Outbound Squad

Outbound Squad

This sales podcast is for B2B reps and sales teams who want to turn complete strangers into paying customers. Join me (you can call me JBay) as I interview sales experts, leaders, and top-performing reps to learn the stories, secrets, and skills of the world’s most successful sales professionals.

Outbound Squad

Tue Jul 16 2024

[Tactics] Cold Calling: How to nail the first 60 seconds (where 80% of reps fail)

cold calling

This episode is all about helping you nail the first 60 to 80 seconds of a cold call where 80% of cold calls fail. The objective is to have an authentic conversation and break through the typical relationship between prospect and seller. Strategies include using a permission-based opener and speaking to common priorities of the prospect. Avoid pitching and focus on engaging with the prospect's needs.

Outbound Squad

Tue Jul 09 2024

[Live Training] AE Self-Sourcing: How to create buy-in and enable AEs to self-source 30%+ of their pipeline

salesself-sourcingaccount executivescoachingoutbound activities

The episode covers various strategies and insights on enabling account executives to self-source pipeline, including building a culture of self-sourcing, coaching AEs, and consistent execution. It also highlights the importance of participation in enablement activities, structured blocks of time for outbound activities, and analyzing buyer intent data. Transitioning to a consultative sales approach, utilizing tools like GridBuddy, and building relationships through in-person meetings are discussed. The chapter also explores the role of coaches, metrics-driven approaches, and the organization structure for AEs. The episode concludes with insights on investing in top performers and the company's decision to skip SDRs.

Outbound Squad

Tue Jul 02 2024

[Tactics] Learning lessons from Zoom’s 2023 top Sales Manager

sales managementhiring practicesteam involvementproductivityculture of excellence

The episode discusses how to be a world-class sales manager by learning from Garrett Graschen's experience as Zoom's top sales manager. Garrett shares four key lessons: being selective with hiring, staying actively involved with the team, prioritizing activities that benefit the team or customers, and fostering a culture of excellence. The conversation delves into Garrett and Jason's history at College Works painting, where they met in 2009 and reminisce about their early career choices.

Outbound Squad

Tue Jun 25 2024

[LIVE Training] Cold Calling: How to build a killer talk track (that your reps will actually use)

cold callingsalestalk trackssales developmentmessaging maps

The podcast episode focuses on the importance of cold calling in sales and how to build an effective talk track for reps. It covers different opinions on scripted talk tracks, key components of a talk track, cold calling strategy, leadership and training in sales development, utilizing messaging maps and scripts, enhancing sales conversations, building relationships, effective cold calling techniques, voicemails, and sales call evaluation.

Outbound Squad

Tue Jun 18 2024

[Tactics] 3x VP of Sales Kyle Parrish

sales leadershipcoachinghiringonboardingpipeline generation

This episode covers various aspects of sales leadership, coaching, hiring, onboarding, pipeline generation, outbound sales, compensation planning, and advice for first-time VPs of sales. Key insights include the importance of mentorship, realistic hiring decisions, balancing growth targets with capacity planning, and aligning compensation with desired behaviors.

Outbound Squad

Tue Jun 11 2024

The Outbound Equation: How to make outbound work in 2024

sales developmentoutbound strategiesSDR modelnurturing close loss dealsscaling creativity

The episode discusses the challenges faced by sales teams in outbound work, the evolving role of sales development representatives (SDRs), the importance of nurturing close loss deals, scaling creativity in SDR teams, specialization and coaching in sales development, and building brand and engaging audiences. Key insights include the need for personalized outreach, leveraging intent signals, and adapting to changing buyer preferences. The episode also highlights the importance of brand, organic social media, and establishing personal relationships for lead generation.

Outbound Squad

Tue Jun 04 2024

[Tactics] The Sales Leader They Need w/ David Priemer

sales leadershiptransparencyemotional safetytrustaccountability

The episode discusses the challenges of sales leadership, the importance of promoting transparency and emotional safety, building trust with customers, fostering emotional safety in organizations, the impact of psychological safety on productivity, driving accountability in sales, and effective feedback in sales leadership.

Outbound Squad

Tue May 28 2024

[Tactics] I set 9 meetings in 2 hours last week using this strategy

salesbusiness developmentrelationship building

This episode discusses a strategy for scaling the process of setting meetings. It provides insights on building a sales pipeline, monitoring and nurturing relationships, and making effective asks. The host shares practical tips for sales leaders and reps.

Outbound Squad

Tue May 21 2024

[Live Training] Cold Email: How to land a ton of meetings (without wasting hours personalizing)

Cold Email StrategiesSales EngagementEmail PersonalizationOutbound CommunicationEffective Messaging

The episode discusses strategies for landing meetings through cold emails efficiently without excessive personalization. It covers insights on prospects' reading habits, personalization in cold emails, optimizing cold emails, crafting effective cold emails, effective communication strategies, personalization and social proof, advanced prospecting techniques, effective research and messaging, tips for cold email success, and additional resources.

Outbound Squad

Tue May 14 2024

[Tactics] "Should we outsource SDRs?"

sales development representativesoutsourcingoutbound salesself-sourcingexpertise

This episode discusses the topic of outsourcing Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and whether it is a smart decision. The host shares insights based on his experience and highlights the challenges and drawbacks of outsourcing SDRs. He emphasizes the importance of expertise, culture shift, and self-sourcing skills in successful outbound sales. The episode concludes by mentioning situations where outsourcing may be a temporary solution for scaling outbound or supporting new sales teams.

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