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MicroConf On Air

Welcome to the MicroConf Podcast! Every week, we feature the stories and strategies you need to level up your SaaS business. From the visionaries and makers who fuel sustainable, profitable software companies that don’t need to seek venture capital to make a meaningful impact in their lives.

MicroConf On Air

Wed Aug 09 2023

MicroConf Tactics: Every Founder MUST Know These SaaS Metrics to Grow

SaaSsalesmarketingmetricscustomer satisfaction

The episode discusses SaaS sales and marketing metrics in both low touch and high touch funnels. It covers important metrics such as unique visitors, conversion rates, expansion revenue, referral rate, churn, and retention. The episode also emphasizes the significance of customer satisfaction and provides insights on NPS and CSAT metrics.

MicroConf On Air

Wed Aug 02 2023

MicroConf Tactics: 6 Micro SaaS Ideas You Can Steal

Micro SaaSSaaS IdeasValidationNiche OpportunitiesTechnical Challenges

Welcome to the Microcom Podcast where we discuss SaaS ideas and the reality of building and growing SaaS companies. In this episode, we explore six micro SaaS ideas including software for t-shirt screen printing, Grammarly for SEO, Wix for architects, a crisp add-on for Help Scout, Canva for charts and graphs, and better analytics for Square. We also present a bonus idea for a system to convert DAW files between different music production programs.

MicroConf On Air

Wed Jul 26 2023

MicroConf Tactics: How To Position Your SaaS Brand for Massive Growth in 2023

PositioningBrandMarketing Success

Positioning is crucial for companies to differentiate themselves and gain market share. It involves setting context, targeting specific customer types, and emphasizing unique benefits. Branding plays a significant role in shaping how customers perceive a company. Combining different positioning strategies can lead to rapid growth.

MicroConf On Air

Wed Jul 19 2023

MicroConf Tactics: No Code SaaS - Is It Real or All Hype?

No Code SaaSNo-Code DevelopmentPros and ConsLimitationsSuccessful Examples

The episode discusses the topic of No Code SaaS and explores its pros and cons. It highlights the advantages of no-code development, such as enabling non-coders to build technical things and providing speed for quick testing and idea validation. However, there are limitations to consider, including scalability issues and potential lack of user interface and experience. The episode also showcases successful examples of no-code SaaS apps like Teal, Userloop.io, and Betterlegal.com. It concludes by discussing the use cases of no-code, such as building step one businesses in app marketplaces and SWAS software.

MicroConf On Air

Wed Jul 12 2023

MicroConf Tactics: How to Build SaaS from Scratch in 8 Simplified Steps

SaaSEntrepreneurshipProduct Development

Building a SaaS from scratch involves determining if you have an unfair advantage, identifying problems worth solving, evaluating and validating solutions, and finding product market fit. Each step brings more certainty and requires careful consideration of audience, network, and potential solutions. Marketing before coding, building an MVP, and gradually rolling out the product are key strategies. Ultimately, success is determined by users' willingness to pay for the product.

MicroConf On Air

Wed Jul 05 2023

MicroConf Tactics: Turn Your SaaS Side Hustle into a Full-Time Gig in 2023

SaaSSide HustleFull-Time WorkMarketingFinancial Considerations

The episode covers turning a SaaS side hustle into a full-time gig, growing the side hustle, and transitioning to full-time work. It emphasizes the importance of discipline, sacrifice, and effective time management. The episode provides insights on marketing approaches, outsourcing tasks, and expanding product offerings. It also discusses financial considerations, healthcare options, and maintaining relationships with current employers. The transition to full-time work is recommended to be gradual and celebrated along the way.

MicroConf On Air

Wed Jun 28 2023

MicroConf Tactics: SaaS Ideas To Build Right Now That Will Make You $10k+ MRR

SaaSRevenue GenerationPain PointsRV Camping Industry

The episode discusses various SaaS ideas to generate revenue, identifies pain points in different industries, and explores opportunities in the RV camping industry.

MicroConf On Air

Wed Jun 21 2023

MicroConf Tactics: Secret Way To Make An Extra $10k+ in MRR (SaaS Cheat Code)

Expansion RevenueSaaS BusinessesNet Negative ChurnValue MetricsPricing Strategies

The episode discusses the concept of expansion revenue and its role as a cheat code for SaaS businesses. It explores how expansion revenue allows customers to pay more as they get more value from the product, leading to net negative churn. The episode also provides examples of expansion revenue strategies and highlights the importance of customer behavior and value metrics in determining its feasibility. Additionally, it emphasizes the potential enterprise value that can be achieved through even a small percentage of net negative churn.

MicroConf On Air

Wed Jun 14 2023

MicroConf Recap: Quiet Light Brokerage Answers Audience Questions

Technology CompaniesBuying and SellingStrategic PartnershipsTech StackDocumentation

QuietLite brokers answer audience questions about buying and selling technology companies at Microconf Denver in 2023. They discuss the four pillars of businesses: risk, growth opportunity, transferability, and documentation. Considerations for staying independent or accepting investment are explored, along with the importance of clear terms in strategic partnerships. Tech stack, documentation, and financials play a crucial role in business value. Factors affecting business value include patents, multi-year contracts, clean documentation and financials, revenue growth, and growth trajectory. Acquisition thresholds, deal structures, and exit paths are also discussed.

MicroConf On Air

Wed Jun 07 2023

MicroConf Tactics: Do This Now To Recession-Proof Your SaaS Business

SaaS businessrecession-proofingglobal talentremote hiring

Seven things you can do now to recession-proof your SaaS business. Lemon.io offers easy access to global talent without going through multiple job boards.

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