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The Marketing AI Show

The Marketing AI Show makes artificial intelligence actionable and approachable for marketers. Brought to you by the creators of the Marketing AI Institute and the Marketing AI Conference (MAICON), join us for weekly conversations with top authors, entrepreneurs, AI researchers, and executives as they share case studies, strategies, and technologies that have the power to transform your business, and career.

The Marketing AI Show

Tue Jul 11 2023

ChatGPT Code Interpreter, the Misuse of AI in Content and Media, and Why Investors Are Betting on Generative AI

Data AnalysisAI-Generated ContentGenerative AI CompaniesLanguage ModelsEthics in AI

This episode covers various topics related to data analysis, AI-generated content, generative AI companies, language models, ethics in artificial intelligence, recent developments, and upcoming events. It explores the capabilities of Chat GPT's code interpreter feature, a data analysis tool for marketers, the impact of AI-generated content on media outlets, advancements in language models and privacy concerns, recent developments in the field, and the upcoming Marketing AI Conference. The episode also discusses the ethics of artificial intelligence, including the Vatican's handbook on the subject. Overall, it provides insights into the current state and future prospects of AI in various industries.

The Marketing AI Show

Tue Jun 27 2023

Salesforce AI Cloud, White House Action on AI, AI Writes Books in Minutes, ChatGPT in Cars, and More

AIMarketingSalesGenerative AISynthetic Media

The episode covers various topics related to AI, including building foundational models, marketing applications, sponsorship and events, Salesforce AI Cloud, generative ad capabilities, AI-generated avatars and synthetic media, government regulation on AI, responsible AI development, advancements in synthetic media, advancements in AI models, AI in marketing and sales, DeepMind and OpenAI's perspective on AI safety, and data annotation for AI training.

The Marketing AI Show

Tue Jun 20 2023

15 AI Questions Everyone is Asking

AI in MarketingCreativity and InnovationTech Stack IntegrationAI CouncilVerification of AI-Generated Content

The episode covers a wide range of topics related to AI in marketing. It starts with an introduction to AI for marketers, answering frequently asked questions from an Intro to AI for Marketers class. The episode then explores the role of AI in augmenting human creativity and innovation, as well as its impact on organizations' tech stacks. It delves into the importance of building an AI council and verifying AI-generated content. The episode also discusses various AI tools, their impact on agencies, and copyright considerations. Implementing AI in organizations is explored through problem-based and use case models. The episode concludes with insights on teaching AI models and a podcast wrap-up.

The Marketing AI Show

Mon Jun 12 2023

2023 AI Year (So Far) in Review

Artificial IntelligenceEthicsAdvancementsGenerative AIIndustry Impact

The episode covers major happenings in artificial intelligence in the first half of the year, including disruptions in education, legal proceedings, foundational models, ethical considerations, advancements in AI technology, uneven distribution, limited access, new AI tools, generative AI advancements, concerns about advanced models, the future of AI, industry impact, key figures in AI, advancements in AI capabilities, funding, and a summary with a Q&A session.

The Marketing AI Show

Tue Jun 06 2023

Prompt Engineering Best Practices from OpenAI, How GPT-4 Could Reshape Healthcare, and The Hidden Costs of AI Adoption

OpenAIGPT Best PracticesAI Adoption in HealthcarePricing Models for AI FeaturesSmall Business and AI

OpenAI has released GPT best practices for improving results from large language models like GPT4. The guide covers clear instruction, reference text, task simplification, thinking time, external tools, and systematic testing. Marketers can benefit by being clear with prompts and using reference text effectively. Healthcare stands to benefit from AI adoption but faces challenges such as privacy concerns and resistance to change. Pricing models for AI features in SaaS companies are expected to be experimental. Small businesses can use AI tools but should avoid tech creep. Top AI leaders have raised concerns about the risks of advanced AI. Abu Dhabi released Falcon 40B, an open-source language model. Apple's upcoming AR/VR headset could change the landscape. Future episodes will feature a Q&A session and a mid-year review of AI news.

The Marketing AI Show

Tue May 30 2023

Google AI Ads, Microsoft AI Copilots, Cities and Schools Embrace AI, Top VC’s Best AI Resources, Fake AI Pentagon Explosion Picture, and NVIDIA’s Stock Soars

AI-powered AdvertisingSearch AdvertisingAI Co-pilotsPlug-in EcosystemsResponsible AI Use

This episode covers various advancements and experiments in AI-powered advertising, search advertising, AI co-pilots, plug-in ecosystems, responsible AI use, generative AI policies, regulating AI systems safely, verification challenges, language preservation, robotics, cryptocurrency, and NVIDIA's dominance in the market. It also highlights the White House's efforts to advance responsible AI and seek public input on critical AI issues. The episode concludes with insights into NVIDIA's historic earnings and market cap gain.

The Marketing AI Show

Tue May 02 2023

ChatGPT Business, AI Disrupts Politics, and AI-Powered Growth and Layoffs in Big Tech

  • OpenAI announced two big updates to Chat GPT, including a subscription tier for enterprises and a feature that allows individual users to turn off their chat history.
  • The subscription tier will follow OpenAI's API data usage policy, meaning user data given to Chat GPT will not be used to train the model by default.
  • Individual users at any tier can now turn off their chat history, preventing their data from being explicitly used to train Chat GPT....