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Welcome to Degree Free! It’s our job to share fundamentals we’ve discovered and the mistakes we’ve made while self educating, getting work, building businesses, and making money. We’ll tell you how to make it happen, no degree needed!

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Wed Jul 12 2023

Biggest Job Lies #4: “We Only Want What’s Best For You” (DF#105)

Company PrioritizationTech Job InterviewsInterview ProcessCompany Size

The episode discusses how companies prioritize their own interests over employees', the interview process for tech jobs, and how company size affects the interview process. It emphasizes the importance of prioritizing oneself in career decisions and provides insights into the number of interviews and differences between smaller and larger companies.

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Wed Jul 05 2023

Use This Framework If You’re Thinking About Going (Back) to College (DF#104)

collegehigher educationdecision-makingfinancial considerationsalternative pathways

The episode discusses the decision to go to college or go back to college, emphasizing the importance of making an informed decision. It explores the financial realities of college, highlighting the high cost and potential downsides. The episode also delves into the personal experience of someone considering going back to college and the considerations involved. It suggests alternative pathways to college and introduces the five-degree free pathways framework. Overall, the episode aims to provide insights and options for individuals navigating the decision of pursuing higher education.

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Wed Jun 28 2023

Mastering Job References & The Decline Of College Enrollment (DF#103)

economyjob referencescollege enrollmentalternative pathsonline learning

The episode discusses the economy, job references, college enrollment, alternative paths, online learning, college accessibility, the value of degrees, and alternative assessments. It explores the decline in college enrollment, the rise of apprenticeships and non-degree healthcare jobs, the accessibility of online learning, and the potential impact of three-year degrees. The episode also raises questions about the value of degrees and proposes alternative assessment models.

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Wed Jun 21 2023

How to Make Difficult Decisions and Why I Decided to Give Up Firefighting (DF#102)

decision-makingfinancial independencecareer choicesentrepreneurshipscaling a business

The episode discusses the challenges of making difficult decisions, achieving financial independence, balancing passion and practicality in career choices, scaling a business, and developing a framework for decision-making. It emphasizes the importance of clarifying goals, analyzing assumptions and outcomes, and evaluating decisions. The hosts share personal experiences with firefighting and entrepreneurship, providing insights into their decision-making processes. Listeners are encouraged to take action by using decision-making frameworks and exploring opportunities for personal and financial growth.

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Wed Jun 14 2023

Why College Degrees Shouldn’t Be Required For Entry Level Jobs & Unveiling the Truth Behind ”Highest Paying Jobs for College Grads” (DF#101)

Griggs versus Duke Power Companycollege degreesaptitude testsdegree-free job opportunitiescareer options

The episode explores the impact of the court case Griggs versus Duke Power Company on the use of college degrees as a measure of skills. It discusses the shift towards aptitude tests in hiring practices and highlights high-paying job opportunities that don't require a degree. The episode also emphasizes breaking stereotypes and expanding career options beyond traditional expectations.

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Wed Jun 07 2023

Welcome to the Degree Free Community | New? Start Here! (DF#100)

degree-freecareer transitionjob searchskillsalternative paths

The episode covers various aspects of being degree-free and provides insights into career transition success stories, the value of skills over degrees, alternative paths to success, and job search strategies. It emphasizes the importance of skills, experience, and goals in finding work, encourages confidence in making career transitions, and highlights resources available for degree-free individuals. The hosts share personal experiences and provide practical advice for job searching without a degree.

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Wed May 31 2023

From Solitude to Success: Transforming Your Job Search with the Degree Free Network (DF#99)

Degree Free NetworkCareer SupportCommunityFree CoursesCareer Development

The episode discusses the launch of the Degree Free Network, a community for degree-free individuals to support each other in their career journeys. It emphasizes the importance of community for job seekers and shares personal experiences of transitioning careers without support. The episode also highlights the benefits of having a supportive community and introduces the Degree Free community and its resources, including free courses and pathways for career development.

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Wed May 24 2023

14 Tips to Use ChatGPT In Your Job Search (DF#98)

  • Chat GPT can be used for creating job search materials, interview prep, and negotiation prep
  • Access chat GPT at for free or pay $20/month for premium access to GPT-4 and priority access to the platform
  • Most AI tools use OpenAI's API which can be accessed at