Marketing #Unfiltered

Marketing #Unfiltered

In “Marketing #Unfiltered," you don’t just learn awesome stuff to help you figure out marketing, you get the BTS scoop of building a business — the hilarious, the traumatic, and the “omg thank god I’m not the only one.” Hi! ✋🏻 I’m Sophia Parra and I’m a social media strategist for coaches. For years I ran an agency where I helped multiple six figure and seven figure coaches create content and strategies that build their following and drive traffic to their offers. My guests and I swap biz horror stories AND share notes around the strategies that took things to the next level. I also show up solo twice a week to answer YOUR marketing questions. So if you’re craving a podcast that feels like the perfect mix of biz talk with a coach and a catch up with your friends; grab a margarita and pull up a chair. I’ve got painfully relatable stories to make you laugh (or cry 🤣), and strategies and perspectives that will help you show up consistently and effectively.

Marketing #Unfiltered

Thu May 09 2024

Ep 146 | [FOTW] Is the offer *actually* too expensive or is this a packaging issue?

marketing systemscoaching programsurveying audiencepricing strategiespackaging

The episode discusses the transition from GoToCoach Club to Pocket CMO membership, targeting established wedding professionals, selling results, conducting surveys, improving messaging and value perception, exploring alternative engagement platforms, personalized support, additional services, and membership details. Listeners are encouraged to join the waitlist for Pocket CMO and engage with the podcast host.

Marketing #Unfiltered

Wed May 01 2024

Ep 145 | A step by step plan for networking without making it weird (with Caryn Gillen)

coachingnetworkingbusiness growthrelationshipscommunication

The episode discusses the importance of networking for coaches and provides tips on finding the right people to network with, breaking the ice, making connections, and turning them into opportunities outside of events. It emphasizes the value of building relationships and connections in coaching business, following intuition, setting boundaries, effective communication, maximizing networking opportunities, hosting successful networking events, and effective follow-up strategies. The episode also highlights the impact of networking on business growth and how coaches can leverage their skills in marketing.

Marketing #Unfiltered

Wed Apr 24 2024

Ep 144 | Branded gifting to uplevel your client experience (and even your exposure) with Beth Wood

giftingclient experiencesmarketingsmall businesses

This episode explores the value of gifting in client and marketing experiences for small businesses. It discusses the challenges faced by small business owners in buying branded gifts and highlights the importance of building relationships and nurturing connections. The episode also emphasizes the significance of personalized gifts in enhancing brand relationships and creating memorable experiences. Additionally, it explores the role of team involvement in gifting programs and the impact of gifting for small businesses.

Marketing #Unfiltered

Wed Apr 10 2024

Ep 143 | How to use astrology to have your best launch yet with Sheri Moise

AstrologyLaunchesContent PerformanceMarketing StrategiesValidation

This episode explores how astrology can impact launches, content performance, and marketing strategies. It discusses the validation and guidance astrology provides for personal and collective perspectives. The importance of balancing details and practicality in work is emphasized, along with embracing personal brand authenticity and visibility. The episode also delves into understanding astrology's impact on marketing strategies, optimizing launch timings, and tailoring marketing messages based on astrological seasons. Practical tips for using astrology in business are shared, along with showcasing astrology in real time and engaging with the audience.

Marketing #Unfiltered

Wed Apr 03 2024

Ep 142 | High ticket offers: How to create, price + sell ‘em in this changing market with Stacey Brass Russell

businesshigh ticket offersclient relationshipsemail listssocial media

This episode covers various aspects of building and selling high ticket offers in business. It emphasizes the importance of serving clients, building connection, and utilizing email lists and social media. The episode also discusses successful launch strategies, maintaining relationships with clients, and the realities of business ownership. It provides insights on designing transformational offers, pricing strategies, attracting clients, and delivering free training effectively. The episode concludes with a call to action for listeners to engage further with the podcast host.

Marketing #Unfiltered

Fri Mar 22 2024

Ep 141 | 3 nurture event ideas to bring buzz + generate sales

marketing strategynurture eventssocial mediametrics of successgiveaways

The episode discusses the importance of nurture events in marketing strategy, focusing on the three pillars of growth, nurture, and sales. It explores how social media can be used effectively, metrics of success, hosting giveaways, and utilizing different formats for nurture events. The episode also highlights the value of nurture events in promoting coaching services and provides ways for listeners to engage with the podcast and submit questions for future episodes.

Marketing #Unfiltered

Thu Jul 13 2023

Ep 100 | #SorryNotSorry, Part 3: Lazy growth strategies get you lazy results

email list growthbusiness successpodcastmarketing tips

The episode discusses the importance of email list growth for business success. It emphasizes the need for clear instructions, consistent actions, and specific goals. List size is crucial for selling online courses and memberships. Taking list growth seriously and facing discomfort are key steps towards business growth. The episode also provides information about the podcast's purpose and how listeners can engage.

Marketing #Unfiltered

Thu Jul 06 2023

Ep 99 | “The Nurture Method” with Chris Williams

coachingbusiness skillsrelationshipsovercoming fearcollaboration

This episode explores building relationships in business, nurturing clients, overcoming fear, leveraging collaborations, and developing foundational pieces for a successful coaching business. The host discusses the new Instagram app called Threads and emphasizes the importance of evaluating if the platform aligns with one's content creation style and nurture strategy. The guest, Chris Williams, shares insights on building a business aligned with one's heart and soul, avoiding common mistakes made by new coaches, and the value of working with a business coach. The episode also covers the Nurture Method for building a six-figure business, the Clarity Call approach, and strategies for attracting ideal clients through collaboration and organic marketing.

Marketing #Unfiltered

Tue Jul 04 2023

Ep 98 | #SorryNotSorry, Part 2: I looked high and low for your message and I couldn’t find it.

marketingmessagingexpert positioning

The episode covers the importance of having a unique message in marketing, improving clarity in messaging, and positioning yourself as an expert. It emphasizes the need to reflect your unique perspective, be specific about your target audience, and create content that resonates. The episode also highlights the significance of taking responsibility, adding value to others, and aligning your messaging with the work you do with clients.

Marketing #Unfiltered

Fri Jun 30 2023

Ep 97 | Rescued by Seal Team Six after being abducted for 93 days in Somalia and how (and why) to tell YOUR story, with NY Times best selling author, Jessica Buchanan

KidnappingSurvivalIntuitionEmpowermentMemoir Writing

This episode features the incredible story of Jessica Buchanan, an American woman who was kidnapped by Somali pirates and held captive for 93 days before being rescued by Seal Team 6. Jessica shares her journey of survival, self-discovery, and post-traumatic growth. The episode also explores themes of intuition, empowerment, and the importance of sharing our stories. Through her work as a mindset and empowerment coach, Jessica supports women in writing their memoirs and finding their voices. This episode is a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

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