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Mon Jun 24 2024

#218 Designing AI Applications with Robb Wilson, Co-Founder & CEO at

chat interfacesgenerative AIchatbotsscalabilitymicroservices architecture

This episode explores the value of chat interfaces in software products, the challenges of controlling chatbot tone and personality, and the importance of integrating generative AI into existing frameworks. It also discusses scalability and microservices architecture for chatbots, the future of AI, and the role of automation in business. The episode emphasizes the need to prioritize customer service and enhance customer experiences with AI tools.


Thu Jun 20 2024

#217 Data & AI at Tesco with Venkat Raghavan, Director of Analytics and Science at Tesco

data analyticsAIcustomer experiencespricing strategiescost management

This episode explores how Tesco uses data analytics and AI to improve customer experiences, enhance pricing strategies, measure impact, and optimize cost management. It highlights the importance of collaboration between data engineering and analytics teams, effective communication in evolving environments, and aligning with commitments for successful project execution. The episode also discusses the value of data, future outlook, and building a culture of data-driven thinking.


Mon Jun 17 2024

#216 Perplexity & the Future of AI with Denis Yarats, Co-Founder and CTO at Perplexity AI

AI-powered search engineorganization buildingAI engineering skillssearch engine market differentiationfuture of search engines

This episode covers the development of Perplexity, an AI-powered search engine that aims to improve upon Google's search capabilities. It explores the challenges of building a successful organization, the skills required for AI engineers, the market differentiation of Perplexity, and the future of search engines and AI models. Additionally, it delves into the importance of generative AI products and design.


Thu Jun 13 2024

#215 Seeing the Data Layer Through Spatial Computing with Cathy Hackl and Irena Cronin

Spatial ComputingApple Vision ProComputer VisionAugmented RealityVirtual Reality

Spatial computing is revolutionizing the way we interact with technology. With Apple's Vision Pro headset leading the way, this episode explores the applications, advancements, challenges, and future developments in spatial computing. From gaming to healthcare, logistics to retail, spatial computing has the potential to transform various industries. However, privacy concerns and regulatory issues need to be addressed as this technology continues to evolve.


Mon Jun 10 2024

#214 Learning & Memory, For Brains & AI, with Kim Stachenfeld, Senior Research Scientist at Google DeepMind


This episode explores the intersection of neuroscience, learning, teaching, and AI. It delves into how the brain learns through different memory systems, effective learning strategies, the impact of storytelling on data analysis, predictions and reasoning, the relationship between AI and neuroscience, learning statistical structure, and the role of graph neural networks in AI-driven science.


Thu Jun 06 2024

#213 Building Trust Through Data with Prukalpa Sankar, Co-Founder of Atlan

data governancedata catalogdata lineagedata teamsdata pipelines

Atlan is a third-generation data catalog platform that aims to solve the problem of data governance and accessibility within teams. It provides a comprehensive solution for managing and accessing data assets within organizations. The podcast covers topics such as data catalog, constructing data lineage, data governance, building successful data teams, and implementing reliable data pipelines.


Mon Jun 03 2024

#212 The History of Data and AI, and Where It's Headed with Cristina Alaimo, Assistant Professor at Luiss Guido Carli University


The episode explores the history and sociology of data, its role in modern organizations, dataification and the ecosystem of data, data verification and certification, data regulation and societal implications, the impact of data on work and regulation, and the complex nature of data.


Thu May 30 2024

#211 What is AIOps? With Assaf Resnick, Co-Founder & CEO of BigPanda

AI OpsIT OperationsMachine Learning

AI ops is the use of AI and machine learning to automate IT operations for large enterprises. It helps in maintaining digital services by processing machine data and identifying and resolving issues in complex IT environments. AI ops provides full context operations, improves resource efficiency, and reduces disruption during outages. Big Panda's AI Ops offering makes complex data processing understandable for non-experts and enables customizable AI decisions. AI ops is crucial for monitoring and improving user experience, triaging problems, and making sense of messy data. Adopting AI ops can be done incrementally to achieve quick wins and broader adoption. Gen AI revolutionizes data processing by tapping into human knowledge buried in enterprise silos.


Mon May 27 2024

#210 Trust and Regulation in AI with Bruce Schneier, Internationally Renowned Security Technologist


This episode explores the trustworthiness of AI, the need for regulation, and potential applications of AI. Trust in AI is viewed as a tool, but concerns exist about its control by large corporations. Regulation is necessary to prevent harm and ensure accountability. AI has the potential to enhance human capabilities and be used in various fields. The importance of managing trustworthy AI applications and discussing AI at a governmental level is highlighted.


Thu May 23 2024

#209 Effective Data Engineering with Liya Aizenberg, Director of Data Engineering at Away

data engineeringhigh-performing teamsbusiness alignmentmeasuring successAI

This episode covers insights on building high-performing data engineering teams, aligning data engineering initiatives with business goals, measuring success and driving value in data engineering projects, and the role of data engineering in the age of AI.

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