Growth Colony: Australia's B2B Growth Podcast

Growth Colony: Australia's B2B Growth Podcast

We chat with B2B founders, CMOs, marketing & sales leaders about their successes, failures, what is working for them today in the B2B marketing world and everything in between. Each week we dive deep into B2B topics including account-based marketing (ABM), demand generation, lead nurturing, sales and marketing alignment, automation, content marketing, marketing leadership and many more! Hosted by Shahin Hoda Produced by Shahin Hoda, Alexander Hipwell & Allysa Maywald from xGrowth.

Growth Colony: Australia's B2B Growth Podcast

Wed Jul 12 2023

Rebroadcast | EP #141 Davinia Simon: How Narratives Can Help Develop Your Go-to-Market Plan

go-to-market plansnarrativesdocumentingalignmentsales and marketing

The episode covers the importance of building go-to-market plans using narratives, the benefits of documenting a narrative, structuring a go-to-market plan narrative, key elements of a narrative document, best practices for documenting plans, and adapting to the changing landscape of sales and marketing.

Growth Colony: Australia's B2B Growth Podcast

Mon Jul 10 2023

Rebroadcast | EP #132: How to Calculate Your Lifetime Value (LTV)

customer lifetime valueLTV predictionB2B SaaS companiesmarketing budgetresource allocation

In this episode, Shainoh talks to Oren Cohen about calculating customer lifetime value (LTV) in SaaS companies. They discuss the components of LTV, factors affecting LTV prediction, different LTV models, the importance of the LTV to CAC ratio, improving LTV models, analyzing user engagement and data quality, and challenges and recommendations for B2B SaaS companies. The episode provides valuable insights into understanding and leveraging LTV for business success.

Growth Colony: Australia's B2B Growth Podcast

Wed Jul 05 2023

Rebroadcast | EP #99 How to Roll Out Pipeline Acceleration

pipeline accelerationsales cycleefficiencyvalue of contentbusiness development representatives

This episode covers various aspects of pipeline acceleration, including understanding sales cycle stages, increasing pipeline velocity, efficiency and value of content, the role of Business Development Representatives (BDRs), sales velocity, building relationships, and building connections in B2B marketing.

Growth Colony: Australia's B2B Growth Podcast

Mon Jul 03 2023

Rebroadcast | EP #133 Karina Guerra: Conversations You Need to Have With Your CFO

Marketing ContributionMetrics AlignmentROI MeasurementBudgetingReporting

The episode discusses the importance of marketing contribution, metrics alignment, ROI measurement, budgeting, reporting, digital channels, industry trends, and podcast production. It emphasizes the need for collaboration between marketing and finance, focusing on customer needs, and using metrics that reflect customer importance. The conversation about ROI requires education and data collection, with lead generation campaigns showing measurable ROI. Clear goals and communication help secure budgets for activities without measurable ROI. Building relationships between marketing, sales, and finance is crucial for reporting. Digital channels became primary during the lockdown, requiring marketers to educate CFOs about industry trends. Prioritizing marketing efforts based on value and producing amazing content are essential in B2B marketing. The episode concludes with podcast production details.

Growth Colony: Australia's B2B Growth Podcast

Wed Jun 28 2023

How to Create an ABM Tech Stack

ABMCRMIntent PlatformsAutomation PlatformsOutbounding Tools

The episode covers the importance of building an ABM TechStack around CRM, utilizing intent platforms for customer engagement information, leveraging automation platforms for marketing automation, and using outbounding tools for personalized outreach. It also emphasizes the role of metrics management platforms in advanced reporting and the effectiveness of advertising as a boost. Process design is highlighted as a crucial step before implementing technology in ABM. The episode discusses the challenges of data management and reporting, including the use of Snowflake as a source of truth and Power BI for customized reporting. It emphasizes the importance of having the right information at the right time and making decisions with available data. The episode also explores the limitations of ABM platforms, the need for flexibility and innovation in technology adoption, and the significance of understanding target markets. Additionally, it touches on revenue operations in SaaS environments, providing insights from the winning by design methodology and highlighting the importance of building relationships and staying updated with industry changes.

Growth Colony: Australia's B2B Growth Podcast

Mon Jun 26 2023

Increase Your Share of Wallet with ABM and Customer Marketing

account-based marketingcustomer marketingpersonalizationcustomer advisory boardsAI in marketing

This episode covers various topics related to account-based marketing (ABM) and customer marketing. It explores strategies for using ABM to drive cross-selling, up-selling, and renewals, as well as the importance of personalization and customer advisory boards. The episode also discusses the role of AI in marketing and business, legal considerations, and the challenges and best practices of implementing ABM. Key insights include the need for alignment within the organization, the value of candid conversations with customers, and the importance of setting clear expectations.

Growth Colony: Australia's B2B Growth Podcast

Wed Jun 21 2023

How to Personalise Your Next Campaign

Data-driven MarketingAccount-Based MarketingPersonalizationData TargetingMarketing Strategies

This episode covers traditional and new wave data options for targeting criteria, modern capabilities for targeting personalization, personalized campaigns in Account-Based Marketing (ABM), leveraging data effectively, and key insights from the chapters.

Growth Colony: Australia's B2B Growth Podcast

Wed May 10 2023

How to Use ChatGPT in Your B2B Marketing Strategy

  • Generative AI tools like chatGPT are being used by the marketing team at App Premo for various purposes such as email subject lines, building cadences and messaging.
  • Prompt snippets have been added to brand guidelines to create reusable building blocks for the rest of the organization.
  • ChatGPT is used to generate a framework for outbound cadences, call scripts, email messages, social touches etc. based on a general framework provided by the business development function....