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The Race F1 Podcast

The Race F1 Podcast brings you comprehensive coverage of every aspect of Formula 1 racing, with discussion of the latest breaking Formula One news, debate about the biggest topics and in-depth analysis after each grand prix.

The Race F1 Podcast

Thu Sep 07 2023

What Hamilton's new deal and Perez uncertainty means for the driver market

ConsistencyDriver MarketTitle BattlePodcastContract Extension

This episode covers various topics including consistency in success, the driver market landscape, the title battle in F1, the Bring Back V10s podcast, Lewis Hamilton's contract extension, testing in Formula 1, Verstappen's dominance, the cost cap and new teams in Formula One, the controversy surrounding Felipe Massa's legal action, and the unlikelihood of a payout or settlement for Massa's case.

The Race F1 Podcast

Thu Aug 10 2023

How Piastri has proved his class - and why he could usurp Norris

Oscar PiastriFormula OneMcLarenLando NorrisAdaptability

This episode discusses Val's recent move, Oscar Piastri's rise in Formula One, his skills and adaptability, comparison with Lando Norris, Piastri's driving style and adaptability, his future prospects, Norris's future and team options, driver's career approach and loyalty, McLaren's car challenges, and the battle between Norris and Piastri within McLaren.

The Race F1 Podcast

Mon Aug 07 2023

Report card: Grading the teams at the halfway point

Formula OneTeam PerformanceTechnical ChallengesRed BullMercedes

The episode covers the performance and analysis of various Formula One teams, including Red Bull, Ferrari, Haas, Williams, Alpine, McLaren, and Mercedes. It discusses their strengths, weaknesses, technical challenges, and team ratings. The success of Red Bull's underbody design is highlighted as a potential solution for generating more downforce. The episode also explores the development struggles faced by Mercedes and the need for open-mindedness in making significant changes.

The Race F1 Podcast

Thu Aug 03 2023

The Alpine omnishambles and what it means for its F1 future

AlpinRenaultFormula OneManagement IssuesUnderachievement

The episode discusses the management issues faced by Alpin, including strained relationships, misaligned expectations, and uncertain leadership. It highlights the underachievement and cultural problems within the team, as well as Renault's history of mismanagement. The future of Alpin is uncertain, with potential alternative options and financial considerations. The challenges and potential of Alpine F1 are explored, along with the progress of Williams under new leadership. The approach of Aston Martin as a new team is also discussed.

The Race F1 Podcast

Sun Jul 30 2023

Belgian GP: Verstappen makes it look easy (again)

Belgian Grand PrixMax VerstappenSergio PerezSpaFerrari

Max Verstappen dominated the Belgian Grand Prix, winning both the race and the Sprint Race. The wet conditions added excitement to the race, but Spa's modernization is diminishing its charm. Sergio Perez's second-place finish behind Verstappen may strain their dynamic. Ferrari performed well with Charles Leclerc finishing third. McLaren faced challenges with their aerodynamic efficiency and Lando Norris struggled with the rear wing. Alpine had a decent performance, but ongoing political issues and corporate interference are affecting the team. Yuki Sonoda and Daniel Riccardo showed impressive performances. Insights include criticism of the decision not to declare a wet session, McLaren's aerodynamic choices, and tension between Verstappen and his crew. Max Verstappen's race pace continues to improve while Perez struggles to keep up. Psychological factors have affected Perez's confidence. The summary also touches on incidents involving Holcomburg and Scott, as well as future news regarding Alpine and Fernando Alonso.

The Race F1 Podcast

Thu Jul 27 2023

3 big F1 controversies in waiting

Formula OneCost Cap BreachesBelgian Grand PrixNew TeamsFinancial Stability

The episode covers various topics including cost cap breaches, safety concerns at the Belgian Grand Prix, new teams in F1, financial stability, engine freeze, and banning tire warmers.

The Race F1 Podcast

Mon Jul 24 2023

Hungarian GP: Why Hamilton couldn't turn pole into victory bid

Formula OneHungarian Grand Prix

Red Bull continued their dominance with Max Verstappen winning his 12th consecutive Formula One race at the Hungarian Grand Prix. Despite underachieving in qualifying, Verstappen had the pace in the race and finished over 30 seconds ahead of Lewis Hamilton. McLaren showed impressive progress, while Aston Martin and Ferrari faced challenges. Sergio Perez recovered to finish third, and Daniel Riccardo had an encouraging start with AlphaTauri. The chapters cover various topics including technical issues, tactical strategies, and future expectations.

The Race F1 Podcast

Thu Jul 20 2023

All eyes on Ricciardo as F1 heads to Hungary

Red BullDaniel RicciardoYuki SonodaAlpha TauriDriver Strategy

Red Bull's decision to bring back Daniel Ricciardo as a driver has raised expectations for his performance. The team believes Ricciardo can outperform Yuki Sonoda and inject positivity into Alpha Tauri's season. However, recent driver decisions by Red Bull have been difficult to understand, and Ricciardo's comeback could go either way. Red Bull's shift in driver strategy from promoting young talents to seeking experienced drivers has influenced their decision. The performance of McLaren and other teams will also play a role in Red Bull's future driver choices.

The Race F1 Podcast

Mon Jul 17 2023

Why is the Verstappen-Red Bull package so good - and who's best placed to stop them?

Formula OneRed BullMax VerstappenAston MartinMercedes

Red Bull has been dominating Formula 1 with their RB19 car, thanks to its outstanding aerodynamic efficiency and Max Verstappen's exceptional driving skills. They have a strategic advantage over their competitors and are expected to continue their dominance in the future. However, there are challenges ahead, including new regulations and Max Verstappen's potential departure from Formula One. The landscape of Formula One is evolving, with teams like Aston Martin aiming to become elite without an engine partner.

The Race F1 Podcast

Tue Jul 11 2023

Ricciardo's return: Why AlphaTauri turned to him after dumping De Vries

Red BullDriver SwapDaniel RicciardoAlphaTauriYuki Sonoda

Red Bull's recent driver swap, replacing Nick DeVries with Daniel Ricciardo at AlphaTauri, has sparked controversy and speculation. Ricciardo's performance in the AlphaTauri car will be closely watched, as he aims to prove himself and potentially secure a top seat in the future. This move also presents an opportunity for Yuki Sonoda to establish himself as a strong driver. Sergio Perez should be concerned about Ricciardo's return, as it puts pressure on him within the team. The decision to drop DeVries has been criticized for lacking rationale and undermining Red Bull's young driver program. Future changes in Red Bull's driver strategy may be necessary to avoid chaotic and disorganized swaps.

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