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A weekly discussion of current affairs in China with journalists, writers, academics, policymakers, business people and anyone with something compelling to say about the country that's reshaping the world. Hosted by Kaiser Kuo.

Sinica Podcast

Thu Jun 20 2024

An Ecological History of Modern China, with Stevan Harrell — Part 1

ecological historyenvironmental anthropologysocial ecological systemssocietal resiliencesustainability

The episode explores various aspects of ecological history, including what makes a life fulfilling, the transition to environmental anthropology, challenging traditional historiography, the environmental impact of capitalism and state socialism, resilience in social ecological systems, overcoming societal limits, societal values and resilience, the conservation phase and ecological buffers, ecological challenges in Zomia, solar energy and development in Central Asia, and increased awareness of environmental issues.

Sinica Podcast

Thu Jun 13 2024

Peter Hessler on his new book, "Other Rivers: A Chinese Education"

ChinaEducationTeachingStudent ProfilesRural vs Urban Students

This episode explores China's education system through personal experiences of a foreign writer teaching in Chengdu. It covers topics such as student profiles, rural vs urban students, attitudes towards government propaganda, parenting and education, societal issues in China, covering stories during the pandemic, character identification in 'Animal Farm', China's unique dynamic, challenges faced by the speaker, teaching experience, and recommended readings.

Sinica Podcast

Thu Jun 06 2024

Taiwan, Ukraine, and the Sino-American Rivalry

US-China rivalryUkraineTaiwanRussiaEastern Europe

The episode discusses the impact of US-China rivalry on Ukraine and Taiwan, exploring strategic perspectives from various experts. It covers reactions in Taiwan to the invasion of Ukraine, different opinions on Taiwan's statehood, Russia's actions towards its former territories, nationalism and financial support for war capacities, Taiwan's alignment with democracy and concerns about US foreign policy, concerns about US foreign policy towards Taiwan and Ukraine, Xi Jinping's considerations and China's relationship with Europe, US-China decoupling and Taiwan's security, challenges in decoupling from China and oversimplified worldviews.

Sinica Podcast

Thu May 30 2024

Jonathan Chatwin on Deng Xiaoping's 1992 Southern Tour

Deng XiaopingSouthern TourEconomic ReformChinese PoliticsUrban Development

This episode explores Deng Xiaoping's southern tour in 1992, which served as a significant epilogue for his biography. It discusses the tensions and challenges in economic reform, Deng Xiaoping's strategic signaling, carefully managed coverage, Jiang Zemin's support for economic reform, urban development and Deng Xiaoping's influence, debates and shifts in Chinese politics, and Deng Xiaoping's diminishing presence.

Sinica Podcast

Thu May 23 2024

Ed Lanfranco: from Hoarder to Historian


The podcast discusses current affairs in China, including books, ideas, research, and cultural trends. Kaiser Gohle is joined by Edlant Franco to talk about historical artifacts collected in Beijing. Edlant Franco shares his experience of living in Beijing since 1988 and his transition into a writer. Franco's interest in China stemmed from its rich history and geopolitical significance. The speaker talks about their involvement in protests during their youth and their tendency to collect various items throughout their life. They discuss collecting paper items like baseball cards, comic books, and ticket stubs from different places they have visited. The speaker reflects on having to leave behind a collection of antique items when leaving China due to cultural relic regulations. They mention a porcelain jar from the 1530s that holds sentimental value for them. The speaker shares memories of visiting old Beijing brands and restaurants, collecting brochures and knickknacks as keepsakes.

Sinica Podcast

Thu May 16 2024

Jay Kuo on Beijing's Gay 90s

LGBTQ+ChinaBeijingUS-China RelationsData Privacy

This episode explores the history and evolution of LGBTQ+ community in China, focusing on Beijing. It covers topics such as the challenges faced by the gay community, the growth of LGBTQ+ nightlife, changing attitudes towards homosexuality, US-China relations, legal challenges, and TV show recommendations.

Sinica Podcast

Thu May 09 2024

The Struggle for Taiwan: Sulmaan Wasif Khan of Tufts University on his new book

ChinaTaiwanHistoryPoliticsInternational Relations

This episode explores the history and complexities of America, China, and Taiwan relations. It covers topics such as the Cairo agreement, American perspectives on Chiang Kai-shek and Taiwan, tensions between American forces and China, protecting Chiang Kai-shek and offshore islands, Taiwan's independence movement, government responsiveness, Taiwan's democratic progress, debates on cross-strait relations, China's policy towards Taiwan, disconnects in understanding historical experiences, the Sunflower Movement, factors influencing the Taiwan issue, impacts of historical decisions and policy-making processes, the significance of individual choices, and reflecting on historical factors and personal choices.

Sinica Podcast

Thu May 02 2024

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jane Perlez on her new podcast series, Face-Off

ThumbTackCarter CenterXi JinpingChina podcastUS-China relations

Many people leave home projects unfinished, but ThumbTack offers an easier way to care for your home. The Carter Center is hiring a senior program associate with China experience to work on China-focused projects. The Seneca Podcast discusses current affairs in China, supported by the Center for East Asian Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Jane Prales, former Beijing Bureau Chief of the New York Times, talks about her podcast series 'Face Off' and insights on US-China relations.

Sinica Podcast

Thu Apr 25 2024

Political Scientist Iza Ding on Authoritarianism, Legitimacy, and "Resilience"

ChinaAuthoritarianismPoliticsCultural StudiesAcademic Writing

The episode covers current affairs in China, the concept of authoritarian teleology, authoritarian resilience, dual identities in authoritarianism, universalism and particularism in politics, cultural biases and area studies, balancing general knowledge and area studies, improving academic writing skills, and a musical rendition discussion.

Sinica Podcast

Thu Apr 18 2024

The View from China: Leading IR scholar Da Wei of Tsinghua's CISS

home projectscurrent affairsUS-China relationshipdeterioration of relationsChina's policies

The episode discusses the importance of completing home projects with ThumbTack app. It focuses on current affairs in China, including politics, foreign relations, economics, and society. Chinese perspectives on the US-China relationship over the past two decades are explored. The deterioration of US-China relations is analyzed along with shifts in China's policies independently of US influence. The importance of understanding each other's perspectives and cultivating empathy in US-China relations is emphasized. China's foreign policy and relationships with other countries, including Russia and Taiwan, are discussed.

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