The Art of Online Business

The Art of Online Business

Welcome to The Art of Online Business podcast, your go-to source for practical tips and strategies to boost profits and impact in your online business, WITHOUT the hustle. Join fellow online course creators and coaches as we delve into things like CEO mindset, sales and marketing optimization, and systems and processes for seamless scaling. Hosted by Rick Mulready, Online Business Coach to 6 & 7-figure course creators and coaches, and Ads Expert, this podcast also celebrates the diversity and inclusivity of the online business world. Enjoy a mix of actionable solo episodes, interviews with online experts, coaching case studies, and more to elevate your business. You’ll get weekly insights on values-driven business, team building, ads mastery, productivity, scaling courses and memberships, evergreen funnels, podcasting, YouTube growth, and more. Hit "Subscribe" and let's gooooo!

The Art of Online Business

Wed Jul 12 2023

How She's Getting $5 Leads for Her LIVE Launches | w/ Neill Williams

coaching businessautomating leadshigh-converting campaignsworkshop formatSlack support

This episode features Neil Williams, an expert in automating leads and new customers for coaching businesses. Neil shares her strategies for high-converting campaigns, emphasizing the importance of testing and analyzing data. The workshop format evolves from five days to three days and then transitions to weekly webinars. Participants have access to a private Slack channel for support. Engaging giveaways and multiple touchpoints contribute to high engagement. Successful ad campaign strategies are discussed, along with optimizing landing pages. Neil offers a 100k funnel course focused on building profitable ads and automated marketing funnels. Listeners are encouraged to check out Neil's website and podcast for valuable content.

The Art of Online Business

Wed Jul 05 2023

Embracing the Muck

EntrepreneurshipChallengesData AnalysisGoogle AnalyticsSystems and Dashboards

The episode discusses the importance of embracing challenges in business, knowing your numbers and data, setting up Google Analytics 4, dealing with frustrating tasks, making necessary changes in teams, writing a book, trusting the process with a coach, enjoying the journey, and acquiring new skills. It emphasizes the benefits and opportunities that come from facing challenges and provides insights on how to navigate through them.

The Art of Online Business

Wed Jun 28 2023

The Definitive Guide to Rocking An Online Summit | w/ Marisa Corcoran


This episode explores Marisa's unique approach to summits, focusing on inclusivity, charity, and effective copywriting. Marisa shares her Signature Summit System and how she creates, positions, and delivers her summits. The episode covers topics such as creating an uncopyable message, the journey to starting summits, community-centric approaches, summit organization and delivery, pitching guests for podcast summits, creating collaborations and disrupting the industry, the Copy Chat Society and future summits, and final remarks from Marisa. Join the CopyChat community and learn from Marisa's success in the summit space.

The Art of Online Business

Wed Jun 21 2023

Stuck in Neutral: The Hidden Dangers of Holding on to an Employee for Too Long

underperforming employeesemployee managementbusiness growthperformance improvement

The episode discusses the impact of underperforming employees on online businesses. It emphasizes the importance of having the right team members in place and highlights signs of underperformance. The episode provides strategies for monitoring and addressing underperformance, including regular check-ins, open communication, and performance improvement plans. It also explores the challenges of managing underperforming employees and offers insights on when to let go of an employee. The episode concludes with actionable steps for taking action on underperformance.

The Art of Online Business

Wed Jun 14 2023

Safeguard Your Success: Essential Legal Tips For Each Stage of Your Online Business | w/ Braden Drake

business protectioninsurancelegal documentstaxesS corps

This episode covers the importance of layers of protection for your business, including insurance, legal documents, taxes, S corps, intellectual property, copyright protection, worker misclassification, and proactive legal measures. It provides practical advice and resources for online business owners to navigate these areas and avoid potential legal issues. The episode concludes with additional resources and recommendations for further learning.

The Art of Online Business

Wed Jun 07 2023

How To Build a Simple TikTok Sales Funnel Without a Large Following | w/ Shannon McKinstrie

TikTokSocial MediaContent CreationSales FunnelEngagement Rate

This episode features Shanna McInstery, a successful social media mentor and strategist who shares her journey and strategies for success on TikTok. She emphasizes the importance of enjoying the content creation process and not overcomplicating it. Shanna discusses her simple yet effective sales funnel on TikTok and how she attracts followers through the algorithm. She also provides insights on repurposing content, optimizing TikTok videos for Instagram, building a sales funnel, and finding success on TikTok. Additionally, she highlights the opportunities TikTok offers for businesses in various industries. The episode concludes with additional resources and information about Shanna's website and podcast.

The Art of Online Business

Wed May 31 2023

Google Analytics 4: What You Need to Know/Do About It | w/ Kwadwo Sampany-Kessie

Google AnalyticsFacebook AdsiOS 14.5 Privacy Update

The episode covers the importance of Google Analytics 4 for understanding website behavior, optimizing Facebook ads campaigns, and tracking conversions. It also discusses the impact of the iOS 14.5 privacy update on online marketers and Facebook ads managers. The chapter on upgrading to Google Analytics 4 provides step-by-step instructions and resources for setting up the new version.

The Art of Online Business

Fri Apr 14 2023

ChatGPT Prompting Tips: Navigating Your Way to Better Outcomes

  • Behind the Launch is a free audio event where industry experts share insights and tips on successful launches.
  • The goal of the event is to dispel the notion that successful launches are easy and without struggles.
  • Listening to these conversations will provide a proven path to make more sales during your next launch....

The Art of Online Business

Wed Apr 12 2023

Time-Saving Content Creation: How to Use ChatGPT and AI Tools for Faster Production

  • Sign up for a free audio event called Behind the Launch to hear short, intimate conversations with industry experts who pulled back the curtain on their last launch.
  • The goal of this free audio event is to dispel the idea that people who have successful launches never struggle behind the scenes because absolutely we do.
  • Listening to these conversations will give you a proven path to make more sales the next time you launch because you'll have a solid, sleaze-free launch strategy....