Making Data Simple

Making Data Simple

Hosted by Al Martin, IBM VP of Data and A.I. Development, Making Data Simple provides the latest thinking on big data, A.I., and the implications for the enterprise from a range of experts.

Making Data Simple

Wed Aug 09 2023

The Mindful Response with Estela Zuheros, Corporate Social Responsibility, IBM


This episode covers the Skilpills initiative by IBM to reduce the skill gap in society, IBM's initiatives in Spain focused on reskilling programs, IBM's portfolio of programs covering various domains, the benefits of mindfulness for personal growth, and practices for mindful living. The episode emphasizes the importance of reskilling, partnerships, project-based learning, and the role of mindfulness in improving relationships, work-life balance, and decision-making.

Making Data Simple

Wed Aug 02 2023

How the world has changed in a short year! Back on with Roger Premo, General Manager, Strategy and Corporate Development at IBM

Hybrid CloudAIIBMOpenAIMicrosoft

The episode covers various topics related to hybrid cloud and AI, including IBM's strategy, OpenAI's partnership with Microsoft, Watson X platform, IBM's expertise in AI, pragmatic approach to AI implementation, addressing practical concerns, and the future directions of regulation and quantum computing.

Making Data Simple

Wed Jul 19 2023

Unveiling the Power of AI and watsonx: In-Depth Conversations with Ruchir Puri, Chief Scientist of IBM Research

AIQuantum ComputingIBM WatsonGenerative AIModel Governance

Dr. Rishir Puri, chief scientist of IBM Research and IBM Fellow, discusses his extensive experience in AI and quantum computing, his work on IBM Watson, the current wave of AI, generative AI, IBM's approach to model governance and specialization, model parameters, and the power of an open ecosystem in AI.

Making Data Simple

Wed Jul 12 2023

Data Empowerment Unleashed: The Making Data Simple Podcast with Carolyn Ward

Healthcare DataInteroperabilityPatient RecordsAPIData Sharing

The episode discusses the importance of comprehensive healthcare data and the challenges in accessing and sharing patient information. Particle Health offers a solution through their API, allowing physicians to access consolidated patient records from different EMRs. The company aims to expand data sources and provide actionable insights for individual health outcomes. The role of AI in healthcare and the issue of physician burnout are also explored.

Making Data Simple

Wed Jul 05 2023

Yuval Bachar, founder/CEO of ECL: Exploring the Future of Data Centers, Edge Technology, and AI-Driven Infrastructure Innovations

Data InfrastructureSustainable Data CentersHydrogen PowerAI IntegrationLeadership Style

The episode covers Yuval Bachar's journey as the founder and CEO of ECL, a leader in sustainable data infrastructure. It explores the concept of off-grid zero emissions data centers powered by hydrogen and highlights the advantages and challenges of this innovative approach. The episode also discusses the integration of AI in data centers, the importance of sustainability, and future trends in the industry. The leadership style of ECL and its vision for the future are also presented.

Making Data Simple

Wed Jun 28 2023

Part 2. "Anything that is easy to explain can't be novel" - Jaclyn Rice Nelson, CEO & Co-founder of Tribe AI

AI service deliverygenerative AIchat experienceventure fundearly-stage investment

The episode covers Tribe, an AI service delivery firm, and their marketplace model or managed consulting model for accessing top AI talent. It explores barriers to enterprise adoption of AI tools, the demand for generative AI, and Tribe's four-week methodology for building generative AI solutions. The episode also discusses Tribe's chat experience, Coalition's venture fund, and the importance of investing in early-stage AI companies. It delves into the guest's leadership style, their belief in AI during an AI winter, and the transparency in the venture and startup ecosystem.

Making Data Simple

Wed Jun 21 2023

AI Unveiled: Exploring the Future with Jaclyn Rice Nelson, CEO & Co-founder of Tribe AI (part 1)

AIChat GPTGoogle VenturesJacqueline Rice NelsonTribe AI

The episode covers Jacqueline Rice Nelson's background and ventures, the significance of AI according to Google Ventures, the impact of Chat GPT and AI adoption, as well as challenges and opportunities in AI.

Making Data Simple

Wed Jun 14 2023

What will I say about technology when I'm 97? A "storycorp" style interview with my buddy's grandmother, 97 year old Nannie Ryals.

InterviewLife ExperiencesWorld EventsTechnologySports

The episode features an interview with Nanny Riles, a 97-year-old woman born in 1925. She shares her experiences growing up, her marriage, work, and challenges faced over the last hundred years. The interview also touches on major world events, technological advancements, personal reflections, and life lessons. Nanny reflects on changes in politics, women's lives, dress codes, transportation, and technology. She discusses her favorite sports teams, family importance, and offers advice for young people. The episode concludes with insights on aging and the speaker's perspective on a good life.

Making Data Simple

Wed Jun 07 2023

ChatGPT drives vegan business - Sam Tucker CEO of VegCatalyst {replay}

  • Sam Tucker is the CEO and founder of, an artificial intelligence marketing system for vegan businesses.
  • VEG3 uses GPT-3 technology and is a play on words with web 3.
  • Sam started a radio show about animal rights at age 12 and became involved in animal activism....