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EntrepreneurCorner.com Podcast

Welcome to EntrepreneurCorner.com Podcast with Behrouz Moemeni, where I share everything I learned about building business from scratch without any investors or upfront cash, including my experience with hiring, marketing, sales, and generally everything else related to life that I think matters.

EntrepreneurCorner.com Podcast

Thu Jul 13 2023

How to Find the One

relationshipsfinding a special someoneactions speak louder than wordstrustcommon goals

The episode discusses the secrets to finding a special someone and the importance of actions speaking louder than words in relationships. It emphasizes the need to judge someone accurately over time, understand different personas, become your best self, and meet many people. It also highlights the significance of observing actions and emotions, seeking trust, and finding common goals.

EntrepreneurCorner.com Podcast

Thu Jul 06 2023

How to Tell If Someone is Lying

Detecting TruthfulnessHiring EmployeesRomantic RelationshipsFriendships

The episode discusses various aspects of detecting truthfulness in relationships, including hiring employees, romantic relationships, and friendships.

EntrepreneurCorner.com Podcast

Thu Jun 29 2023

7 Lessons I Learned From My Mentor That Made Me a Millionaire


The episode covers valuable insights on seizing opportunities, building momentum, enjoying the process, and not taking things too seriously. It emphasizes the importance of taking action, being patient, and maintaining consistency. The speaker also reminds listeners to make the most of life and enjoy every moment.

EntrepreneurCorner.com Podcast

Fri Jun 23 2023

How to Use Competition to Help You Scale Your Business

CompetitionEntrepreneurshipContinuous ImprovementSuccessFailure

The episode discusses the importance of competition for entrepreneurs and how it drives continuous improvement. It also explores the role of competition in the success and failure of companies like Google and Yahoo.

EntrepreneurCorner.com Podcast

Fri Jun 16 2023

How I use ChatGPT to Screen and Hire the Best Job Applicants

  • Chat GPT can help businesses hire fantastic employees quickly and at scale without recruiters or recruiting agencies.
  • To create a job post, provide clear instructions to Chat GPT for it to understand what you're looking for.
  • For example, ask Chat GPT to write a job post for a digital marketing specialist with five years of experience optimizing Google Ads, including subsections such as overview about us, requirements, day-to-day activities, and how to apply....