Future of UX

Future of UX

Welcome to „The Future of UX“ - the podcast about the future of UX, where we explore how emerging technologies like AI, AR, VR, and the metaverse will impact user experience design. Join Patricia Reiners as they sit down with experts and thought leaders from the world of tech and design to discuss the latest trends, insights, and best practices in the field of UX. From the ethics of AI to the future of user interfaces, we'll dive deep into the topics that matter most to UX designers, developers, and entrepreneurs. Whether you're just starting out Hear you in the future!

Future of UX

Thu Jul 13 2023

#33 Top 6 High-Level Skills for Designer

designAIskillscritical thinkingcreativity

The episode covers high-level skills for designers to prepare for the future in an era of AI, the importance of critical thinking, creativity, leadership, and collaboration in design, the changing landscape of collaboration and communication in design, and developing critical thinking, creativity, leadership, collaboration, and communication skills for designers.

Future of UX

Thu Jul 06 2023

#32 Use Cases For the Apple Vision Pro XR Headset

Apple Vision ProUX designers3D contenteducationproductivity

The episode discusses the important use cases of the Apple Vision Pro for UX designers, including the ability to work anywhere without separate monitors, distraction-free zones, and working with 3D content. It also explores the benefits and potential use cases of adding 3D content for educational purposes.

Future of UX

Fri Jun 30 2023

#31 Learning Spatial Design - 5 Design Principles

AR designuser experienceimmersive experiencesfuture of design

The episode covers designing for AR, optimizing user experience in AR design, creating immersive experiences, and additional information about design for the future.

Future of UX

Thu Jun 08 2023

#30 Apple Vision Pro: A Journey into the Future of Virtual Reality

AppleVision ProAR/VRheadseteye tracking

The episode discusses the features and design considerations of the Apple Vision Pro headset. It is a first-generation AR/VR headset with impressive features such as standalone capabilities, eye tracking technology, and a pass-through mode. Designers need to consider controller-less interaction, overlaying designs with the real world, and designing for the Vision OS operating system.

Future of UX

Thu Jun 01 2023

#29 The Top Four Ethical Considerations of AI in Design

AI BiasEthical DesignPrivacyTransparency

The episode discusses the importance of addressing bias in AI systems, ensuring ethical design practices, protecting user privacy, and managing ownership and copyright issues. It emphasizes the need for transparency in AI processes and informs users about data collection practices.

Future of UX

Thu May 25 2023

#28 Designing for User-Fudged Experiences: Insights from Mustafa Kurtuldu

User-Fudged ExperiencesMotion in DesignAI in Design WorkflowsDesigning Tools for PeopleIncorporating AI into Product Design

Mustafa Koutur-Goo, a staff product designer at Mater, discusses the concept of user-fudged experiences, the use of AI in design workflows, and the future of designing tools for people. He explores the impact of motion in design, incorporating AI into product design, collaboration and user experience journeys, designing user flows, testing and iteration, vulnerability and innovation in design, and the importance of focus and multi-disciplinary design. Mustafa emphasizes the need for understanding user needs, mastering the fundamentals of design, and anchoring designs with deep meaning and concepts.

Future of UX

Thu May 18 2023

#27 Unveiling the Ethical Journey of Voice-Controlled Interfaces in UX Design

voice-controlled interfacesuser privacyinclusivitycontextual understandingAI-powered assistants

Voice-controlled interfaces provide convenience and natural human-like interaction. They allow users to interact with devices using their voice alone, making interactions faster and easier. Designers need to prioritize user privacy and ensure inclusivity in voice-controlled interfaces. Voice control enhances the user experience by offering a seamless and hands-free interaction. Voice-controlled interfaces have the potential to redefine traditional interaction paradigms in UX design. Designers should explore and experiment with voice interactions to create innovative experiences. AI-powered assistants are becoming better at understanding context and conversations, enabling more natural interactions. Contextual understanding can be leveraged to design personalized and context-aware experiences. Voice interfaces may not be suitable in public settings or when privacy is desired. Ethical considerations, such as user privacy and accessibility, are important in voice control interfaces. Improving the experience of voice-controlled interfaces is crucial. Finding the right interaction paradigm for voice design is a challenge. Contextual understanding is key to determining when voice input is appropriate. Designers must prioritize inclusivity and respect diverse user backgrounds and speech patterns.

Future of UX

Thu Apr 06 2023

#22 What's New in ChatGPT 4: A Deep Dive

  • Chat GPT-4 is a language model developed by OpenAI that has been trained on a massive data set of text.
  • It's capable of generating human-like responses to text prompts and making it an absolutely powerful tool for creating conversational interfaces, chatbots and other AI-powered apps.
  • The model uses this data set to learn patterns and relationships between words and phrases, allowing it to generate human-like responses to text prompts....

Future of UX

Thu Mar 09 2023

#17 ChatGPT Prompts - 7 ways to Boost Your Workflow As a Creative Freelancer

  • Chat GPT can be used for inspiration and brainstorming.
  • It can generate suggestions based on your input, such as creative ways to market a new product or innovative features for a dating app.
  • Chat GPT can also assist with copywriting and content creation, generating product descriptions, headlines, social media captions, and researching and writing blog posts....