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Thu Feb 22 2024

[AI and the Modern Data Stack] #184 Accelerating AI Workflows with Nuri Cankaya, VP of AI Marketing & La Tiffaney Santucci, AI Marketing Director at Intel

Artificial IntelligenceAI ImplementationHardware SolutionsChoosing AI SolutionsPrivacy and Security

This episode explores the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on industries, key steps in AI implementation, hardware solutions for AI acceleration, choosing and deploying AI solutions, privacy and security considerations, ethics and compliance in AI development, skills and partnerships for AI engineers, and Intel's role in bringing AI everywhere. The episode highlights the importance of AI engineers, privacy, hybrid infrastructure, data science skills, ethics, and the future of AI. It also discusses Intel's innovations and collaborations in the field of AI.


Wed Feb 21 2024

[AI and the Modern Data Stack] #183 Adding AI to the Data Warehouse with Sridhar Ramaswamy, SVP of AI at Snowflake

AIData ManagementSnowflakeProductivityData Sharing

The episode discusses the productivity benefits of using AI, Snowflake's core advantage and applications, data sharing and SQL assistance with Horizon and Snowpilot, improving data quality and the Co-Pilot feature, fine-tuning models and the Snowflake Cortex AI layer, effective collaboration in data projects and investment focus in AI, and cautiousness in AI investments and Snowflake's value beyond trends.


Tue Feb 20 2024

[AI and the Modern Data Stack] #182 How Databricks is Transforming Data Warehousing and AI with Ari Kaplan, Head Evangelist & Robin Sutara, Field CTO at Databricks

data intelligenceAI augmentationdata governancegenerative AIimplementing new technology

This episode covers key insights on leveraging data intelligence platforms, implementing new technology, automating data processes, foundations in data governance, evolution of data roles, and exploring the possibilities of data and AI. It emphasizes the importance of augmenting human capabilities with AI, focusing on practical insights in data science, and the need for strong foundations in data governance. The episode also highlights the benefits of data democratization, automating data processes intelligently, and the role of clean rooms in sharing sensitive data externally. Additionally, it discusses the evolving nature of data roles, the accessibility of data literacy and AI literacy, and the limitless power of data to impact society positively.


Mon Feb 19 2024

[AI and the Modern Data Stack] #181 Why the Future of AI in Data will be Weird with Benn Stancil, CTO at Mode & Field CTO at ThoughtSpot

TechnologyData AnalysisAILanguage ModelsDecision-Making

The podcast discusses the impact of foundational technology like the iPhone on enabling new innovations such as TikTok and Instagram. Generative AI tools and AI-assisted data work have become significant in the analytics profession. The podcast features upcoming episodes focusing on AI's influence on the modern data stack from various perspectives, including analytics workflows, data warehouses, and hardware. Ben Stansell, CTO at Mode and Field CTO at ThoughtSpot, shares insights on AI-assisted analytics workflow and generative AI in the episode. The journey of Ben Stansell from working at a think tank to founding Mode is outlined, highlighting his transition to the data space due to limited impact in policy analysis. Mode was founded to address problems faced by data teams that required making recommendations based on ambiguous problems.


Mon Feb 12 2024

#180 How AI is Changing Cybersecurity with Brian Murphy, CEO of ReliaQuest

generative AIcybersecuritycyber threatsAI integrationdata security

The episode discusses the impact of generative AI on cybersecurity, highlighting the risks it poses and the potential for accelerating cybersecurity efforts. It explores the different categories of cyber threats and how generative AI can be used to enhance them. The episode also delves into the augmentation of cybersecurity with generative AI, emphasizing the shift in focus for cybersecurity professionals. It provides insights on integrating AI into cybersecurity workflows and the importance of securing AI pipelines and data pipelines. The episode concludes by addressing the current security levels of AI models and future considerations for privacy and cybersecurity.


Mon Feb 05 2024

#179 Why ML Projects Fail, and How to Ensure Success with Eric Siegel, Founder of Machine Learning Week, Former Columbia Professor, and Best Selling Author

machine learningdeploymentcollaborationbusiness metricsgenerative AI

This episode explores the challenges of deploying machine learning projects, the importance of collaboration between business stakeholders and data teams, bridging the gap between technical and business metrics, real-world examples of successful machine learning deployment, the hype and challenges of generative AI, managing expectations around AI capabilities, and the future of AI in organizations.


Thu Feb 01 2024

#178 Making SMARTER Decisions with Lori Silverman, author of Business Storytelling for Dummies

decision-makingdata analyticsbusiness processesnarrative storytellingorganizational change

This episode explores the importance of decision-making in organizations and how data can be used as a tool of persuasion. The speaker, Laurie Silverman, emphasizes the need for a framework for decision-making and the integration of data thinking into business functions. The role of narrative storytelling in decision-making is highlighted, along with the power of narrative storytelling in data visualization. The episode also discusses key factors in decision-making processes, the connection between decision-making and organizational change, and applying decision-making methodology to different types of decisions. It concludes with insights on improving decision-making skills and techniques, group decision-making, and mapping decisions to processes.


Mon Aug 21 2023

#151 How Data Science Can Sustain Small Businesses with Kendra Vant, Executive GM Data & AI Products at Xero

Data AnalyticsSmall BusinessesCash FlowAI ProductsGenerative AI Tools

This episode explores the importance of data in small businesses and provides insights on how small business owners can improve their data skills. It discusses the use of data to improve cash flow, challenges in building AI products, augmenting humans with generative AI tools, and the future of data in small businesses. The episode also highlights the challenges and solutions in data analytics for small businesses and the role of data professionals and software solutions in streamlining operations. Overall, it emphasizes the growing importance of data literacy and the potential opportunities in the small business data ecosystem.


Mon Aug 07 2023

#149 Expanding the Scope of Generative AI in the Enterprise with Bal Heroor, CEO and Principal at Mactores

Generative AIMarketingGamingManufacturingSpecialized Models

Generative AI is being used in marketing, gaming, and manufacturing to generate text, images, and virtual environments. It can compress the time and cost of designing chips, visualize real-time designs, and reduce the need for physical manufacturing. Specialized models and communication challenges are involved in generative AI. Data quality, governance, and customization are important considerations. Data cleaning, governance, explainability, and lineage tracking are crucial in AI implementation. Continuous learning, upskilling, and collaboration are essential for data practitioners. The hypothesis is that collaboration between small models yields better results than one large model. Adoption, innovation, and interdependencies play a role in AI adoption.


Mon Jul 31 2023

#148 Why AI is Eating the World with Daniel Jeffries, Managing Director at AI Infrastructure Alliance

AITechnologyOpen SourceInfrastructureConcerns

The episode discusses the impact of AI on industries, the need for infrastructure development, the role of open source, addressing concerns and real risks, and the future of AI.

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