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Do you want to enable your Sales Leaders to coach? You're in the right place! I'm the author of 'Sales Coaching Essentials'. I help Sales Leaders 'install' sales coaching in their Enterprise Sales Teams using my system SalesCoach OS™. Each week, I bring you short and powerful interviews with experts to help you with your sales coaching and sales enablement challenges. We share ideas on key topics including sales coaching, sales competency, sales qualification, MEDDPICC, Deal Reviews, Deal Coaching and how to build a sales coaching culture in your organization! **SUBSCRIBE NOW** to be notified of great episodes!

Sales Coach

Thu Jul 13 2023

Getting the Tribal Buy-In w/ Tas Hirani

Sales EnablementPeer CoachingCommunication StrategiesChange ManagementCoaching Culture

The episode explores the power of peer coaching in sales enablement. It highlights the importance of creating a culture that encourages peer coaching and the benefits it brings to salespeople. The episode also discusses effective communication strategies, embracing change, and fostering a coaching culture within teams.

Sales Coach

Thu Jul 06 2023

Why a Growth Mindset is important in Sales Coaching w/ Jocelle Sarenpa

salesgrowth mindsetcoachingprofessional development

The episode explores the power of a growth mindset in sales, emphasizing the importance of approaching challenges with optimism and continuously improving. It delves into developing a growth mindset, creating a culture of growth, and the role of attitude and awareness in sales. The insights gained from these chapters provide valuable guidance for sales managers and professionals.

Sales Coach

Thu Jun 29 2023

The impact of coaching w/ Del Nakhi

sales coachingcoaching culturecommunicationqualificationcoaching effectiveness

The episode covers the importance of coaching in developing sales teams, aligning with the CRO, establishing competency maps, educating stakeholders, driving behavior change, measuring behavioral impact, dispelling misconceptions, and avoiding directive coaching. It also explores building a coaching culture, understanding sales reps' opportunities, developing a coaching framework, measuring strategic impact, connecting coaching efforts with revenue, tracking effectiveness, data cleanup, and using conversation intelligence tools. Additionally, it discusses effective communication, qualification frameworks, managing opportunities, prioritizing coaching, reinforcing results, and achieving a coaching culture.

Sales Coach

Thu Jun 22 2023

The importance and benefits of seller certifications w/ Maggie Callahan

certificationscoachingrevenue enablementsales organizations

This episode explores the importance of certifications and coaching in revenue enablement at One Trust. Maggie Callahan, the Global Director of Revenue Enablement, discusses the three pillars of their revenue enablement team and the introduction of a fourth pillar. The role of certifications in setting expectations and delivering a unique buyer experience is highlighted. The episode also delves into building a coaching culture through coaching circles and the involvement of frontline managers. The crucial role of managers in coaching and their ability to identify knowledge gaps is emphasized. Manager meetups and a global manager meeting are mentioned as opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and feedback gathering.

Sales Coach

Thu Jun 15 2023

Why Enablement shouldn't be a buzzword w/ Stephanie Middaugh

EnablementSalesCareer DevelopmentCommunityNetworking

This episode explores the concept of enablement, its importance in sales organizations, and provides insights on career paths and community resources for enablement professionals.

Sales Coach

Thu Jun 08 2023

Turning insights into action w/ Julie Newhouse

sales coachingsales managementcoaching culturerole definitionsmeasuring coaching impact

The episode discusses the importance of coaching for sales success, the challenges faced by sales managers and leaders in coaching, and the need for clear role definitions in training and enablement. It emphasizes the value of building a coaching culture and provides insights on measuring the impact of coaching.

Sales Coach

Thu Jun 01 2023

The right way to motivate your reps w/Phil Putnam

CoachingMotivationEmployee EngagementLeadership

The episode explores the importance of coaching, understanding personal motivations, engaging and retaining employees, and managing the whole person. It emphasizes the role of motivation in performance, the need for trust and information sharing in coaching, and the impact of lifestyle and emotional experience on employee satisfaction. The episode also highlights the significance of understanding individual motivations in hiring decisions and the benefits of nurturing and managing the whole person for organizational success.

Sales Coach

Thu Apr 27 2023

How will ChatGPT impact sales coaching? w/Thomas K. Cheriyan

  • The guest on the show is Tom Charian, Director of Revenue Enablement at Rattle.
  • Rattle creates a bridge between what reps need to do and the data in Salesforce or any CRM used.
  • Rattle makes data proactive in Salesforce using workflows called RATLs....