Stay Paid - A Marketing Podcast

Stay Paid - A Marketing Podcast

ReminderMedia proudly presents Stay Paid: the podcast that gives listeners actionable sales and marketing advice that will help them live a life of freedom, but only if they take action today. Hosts Luke Acree and Josh Stike speak with top producers in fields such as real estate, finance, and insurance. Along the way, they’ve tackled subjects like cold calling and door knocking, digital marketing and social media tactics, and building a successful business from the ground up. Each episode aims to provide listeners with tangible steps they can take to grow their own businesses.

Stay Paid - A Marketing Podcast

Thu Jul 13 2023

473 - 3 Truths Everyone Should Live By

Decision MakingSuccessDisciplineEnduranceRelationships

The episode discusses the importance of recognizing that the grass is not always greener on the other side. It emphasizes the need for patience, consistency, and discipline in making decisions and addressing problems. The episode also highlights the significance of surrounding oneself with incredible people in both personal and business life, and the importance of being proactive in removing negative influences. Overall, it provides insights on how to create a thriving environment for success.

Stay Paid - A Marketing Podcast

Mon Jul 10 2023

472 - Spend $0 on Marketing and See MASSIVE Results (with Janet Brinck)

real estateteam buildingsocial mediaclient eventspersonal growth

The episode features Janet Brink, co-founder of Dwellis, who shares her experience in building a successful real estate team. The team at Dwellis emphasizes leveraging resources, coaching team members, and utilizing social media for lead generation. They also discuss the importance of client events, personal growth, and finding purpose in business. Janet highlights an upcoming conference called The Faithful Agent that combines faith and business. Overall, the episode provides valuable insights for real estate professionals.

Stay Paid - A Marketing Podcast

Thu Jul 06 2023

471 - Should You Hire an ISA to Follow Up with Leads? [Part 3 of FB lead generation]

lead generationlead nurturinglead conversionoutsourcingFacebook ads

The episode covers the importance of follow-up and lead nurturing, outsourcing strategies for lead conversion, and actionable insights for lead generation.

Stay Paid - A Marketing Podcast

Mon Jul 03 2023

470 - Training Tips that Create GREAT Sales Callers (with Alex Noori)

salescommunicationemotional intelligencelearning styles

The episode covers various aspects of sales, including the importance of heart and passion, effective communication and training, developing emotional intelligence, building belief and motivation, influencing belief and connecting emotions, and understanding learning styles. The bullet points provide insights on assessing potential, the impact of negative and positive coworkers, effective communication techniques, teaching emotional intelligence, script training, building belief, connecting emotions to learning, and understanding learning styles.

Stay Paid - A Marketing Podcast

Sun Jul 02 2023

BONUS - The 3 truths you need to master in life

SuccessPersonal GrowthMistakesRichard BransonSurrounding Oneself with the Best People

The episode covers three simple truths for success, including the importance of watering your own grass, staying the course, and admitting mistakes. It also explores the relationship between mistakes and personal growth, emphasizing the need to admit mistakes, avoid hiding them, and learn from them. The episode delves into Richard Branson's secrets to building successful organizations, which involve setting a vision, hiring top talent, providing resources, and making tough decisions when necessary. Additionally, it highlights the significance of surrounding oneself with the best people and being willing to let go of those who don't meet expectations. By executing on these principles, listeners can elevate their chances of achieving success.

Stay Paid - A Marketing Podcast

Thu Jun 29 2023

469 - YOU'RE FIRED! A lesson in termination

employee terminationaccountabilityteam alignmentleadershipclear expectations

Knowing when to terminate an employee, accountability and alignment in a high-performance team, leadership, integrity, and setting clear expectations, and the importance of clear expectations and taking action are discussed in this episode.

Stay Paid - A Marketing Podcast

Mon Jun 26 2023

468 - Social Media Cheat Codes You Need to Know (With Jeff Pfitzer)

Social MediaBusinessMarketingContent CreationAuthenticity

The episode covers the importance of social media for businesses, choosing the right social media platforms, the future of media and social media posting strategies, creating engaging content and communication preferences, the power of authenticity and building relationships, building your brand and community on social media, and insights from an insider group and social media platforms.

Stay Paid - A Marketing Podcast

Thu Apr 27 2023

451 - Effortless Content Creation with ChatGPT: Better Content, Less Time

  • Chat GPT and other AI tools are becoming increasingly popular in business.
  • AI can save time and create benefits for businesses.
  • Elon Musk advocates for government regulation of AI development....