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SHRM All Things Work

All Things Work is an audio adventure delivering conversations with thought leaders and tastemakers to bring you an insider's perspective on all things work. All Things Work is a podcast from SHRM.

SHRM All Things Work

Wed May 15 2024

Introducing: The SHRM Civility Index

workplace civilityincivilityworkplace culturepolitical ideologiesgenerational differences

This episode explores the importance of workplace civility, tracking acts of incivility, its impact on workplace culture, political ideologies, generational differences, creating a culture of civility, and promoting workplace civility. It highlights the need for fostering tough conversations, practicing identifying incivility, and addressing problems directly and respectfully to prevent toxicity in the workplace.

SHRM All Things Work

Wed Feb 07 2024

Gad Levanon on What GenAI Means for Jobs in the Future

generative artificial intelligenceworkplace transformationworkforce reductionsreskillingAI in HR

This episode explores the impact of generative artificial intelligence (GNAI) on the workplace. It discusses the transformation of jobs, workforce reductions, reskilling, and the integration of AI in HR. The episode highlights the need for companies to capitalize on GNAI and provides insights into its future implications.

SHRM All Things Work

Tue Jan 09 2024

Kyle Holm on How to Retain Hourly Employees

hourly workerschallengespayscheduling flexibilitywork-life balance

This episode of All Things Work discusses the challenges faced by hourly workers and their employers. It highlights the importance of pay, scheduling flexibility, work-life balance, training, and career development in retaining frontline employees. The episode also explores the role of managers and the impact of unionization on opportunities for frontline workers.

SHRM All Things Work

Wed Dec 06 2023

Ginni Rometty on 'Good Power' and Reinventing IBM

LeadershipWorkplace CultureDiversityInclusion

In this episode, former IBM CEO Jenny Rometty discusses her book "Good Power" and shares insights on leading positive change in the workplace. She emphasizes the importance of inclusive employers, skills-first hiring, and creating an inclusive workforce. Rometty highlights practical steps for embracing conflict, finding a third way through tensions, and promoting diversity in hiring practices.

SHRM All Things Work

Wed Nov 15 2023

Encore: Jennifer Moss on Why Workplace Loneliness Matters

workplace lonelinessemployee productivitymental healthburnoutsupportive work environment

This episode explores the impact of workplace loneliness on employee productivity, mental health, and burnout. It highlights the importance of building supportive relationships at work and offers strategies for creating a more connected work environment.

SHRM All Things Work

Wed Nov 01 2023

Brian Reaves on the Transformational Power of Employee Resource Groups

Workplace TransformationGreat TransformationHRInclusionEquity

This episode explores workplace transformation and the Great Transformation initiative by Great Place to Work. It focuses on UKG's participation in the initiative and their efforts to create a culture of trust, fairness, and equality. The role of HR in driving transformation and the importance of inclusion, equity, and diversity are also discussed.

SHRM All Things Work

Wed Aug 09 2023

Myrna Maysonet on New Best Practices for Managing Employee Conflict

employee conflictcommunicationrole clarityworkload balancepolicies

This episode discusses employee conflict, its causes, and the impact it has on productivity and morale. It explores the importance of effective communication, role clarity, and workload balance in preventing conflicts. The episode also addresses the role of policies, managers, and HR in addressing conflicts and provides insights on healthy conflict and the impact of remote and hybrid work arrangements.

SHRM All Things Work

Thu Jul 06 2023

The Art Jackson Solution for Workplace Productivity

US productivityremote workstaff meetingswork-life balanceemployee development

The episode covers topics such as US productivity, the impact of remote work on employee expectations and work-life balance, effective staff meetings and their influence on work-life balance, and the role of computers in employee development.

SHRM All Things Work

Fri Jun 09 2023

Dan Shapero on LinkedIn’s Democratization of Talent Acquisition

talent acquisitionLinkedInskills-based recruitingtechnologyAI

The episode discusses the evolution of talent acquisition, expanding talent pools, and the role of technology in talent acquisition. It highlights the importance of LinkedIn in connecting individuals with career opportunities and the shift from administrative recruiting to proactive sales and marketing. The episode also explores strategies for addressing talent shortages, such as focusing on skills rather than specific industries and recognizing internal talent. Additionally, it examines the use of technology, including AI, in finding and developing candidates for specific roles.

SHRM All Things Work

Fri May 12 2023

Avi Gesser on How ChatGPT Can Best Serve Workers

  • Generative AI and chat GPT are being used in the workplace to boost employee efficiency and productivity.
  • However, detractors argue that chat GPT can be incorrect, biased, racist, proprietary or copyrighted.
  • Chat GPT is a tool that is only as good as the data it's been given....