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The Business of Authority

How to make a living while you’re making a difference. A weekly show for independent professionals who want to go from six-figures to seven while increasing their impact on the world.

The Business of Authority

Mon Aug 07 2023

Perspective Meets Mindset

PerspectiveMindsetAbundance MindsetWork-Life BalanceValue Creation

The episode explores the relationship between perspective and mindset, emphasizing the importance of challenging fixed mindsets and adopting an abundance mindset in business. It delves into the impact of work-life balance on value creation, the role of pricing and confidence in business success, and the benefits of therapy and coaching for mindset change. The conversation also highlights the significance of building confidence, understanding oneself, and embracing a new mindset when starting a business. Lastly, it addresses the mindset shifts required for successful business ownership, including overcoming an employee mentality and prioritizing personal desires.

The Business of Authority

Mon Jul 31 2023

Building A Business Around Your Genius

self-sabotagegenius zonework-life integrationoutsourcing tasksniche expertise

The episode explores the concept of self-sabotage, finding one's genius zone, and optimizing work for personal fulfillment and success. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing our unique talents, integrating work and personal life, and focusing on tasks that energize us. The episode also discusses the challenges of outsourcing tasks, misconceptions about entrepreneurship, and the benefits of niche expertise. Overall, it provides insights and practical steps for individuals to reach their highest potential and make a positive impact.

The Business of Authority

Mon Jul 24 2023

Why Wouldn’t You Hire Help?

DIY Bathroom RenovationClient InvolvementMiddle Options for ClientsBenefits of DIY ProjectsPricing and Hiring Considerations

This episode explores the decision-making process behind DIY bathroom renovations and client involvement in projects. It discusses factors such as uncertainty, trust, control, perceived experience, and time trade-off that influence the choice between hiring experts or doing it yourself. The episode also delves into creating middle options for clients, considerations in pricing and hiring, and evaluating YouTube shorts services. Insights include the importance of collaboration, understanding buyer thought processes, and recognizing signs that potential clients are not a fit.

The Business of Authority

Mon Jul 17 2023

The Mid-Year Assessment

business growthmarketing tacticsemail campaignsplatform evaluationpodcasting

The episode covers a mid-year assessment discussion, strategic approach and long-term goals, reflecting on platforms and revenue streams, optimizing email campaigns and subscriber engagement, strategic thinking, focus, and experimentation, exploring new tactics and platforms, podcasting and its impact on business, and exploring different marketing tactics. The topics include evaluating progress, tracking metrics, migrating mailing lists, optimizing open rates, experimenting with new platforms, and seeking new marketing tactics.

The Business of Authority

Mon Jul 10 2023

Riding The AI Wave

AItechnologyinnovationearly adoptersproductivity

The episode discusses the AI wave and its potential applications, highlighting the benefits of AI in various fields. It explores AI integration into different software tools and emphasizes the importance of non-tech individuals participating in exploring AI advancements. The episode also delves into streamlining work processes with AI and optimizing workflows using AI tools. Additionally, it discusses the benefits and potential of automated transcription.

The Business of Authority

Mon Jun 26 2023

Knowing When To Quit

quittingdecision-makingsunk cost fallacyemotional investmentoutside input

The episode explores the importance of knowing when to quit and the challenges people face in making that decision. It delves into cognitive biases such as the sunk cost fallacy and provides strategies for overcoming them. The episode also discusses the role of emotions in quitting, the benefits of seeking outside input, and the power of setting clear goals. It emphasizes the courage required to quit and highlights success stories of individuals who made strategic decisions to pivot. Overall, the episode aims to empower listeners to make informed decisions about quitting and embrace the opportunities that come with it.

The Business of Authority

Mon Jun 19 2023

Deciding To Be The Best In The World

SuccessCareer TransitionsSpecializationPassionGoals

The episode explores Seth Godin's book, The Dip, which discusses the concept of crossing the dip to achieve success. It emphasizes the importance of being the best in the world at your thing and quitting if you're not committed. The episode also delves into identifying worthwhile pursuits, overcoming challenges, navigating career transitions, building authority, and finding joy in work. It explores different paths to success, setting clear goals, understanding your work, and making career decisions. Key takeaways include focusing on becoming the best, recognizing the importance of passion and determination, and reading 'The Dip' and 'Quit' for further insights.

The Business of Authority

Mon Jun 12 2023

The Song Of Significance with Seth Godin

WorkplaceLeadershipSignificanceSoft SkillsHiring Practices

The episode covers the urgency of addressing broken promises and exhaustion in the workplace, the importance of shipping work instead of striving for perfection, the goal of significant work and owning one's reputation, identity and soft skills for soloists, challenging traditional hiring practices and embracing AI, and the power of saying no and prioritizing work.

The Business of Authority

Mon Jun 05 2023

How To Design Guarantees For Your Work + Products

guaranteesbuyer confidencerisk mitigationclient relationshipsrefunds

This episode explores the power of guarantees in increasing buyer confidence and reducing perceived risk. It discusses different types of guarantees that can be offered, such as fixed prices and no jargon guarantees. The importance of addressing client fears and dislikes is emphasized, along with the benefits of offering refunds and remedies. The chapter also delves into the role of guarantees in client relationships and the value of bug-free guarantees in software development. Additionally, it covers strategies for addressing pricing concerns and meeting client needs. Overall, the episode highlights how guarantees can empower consultants and build trust with clients.

The Business of Authority

Mon May 22 2023

Sales Pages 101

sales pagecopywritingmarketingemotional writingsocial proof

This episode covers the structure and key elements of a sales page, including the Pain Dream Fix format, capturing attention, addressing curiosity, explaining the offering, overcoming objections, social proof, building trust, creating urgency, incentivizing buyers, and using heck yeah headlines. The episode emphasizes the importance of emotional writing and provides insights on how to effectively communicate with potential customers.

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