High-Performance Digital Marketing Podcast

High-Performance Digital Marketing Podcast

Looking for ways to increase your website’s visibility and significantly grow the sales it generates? Join bestselling digital marketing author and Head Ninja at Exposure Ninja Tim Cameron-Kitchen as he, the Ninjas and special guests share ‘real life’ actionable tips straight from the digital marketing front line. Whether it's learning about SEO, Pay Per Click, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Digital PR, Conversion-Optimised Web Design or anything else Digital Marketing, hear case studies and actionable tips from people who live marketing all day every day. More information and show notes are available at the podcast website https://exposureninja.com/podcast/

High-Performance Digital Marketing Podcast

Wed Jul 12 2023

Why Marketers Are Excited About Threads

Social MediaText-based AppCommunity EngagementMarketing Opportunities

Threads is a text-based app released by Meta, the company that owns Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. It focuses on public conversations and has already reached 100 million users. Brands can use Threads to showcase their content and engage with a different audience. The platform offers marketing opportunities and potential for community engagement. However, it is still evolving and may face challenges with discoverability and spam accounts. Threads is worth exploring for brands looking to reach new users and experiment with different tones of voice.

High-Performance Digital Marketing Podcast

Mon Jul 10 2023

Threads – Everything Marketers Need to Know

Threadsmicroblogging platformbrand-customer connectionsTwitter alternativelonger posts

Facebook and Instagram have launched Threads, a microblogging platform similar to Twitter. It allows longer posts and videos, but discoverability is currently limited. Brands are joining Threads to engage with customers and test different content strategies. However, there are risks of low user adoption and the need to maintain a presence on Twitter. Paid ads will be introduced in the future, providing opportunities for brands to experiment with new ad formats.

High-Performance Digital Marketing Podcast

Wed Jul 05 2023

YouTube Ads Scandal...and More Marketing News

Ad ScandalTrueView AdsAd FraudSocial Media PlatformsTwitter

The episode covers an ad scandal involving TrueView ads on YouTube and Google, the impact of ad spending on sales, the uncertainty surrounding social media platforms like Twitter, the upcoming launch of Threads, the potential for advertising on Threads, challenges faced by social networks in monetization, the promise of email marketing, the implications of Bing Chat AI on search ads, and the future developments in generative AI in search results.

High-Performance Digital Marketing Podcast

Thu Jun 29 2023

How “Normal” Businesses Can Grow Using YouTube

YouTubevideo marketingcontent creationaudience engagementbusiness growth

The episode covers the potential of YouTube as a business growth channel, the importance of content quality and audience engagement, strategies for getting started on YouTube, maximizing business impact with videos, driving traffic through browse and search, equipment and content quality considerations, and case studies of successful YouTube channels.

High-Performance Digital Marketing Podcast

Mon Jun 26 2023

Why Digital PR is the FUTURE of Search

AI in Search ResultsDigital PR StrategiesMaximizing Visibility and CredibilityIncreased Visibility and Credibility StrategiesEmbracing AI-Generated Search

The episode discusses the impact of AI in search results, digital PR strategies for increased visibility, maximizing opportunities for visibility and credibility, strategies for increased visibility and credibility (continued), and embracing AI-generated search for digital marketing success.

High-Performance Digital Marketing Podcast

Wed Jun 21 2023

How To Do Pride Marketing RIGHT...and More Marketing News

AI industry newsPride campaignsBacklash handlingCampaign measurementRepresentation in marketing

The episode covers various topics including AI industry news, pride campaigns, handling backlash, measuring campaign benefits, representation in marketing, TikTok AI, AI algorithms in search, generative text, SEO, TikTok ranking, iOS 17 impact, Apple's privacy measures, and the ad network landscape.

High-Performance Digital Marketing Podcast

Wed Jun 14 2023

You've 18 Days To Prepare for Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4GA4TwitterRedditAd platform diversity

The episode covers topics such as the transition to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), updates on Twitter and Reddit, the importance of ad platform diversity and understanding consumer needs, and insights from Google Perspectives on authoritative answers.

High-Performance Digital Marketing Podcast

Mon Jun 05 2023

How £1M+ Businesses use ChatGPT

  • Can help with marketing activities to earn or convert traffic
  • Some prompts can produce results that kill your business...