Making Data Simple

Making Data Simple

Hosted by Al Martin, IBM VP of Data and A.I. Development, Making Data Simple provides the latest thinking on big data, A.I., and the implications for the enterprise from a range of experts.

Making Data Simple

Wed May 29 2024

Emerging Tech, Ayal the Outlier, and no Fear! Part 2 with Ayal Steinberg, GM IBM Technical Community and Client Engineering

NVIDIAInstruct LabEnterprise ModelsAI SecurityLeadership Style

This episode covers various topics including NVIDIA as a short investment, enhancing language models with Instruct Lab, key factors for enterprise models, AI security concerns, leadership style, and the speaker's personal reflections.

Making Data Simple

Wed May 22 2024

Tech Talk with Ayal Steinberg, IBM GM Technical Community and Client Engineering: Part 1 - Navigating Sales, Leadership, and Calling the Shots. Unveiling Insights to Operationalize Your Success!

SalesTechnical SalesClient SalesIBMEnterprise Projects

The episode discusses the differences between client sales and technical sales, the role of client sellers and technical sellers, insights on technical sales, client engineering, and community engagement, efficiency and strategic initiatives, and future topics and IBM's strategy.

Making Data Simple

Wed May 15 2024

About AI and IBM: chat with Rob Thomas, Senior Vice President, Software and Chief Commercial Officer at IBM

IBMsoftwareconsultinghybrid cloudAI

This episode explores IBM's shift towards software and consulting, their focus on hybrid cloud and AI, advancements in multi-cloud approach and AI technologies, B2B AI solutions, competitive advantage, IBM's transition to solving deep technical problems, future trends, and insights on pizza crust and smoking brisket.

Making Data Simple

Wed May 08 2024

Edge Delta Insights: Automating Observability with David Wynn. Unveiling Intelligent Solutions for Root-Cause Analysis and Beyond!

observabilitytechnical salesAI limitations

This episode covers the role of observability in system performance, technical sales, and AI limitations. David Nguyen, the principal solution architect at Edge Delta, shares insights on observability tools, use cases, and challenges. The episode also explores the limitations of AI and future trends. Additionally, Nguyen provides personal insights on reading preferences and family life.

Making Data Simple

Wed May 01 2024

Next-Level AI Insights: Cody Schneider Part 2. Discover Cutting-Edge Content Creation Techniques with Swell AI & Drafthorse AI Co-founder.

AIContent MarketingSocial MediaPodcastsTech

This episode covers the state of AI, content marketing strategies, content consumption trends, advancements in tech and AI, and the importance of disconnecting from digital work. It explores the uncertain state of AI, the effectiveness of content marketing, and the impact of different social media platforms on user engagement. The rise of video podcasts and the popularity of platforms like YouTube for podcast consumption are discussed. Advancements in tech and AI, including medical applications and material science, are highlighted. Finally, the guest shares his offline activities and the importance of disconnecting from digital devices.

Making Data Simple

Wed Apr 24 2024

AI Innovations Unveiled: A Technical Deep Dive with Cody Schneider, Co-founder of Swell AI & Drafthorse AI. Decoding the Algorithms Behind AI Content Creation & Business Scalability. Episode 1: From Marketing Foundations to Advanced AI Applications.

PodcastsAI ToolsContent CreationMarketing

This episode explores the power of podcasts as a marketing tool and the use of AI tools for content creation. Cody Schneider, co-founder of Swell AI and draft horse AI, shares insights on automating workflows and repurposing content efficiently. The episode also discusses the benefits of using podcasts to reach target customers and how AI tools can reduce costs and increase efficiency for businesses. Additionally, it delves into the utilization of AI models and training techniques for improved output quality.

Making Data Simple

Wed Apr 17 2024

Tech Meets Mind: CPO at Phrasee Toby Coulthard on Bridging Human Psychology with AI in Marketing

AI in MarketingPersonalizationContent GenerationCustomer Engagement

Toby Cathard, Chief Product Officer of Phrasey, discusses using AI in marketing to generate and optimize brand language for customer communication. Phrasey helps customers generate tailored marketing content using AI technology. The podcast explores the concept of personalization in marketing and the role of AI in content generation and customer engagement. It also highlights the value of personalization in marketing and introduces, a platform focusing on personalized messaging with AI.

Making Data Simple

Wed Apr 10 2024

Reskilling Impact and the Mindful Response for a Better World with Estela Zuheros

mindfulnessresponsible leadershipskill gapIBM

This episode explores the importance of mindfulness-based responsible leadership and IBM's initiatives to reduce the skill gap in society. Estella Casada de Ros shares insights on promoting responsible leadership through mindfulness programs. The Skilpills initiative by IBM aims to provide alternative pathways for acquiring skills. IBM's social impact programs offer reskilling opportunities in various areas. The program focuses on topics like artificial intelligence, cloud, and sustainability. Personal experiences with mindfulness and the benefits of mindfulness and meditation are discussed. The importance of pausing and continuous growth is emphasized.

Making Data Simple

Wed Aug 09 2023

The Mindful Response with Estela Zuheros, Corporate Social Responsibility, IBM


This episode covers the Skilpills initiative by IBM to reduce the skill gap in society, IBM's initiatives in Spain focused on reskilling programs, IBM's portfolio of programs covering various domains, the benefits of mindfulness for personal growth, and practices for mindful living. The episode emphasizes the importance of reskilling, partnerships, project-based learning, and the role of mindfulness in improving relationships, work-life balance, and decision-making.

Making Data Simple

Wed Aug 02 2023

How the world has changed in a short year! Back on with Roger Premo, General Manager, Strategy and Corporate Development at IBM

Hybrid CloudAIIBMOpenAIMicrosoft

The episode covers various topics related to hybrid cloud and AI, including IBM's strategy, OpenAI's partnership with Microsoft, Watson X platform, IBM's expertise in AI, pragmatic approach to AI implementation, addressing practical concerns, and the future directions of regulation and quantum computing.

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