Sinica Podcast

Sinica Podcast

A weekly discussion of current affairs in China with journalists, writers, academics, policy makers, business people and anyone with something compelling to say about the country that's reshaping the world. A SupChina production, hosted by Kaiser Kuo and Jeremy Goldkorn.

Sinica Podcast

Thu Aug 10 2023

The state of play of generative AI in China, with Paul Triolo

AI in ChinaGenerative AIRegulationsSupport for AI IndustryChinese Companies

The episode covers various topics related to AI in China, including the China Project's Student Ambassador Program, generative AI advancements, regulations on generative AI, support for the AI industry, Chinese companies and large language models, future challenges and opportunities for Chinese tech companies, development tools and talent in China, and collaboration and global regulation of AI. It explores the practical applications of AI in China, concerns about generative AI, and the impact of US-China relations on the AI space.

Sinica Podcast

Thu Jul 27 2023

The CFR Taiwan task force report: advice and dissent, with Maggie Lewis and Paul Heer

Schwartzman ScholarsThe Next China ConferenceUS-Taiwan RelationsOne China PolicyChinese Calculus of Deterrence

This episode covers the Schwartzman Scholars program, The Next China Conference, the Council on Foreign Relations report on US-Taiwan relations, dissenting views within the task force, emphasis on the military component, political aspect of the one China policy, Chinese calculus of deterrence, US-Taiwan relations, the rise and fall of the East, indicators of potential military action by China against Taiwan, non-kinetic options available to China, and debates about Taiwan's preparedness.

Sinica Podcast

Thu Jul 20 2023

Transnational repression and China's "overseas police stations," with Jeremy Daum of Yale's Paul Tsai China Law Center

ChinaChinese police stationsMedia coverageInvestigationAI regulations

The episode covers various topics related to China, including the China Project's publications, concerns about Chinese police stations operating overseas, media coverage of the issue, complexities surrounding the topic, investigations and actions taken, regulations on AI in China, and creative summer food ideas for kids.

Sinica Podcast

Thu Jul 13 2023

China after COVID: UPenn's Neysun Mahboubi reports on scholarly exchange in a tightening political space

ChinaUS-China relationsScholar exchangesPolitical spaceTrust in Chinese government

The episode covers a range of topics including the China Project's articles, the next China conference, scholar exchanges, political space in China, trust in the Chinese government, US-China relations, future cooperation, and recommendations. It explores the impact of the pandemic on virtual modalities and in-person exchanges, as well as the challenges faced by foreigners in China. The episode also delves into the dynamic nature of political space, the decline in trust among intellectuals, and the complexities of US-China relations. It concludes with recommendations for a movie and a Substack subscription.

Sinica Podcast

Thu Jul 06 2023

China's Military-Civil Fusion program: CNAS fellow Elsa Kania on the myths and realities

Military Civil FusionChinaMilitary InnovationUS-China RelationsCollaboration

Military Civil Fusion (MCF) is a key aspect of China's approach to military innovation, involving the integration of commercial enterprises and national defense objectives. This episode explores the history, challenges, and potential advantages of MCF, as well as its impact on US-China relations. It also discusses the risks and benefits of collaboration with Chinese companies and researchers, and the evolving policies and perceptions surrounding MCF. The episode highlights the importance of striking a balance between recognizing risks and maintaining collaboration in order to address security concerns while fostering scientific progress.

Sinica Podcast

Mon Jun 19 2023

Mr. Blinken goes to Beijing, with former NSC China Director Dennis Wilder

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  • Kaiser Guo interviews Dennis Wilder about Secretary of State Anthony Blinken's trip to Beijing....