The Digital Deep Dive With Aaron Conant

The Digital Deep Dive With Aaron Conant

This is the Digital Deep Dive Podcast, where we tackle the newest trends, strategies and pain points shaping growth across the digital landscape.

The Digital Deep Dive With Aaron Conant

Thu Jun 29 2023

The Current State of Subscriptions, Retention, and LTV

subscription business modelcustomer retentioncustomizabilitybuilding a communityengagement strategies

This episode explores the importance of lifetime value and customer retention in the subscription business model. It discusses different types of subscription models, such as subscribing save, subscription box, and membership/access model. The episode emphasizes the need for customizability and building a community within subscription models. It also highlights the significance of touch points, email communication, and AI tools in driving engagement and cross-selling. The episode further delves into shifting marketing strategies, the impact of Google search results, and the challenges and benefits of implementing subscription models. It concludes with insights on hard work, logistics challenges, AI tools, and the importance of consistent improvement and experimentation in subscription models.

The Digital Deep Dive With Aaron Conant

Thu Jun 22 2023

Understanding a Digital First Creative Strategy

Digital first creativeContent strategyEfficiency in advertisingTesting and experimentationPlatform-specific content

The episode covers the importance of digital first creative, content strategy and optimization, unlocking efficiency through creative, consolidation and efficiency in advertising, optimizing content for different platforms, influencers and streaming ads, the evolution of advertising, and AI applications in marketing. It emphasizes the need for efficient and targeted creative that considers the platform and audience journey. The episode also explores the role of testing and experimentation in fine-tuning advertising strategies and the potential of AI in marketing.

The Digital Deep Dive With Aaron Conant

Thu Jun 08 2023

Understanding the Current State of Influencer Marketing

Influencer MarketingTikTokMetricsCollaborationTesting

The episode covers the rise of influencer marketing on TikTok, key metrics and platforms for influencer marketing, choosing platforms and collaborating with creators, benefits of working with influencer marketing agencies, optimizing content and tracking performance, challenges and strategies for B2B verticals, measuring success and overcoming challenges, and strategies for driving sales and growth. It emphasizes the importance of engagement metrics, collaboration with creators, and testing on a small scale. The episode also discusses the challenges of measuring success and provides insights into leveraging influencer platforms for new product launches.

The Digital Deep Dive With Aaron Conant

Thu Jun 01 2023

Strategically Leveraging Ratings and Reviews To Drive Growth

reviewsratingsanalysiscustomer feedbackdata-driven decisions

The episode covers the importance of reviews and ratings analysis, utilizing reviews and ratings for business success, optimizing product changes and AI integration, and enhancing product descriptions and brand strategies. It explores the strategy behind reviews analysis, the impact of customer feedback, and the use of data-driven claims. The episode also delves into the role of AI in analyzing text sentiment and generating summaries. Additionally, it discusses the challenges faced by smaller brands and trends in product design and retail strategies.

The Digital Deep Dive With Aaron Conant

Fri May 26 2023

Analyzing Amazon's Chargebacks and Fines Process

Amazone-commercechargebacksprovisional ratesovercharges

The episode covers the challenges of Amazon fines and chargebacks in e-commerce, including the importance of addressing chargebacks and shortages on Amazon. It discusses provisional rates and overcharges, the process of checking vendor codes and claiming back overcharges, disputing claims and payment terms, cash flow issues and accounting considerations, Amazon's global expansion and industry trends, as well as AI, content creation, and targeted advertising.

The Digital Deep Dive With Aaron Conant

Thu May 18 2023

A Digital Discussion on Going Back to the Basics

RetailE-commerceImmersive CommerceUnified CommerceFulfillment

The episode discusses the importance of getting back to the basics in the digital landscape. It emphasizes the need for profitability and integration of online and offline elements. The negative impact of performance marketing obsession is highlighted, along with challenges such as high consumer acquisition costs and disruptive logistics. Fulfillment and customer experience are crucial, with options for different delivery times and incentives. Immersive commerce, including live streaming and virtual store experiences, is explored. The significance of physical stores and the importance of blending physical and digital retail experiences are discussed. Unified commerce, AI, and data optimization are essential for success in the changing retail landscape. Content creation using AI and the challenges of leadership adaptation are addressed. The chapter concludes with insights into digital solutions for fulfillment and the importance of unified commerce, immersive commerce, content, community, and commerce.

The Digital Deep Dive With Aaron Conant

Thu May 04 2023

Generative AI and the Future of Search Marketing

  • Generative AI is transforming the search marketing world.
  • Many brands are interested in AI but struggle with how to use it.
  • Net Elixir has built its own analytical AI marketing platform to identify highly curated audiences and target them through various channels....