A-Players - Hire & build high-performing teams.

A-Players - Hire & build high-performing teams.

"Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships". In the world of recruiting, some people have seen it all. They built recruiting teams from the ground up, hired hundreds of people for the best companies in the world, and developed their expertise year after year. I’m Robin Choy and I'm on a mission to collect their learnings aplayerspodcast.substack.com

A-Players - Hire & build high-performing teams.

Tue Jul 11 2023

A-Players #59: ChatGPT in recruiting: dos and don'ts, Jan Tegze.

Generative AILinkedInContent CreationTrendsCopying

Recruiters are using generative AI to save time and improve their content. However, some people are sharing AI-generated content without understanding the topics, leading to faulty advice being spread. Using hooks and generated AI on LinkedIn can generate engagement, but it's important to structure prompts correctly and avoid copying content. Creating unique content with AI involves emphasizing important words, changing styles, and sharing personal experiences. Navigating trends and tools requires focus, learning prompts, and understanding underlying foundations. Standing out and avoiding copying means finding attention without following the crowd and waiting for unique solutions.

A-Players - Hire & build high-performing teams.

Tue Jun 27 2023

A-Players #58: ChatGPT applied to sourcing, Vanessa Raath.

generative AIrecruitingproductivityresearchjob descriptions

Generative AI is revolutionizing the recruiting industry by bringing back the human element and enhancing productivity. This episode explores how generative AI tools can assist in research, competitor analysis, job description writing, interview question generation, and outreach messaging. It also delves into optimizing search results with Boolean strings and leveraging AR tools for various recruiting tasks. The episode concludes with insights on personalization in outreach messages and useful extensions for data formatting and presentation creation.

A-Players - Hire & build high-performing teams.

Wed Jun 07 2023

A-Players #57: How to find a job in Talent Acquisition in 2023, Paul Church, co-founder @Amino Group.

RecruitingJob SearchUpskillingNetworkingLinkedIn

Recruiting professionals are facing challenges in finding jobs in the current environment. The speaker, Paul Church, shares his own experience of transitioning from agency recruitment to an embedded talent business. Upskilling in AI can enhance job prospects. Utilizing network connections and revamping LinkedIn profiles can lead to job opportunities. When applying for jobs, personalization and demonstrating value are key. Picking the best work environments involves aligning with company values and building a business case. Stay positive during tough times and prepare for future opportunities.

A-Players - Hire & build high-performing teams.

Tue May 09 2023

A-Players #56: Concrete use cases for ChatGPT in recruiting, Mike Wolford.

  • Generative AI uses Transformers to make computers learn by themselves.
  • GPT-4 has been around for a couple of months and is now available to the public.
  • ChatGPT made it easy to use GPT-3 technology through a simple interface....

A-Players - Hire & build high-performing teams.

Wed Mar 08 2023

A-Players #52: How ChatGPT and generative AI will disrupt recruitment, Hung Lee.

  • Recruiting Brain Food is a global community of recruiters and HR people that connects all the different parts of the industry together.
  • Generative AI, TragedPT, GPT3 have had a huge impact on recruiting and are being used by recruiters to great effect.
  • As days go by, advocates for Generative AI become more vocal while luddites become less so....