Business Analysis Live!

Business Analysis Live!

Business analysis is one of the top trending skills today. From problem solvers to change agents to advocates, business analysis professionals perform many roles in organizations and governments all over the world. Join us biweekly on Tuesdays, with hosts Scott Bennett, Business Analysis Manager, and Susan Moore, Community Engagement Manager from the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®), for a candid practitioner chat breaking down hot topics in business analysis. If you like to listen to lively discussions, interviews, and some great career advice, this podcast is for you.

Business Analysis Live!

Tue Jul 11 2023

Requirements Engineering and Business Analysis

Requirements EngineeringSystems Development

This episode covers the importance of requirements engineering in building systems, its global impact, types of requirements and techniques, and the integration of AI and agile mindset in requirements engineering.

Business Analysis Live!

Tue Jun 27 2023

Career Paths for Business Analysis

Business AnalysisCareer PathsTechnology EngagementContinuous LearningBook Review

This episode covers various career paths in business analysis, including transitioning into technology engagement roles and different positions within the field. It also explores the importance of certifications, continuous learning, and the book 'The Art of Getting Business Analysis Right'. The episode concludes with information on online training opportunities and an upcoming event.

Business Analysis Live!

Tue Jun 13 2023

Start Your Business Analysis Career With Certification

Business AnalysisCertificationsCareer AdvancementOrganizational ImpactData Analytics

This episode covers the importance of certifications in business analysis, their impact on career advancement and organizational practices, bringing business analysis expertise into organizations, the role of data analytics in business analysis, and the significance of connecting with local professionals. It emphasizes the value of certifications in demonstrating knowledge and belonging to a professional community, as well as the benefits of networking and being an ambassador for the profession. The episode also highlights the influence business analysts can have in organizations and the relevance of data analytics in today's job market.

Business Analysis Live!

Tue May 30 2023

Curiosity for Business Analysis

business analysiscuriosityBA School Day initiative

The episode explores the importance of curiosity in business analysis, including its relevance in discovering new things, challenging assumptions, and avoiding jumping to solutions. It also discusses barriers to curiosity, such as intimidation and corporate cultures, and provides insights on how to overcome them. The BA School Day initiative is introduced as a way to educate students about business analysis as a career path, with professionals encouraged to share their experiences in schools. The benefits of getting involved in the initiative are highlighted, emphasizing the global community's positive response and the potential impact on young people's lives.

Business Analysis Live!

Tue May 02 2023

How to Hire a Business Analyst

business analysishiring processcertificationsresume reviewinterviewing

This episode covers the process of hiring a business analyst, including job descriptions, screening resumes, and conducting interviews. It provides insights on the importance of certifications, resume review techniques, and practical assessments. The episode also discusses preparing for interviews, transitioning from software development to business analysis, and resume tips. Additionally, it offers insights on networking, project management skills for BAs, and internship opportunities for students.

Business Analysis Live!

Tue Apr 18 2023

Why Use Observation?

ObservationBusiness AnalysisSkillsPlanningVirtual Observation

Observation is a valuable technique in business analysis and other professions. It helps understand daily job tasks, uncover hidden information, and reveal the current state. By combining observation with other techniques and skills like emotional intelligence and active listening, valuable insights can be gained. Proper planning and clear communication are essential for successful observation. Virtual observation and empathetic listening skills are also important in today's technology-driven world. Building relationships through listening enhances the effectiveness of observation.

Business Analysis Live!

Fri Mar 31 2023

ChatGPT and Business Analysis

  • Chat GPT is a large language model that is part of AI.
  • GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained transformer.
  • Chat GPT can help boost productivity for business analysts....