A podcast by 37signals about the better way to work and run your business. Hosted by Kimberly Rhodes, the Rework podcast features the co-founders of 37signals (the makers of Basecamp and Hey), Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson sharing their unique perspective on business and entrepreneurship.


Wed Aug 09 2023

Software Has Bugs

software developmentbugscustomer expectationsbuilding good softwareprioritizing bugs

This episode discusses the nature of bugs in software development and the importance of accepting their existence. It explores strategies for setting expectations with customers and prioritizing bug fixes. The episode also emphasizes the need to build good software by making trade-offs and focusing on the process. Additionally, it highlights the importance of prioritizing bugs and building successful software by addressing flaws in the product and improving customer support.


Wed Aug 02 2023

Rescuing A Project In Progress

project managementconstruction projectsfinishing taskslong projectsconstraints

This episode of rework discusses project management and how to recognize when a project is going off the rails. The co-founders of 37 Signals, Jason Fried and David Heinemayer Hansen, share insights and stories about construction projects, the importance of finishing tasks, the pitfalls of long projects, and the role of constraints and urgency in project management. They emphasize the need for clear boundaries, avoiding micro adjustments, and trusting the team to work autonomously. The episode provides practical advice for managing projects effectively.


Wed Jul 26 2023

The Google Graveyard

software as a servicelong-term supportcustomer trustinnovationbrand power

The episode discusses the risks of relying on software as a service, the importance of long-term support and customer trust, balancing customer preferences and innovation, and the value of longevity and commitment in software as a service.


Wed Jul 19 2023

Be Careful Who You Listen To


The episode explores the importance of filtering advice based on experience, finding originality and avoiding duplication, determining expertise and collecting advice, and applying past advice to make decisions. It emphasizes the value of current and present experience, cultivating originality, and being cautious of homogenization caused by online platforms. The episode also discusses the challenges of determining expertise in the digital age and highlights the significance of encouragement in decision-making.


Wed Jul 12 2023

Leaving the Cloud: The Finale

self-hostingdata centerscloud servicesapplication migrationbudget optimization

37 Signals successfully completed their move to self-hosting, deploying seven major applications and their email service on their own servers. They gradually migrated applications, starting with the least critical one, and moved their most critical app piece by piece. Renting data center space proved to be a more feasible option than building their own data center. They optimized their cloud budget through long-term contracts and regular expense reviews. Post-move considerations include backups, server tasks, cleanup, and future decisions on customer data.


Wed Jul 05 2023

Two-Person Teams: Listener Questions

workload managementremote worktrustQAtask assignments

This episode covers various aspects of managing absences and workload, defaulting to trust in the workplace, quality assurance and testing, task assignments and durations, reactive work and bug handling, on-call rotation and cool down periods. The episode emphasizes the importance of planning ahead for absences, building trust in remote work environments, implementing QA processes as the company scales, assigning tasks based on capacity, handling reactive work and bugs efficiently, and providing cool down periods for self-directed work.


Wed Jun 28 2023

When to Jump into AI

Artificial IntelligenceAI StartupsEthics

The episode covers various aspects of AI, including its impact on jobs, the ease of entry into the field, and the challenges and applications in different industries. It also discusses the role of AI startups and the ethical concerns surrounding AI technologies.


Wed Jun 21 2023

Buckets of Time

Time ManagementProductivityAttentionInterruptionsPrioritization

The episode discusses the importance of time management, maintaining focus and productivity, and the impact of interruptions and prioritization. It emphasizes the need to make the most of limited time, avoid multitasking, and allocate specific time slots for tasks. Maintaining focus through clear goals and accountability is crucial, while interruptions can significantly hinder productivity. Treating attention as a constraint rather than time allows for greater progress. Breaking the addiction to urgency and reflecting on task importance helps prioritize and reduce immediate responses.


Wed Jun 14 2023

Twitter is Still Up

Twitterworkforce reductionlean organizationssocial media landscapestarting with zero followers

The episode discusses Twitter's workforce reduction, the benefits of operating leaner organizations, challenges and competition in the social media landscape, and the struggle of starting with zero followers. It explores how Twitter's downsizing led to increased agility and innovation, the impact of 'bullshit jobs' in organizations, and the difficulty of finding solutions for Twitter's problems. The episode also highlights the importance of product-market fit and the challenges faced by new platforms in building an audience.


Wed Jun 07 2023

It’s Time to Care About Costs

cost managementventure capitalbusiness expensespricing modelsSaaS software

The episode discusses the importance of cost management for businesses and the challenges they face in making more money than they spend. It explores the disconnect in venture capital and how smaller businesses are more efficient in cost-consciousness. The episode also provides strategies for cost management and highlights the need for reasonable pricing options in the SaaS software industry.

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