up or advantages but often in spite of obstacles. The book covers five meta lessons on change, learning, fear, boldness, and attitude. The audiobook includes bonus content in a podcast-style recap. The book is recommended for anyone who wants to benefit from a good attitude. Pre-orders of the physical or e-book version receive a free audiobook. There is a special launch bonus of 40% off the audiobook with the code 'launch.' The introduction explains that attitude is crucial for achieving goals. The book dives deep into attitude and extracts ideas from the best books on the topic. Five vital lessons are covered: vision, change, learning, fear, and boldness.

What You Will Learn

Thu May 18 2023

What To Do When It's Your Turn

self-improvementpersonal developmentsuccesstaking actionembracing freedom

This podcast episode discusses the book 'What to Do When It's Your Turn' by Seth Godin. The book emphasizes the importance of taking action, embracing freedom, generating ideas, and pursuing dreams. It encourages listeners to be proactive, embrace tension and uncertainty, and take risks. The episode also highlights the need to overcome fear, claim responsibility for choices, and seize opportunities. It emphasizes that the right time to take action is always now.

What You Will Learn

Thu May 11 2023


BusinessMotivationHierarchy of NeedsEmployee EngagementCustomer Satisfaction

The episode explores Chip Conley's book 'Peak' which applies Abraham Maslow's theory on the hierarchy of needs to business success. It discusses how companies can tap into the potential of their employees, customers, and investors by addressing their different levels of needs. The episode also emphasizes the importance of finding meaning in work and aligning personal values with career choices. It provides insights on how organizations can create a sense of purpose and tap into customers' unrecognized needs to drive success. The episode concludes with a discussion on finding one's calling and making sure to choose the right path in life.

What You Will Learn

Thu May 04 2023

The 50th Law

FearlessnessConfronting FearsTaking Back PowerOvercoming SetbacksInjecting Necessity

The episode explores the power of fearlessness, the importance of confronting fears, the benefits of taking back power and being self-reliant, overcoming setbacks and embracing opportunities, and injecting necessity and embracing urgency in our lives.

What You Will Learn

Mon May 01 2023

NEW BOOK: Attitude

AttitudeSuccessPersonal GrowthBook

The episode introduces a new book on attitude, emphasizing its importance in achieving success. The book is concise and offers valuable insights on vision, change, learning, fear, and boldness. Pre-ordering the book includes a special deal for a free audio book.

What You Will Learn

Thu May 12 2022

Surrounded By Idiots

  • The podcast discusses the book "Idiot" by Thomas Erickson, which focuses on understanding different personality types.
  • The book "What color am I?" prompts readers to identify their personality type based on colors.
  • There are four main colors that represent different behavior types: red, yellow, green, and blue.
  • Reds are bold, ambitious, driven, hot-tempered, and dominant. They have highly ambitious goals and are competitive in everything they do.
  • Yell...