In Growth We Trust: Marketing | Growth | Startups

In Growth We Trust: Marketing | Growth | Startups

In Growth We Trust is a growth marketing podcast hosted by Yoann Pavy and Jake Mayell. Weekly guest interviews, plus shorter deep-dive episodes about online distribution, viral loops, network effects, content, and startup growth. Jake & Yoann started working together 10+ years ago doing Facebook Ads at first. Now they’re doing a podcast together. They love startups, growth, and marketing, so why not? Available everywhere, even on YouTube, like/comment/subscribe 🎧

In Growth We Trust: Marketing | Growth | Startups

Tue Feb 20 2024

🔮 Unpacking B2B Marketing Trends, Tactics and Growing a Community | Dave Gerhardt, Founder of (HubSpot, Privy, Drift)

PodcastingB2B MarketingContent CreationCommunity Building

The episode covers various topics related to podcasting, B2B marketing, content creation, and community building. It explores the professionalism and expertise in podcasting, different marketing channels and content creation strategies, building an audience on social media platforms, differentiation and creativity in podcasting, content creation and ideation, audience validation and influencer success, measuring marketing impact and networking, community engagement and teamwork, challenges and importance of podcasting, and positioning and branding strategies.

In Growth We Trust: Marketing | Growth | Startups

Tue Feb 13 2024

🔮 Marketing Career Journey to Head of Growth, SMS Marketing and Paid Media | Kevin Adom, Head of Growth (DROOL, HEAT, Lyst, Cuvva)

careerteam managementmarketinggrowthsmall teams

The episode features a conversation covering various topics including team management, marketing, and growth. The guest shares their career journey from studying literature to working in different industries such as fashion marketplace and car insurance. They discuss the challenges of managing big teams, optimizing marketing strategies, effective reading of nonfiction books, and more.

In Growth We Trust: Marketing | Growth | Startups

Tue Feb 06 2024

🔮 Carrie Rose's Secrets to Capturing Attention in the Digital Age, Digital PR and TikTok SEO | Carrie Rose, CEO & Founder of Rise at Seven

PRDigital PRTikTok SEOSocial SEOSearch Engine Optimization

The podcast episode features an interview with Kerry Rose from Rise at the Seven, discussing PR and digital PR. The conversation covers topics such as TikTok SEO and the importance of incorporating it into content creation. People are shifting from traditional search engines to social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest for discovering brands and finding answers to their search queries. TikTok's algorithm determines the visibility of content based on views and engagement. Google is using AI to answer people's queries instead of sending them to brands. TikTok has become the new form of word of mouth, where users recommend products and places to go. Stepping out of brand guidelines and being different can increase the chances of being seen and remembered as an advertisement. The podcast discusses the viral success of a product that unintentionally resembled a sex toy, leading to free publicity and user-generated content. The Colchester community is a new form of online community that captures local news, gossip, and trending topics. Finding trending topics and attaching your brand to them can generate press and increase traffic to your website. The speaker has hired staff who have disagreed with their process, but the speaker is strict and believes in their own method because it works.

In Growth We Trust: Marketing | Growth | Startups

Tue Jan 30 2024

🔮 AI-Curated News App, Indie Hackers and Cold Emailing Celebrities | Priyanka and Shannon, co-founders of Volv (the anti social media app)

AI news appmedia companyuser engagementgrowth strategiespartnerships

The episode features an interview with the co-founders of Vov, a media company and AI news app. They discuss the development of the app, user engagement strategies, partnerships, and growth hacking techniques. The app curates news in nine-second reads and aims to provide unbiased information for users to form their own opinions. The target audience includes non-social media users and high-performing individuals across different age groups. The app has seen success through collaborations with newsletters and podcasts. Data insights from user engagement inform product development and content marketing strategies. Cold approaching influential individuals through personalized emails and social media connections has been effective for networking.

In Growth We Trust: Marketing | Growth | Startups

Tue Jan 23 2024

🔮 Soundcloud User Retention, Coding Mobile Games On Nokia 3310, and Mobile Growth Stack Frameworks | Andy Carvell (Phiture, Soundcloud, Nokia)

mobile growthSoundCloudretention strategiespush notificationssegmentation

The podcast episode features an interview with the co-founder of a mobile growth agency who was also an early employee at SoundCloud. They discuss topics such as the mobile growth stack, retention strategies, push notifications, and segmentation. The guest shares interesting insights about developing mobile games on Nokia 3310s in the late 1990s and early 2000s. SoundCloud is described as having a significant number of monthly active users, challenging perceptions of it being niche or old-fashioned.

In Growth We Trust: Marketing | Growth | Startups

Thu Jan 18 2024

🔮 Think About Your Influencer Strategy Like a Basketball Team | IGWT Mini Episode About Marketing, Growth, Startups

influencer marketingcontent creationlong-term relationshipsmeasuring success

This episode discusses influencer marketing strategy for 2024, emphasizing the importance of building a basketball team-like roster of influencers. It explores the concept of long-term relationships, measuring success, content creation, and finding influencers organically. The episode provides insights into creating a growth engine and avoiding reliance on influencer platforms or aggregators.

In Growth We Trust: Marketing | Growth | Startups

Tue Jan 16 2024

🔮 The Rise of the Creative Performance Marketer, Customer Research and Storytelling in Paid Ads | Chris Winterhoff (Patch Plants, Onto)

customer researchpaid strategiesscalinguser interviewsrecruiting participants

The podcast episode features an interview with Chris, where they discuss topics such as talking to customers, informing paid strategies, and testing ads. Chris shares their experience at Patch and how the business differentiated itself in the market. They also talk about the rise of online garden centers and scaling as a performance marketing manager. The conversation highlights the importance of conducting user research and provides insights on how to improve it. The hosts mention that Chris has been a big supporter of the podcast and reached out to join the conversation.

In Growth We Trust: Marketing | Growth | Startups

Tue Jan 09 2024

🔮 Why More Marketers Will Go Freelance? Marketplace Growth And The Future of Work | Raffi Salama, Co-Founder at Passionfruit

Future of WorkFreelancingMarketingGrowth StrategiesTeam Structure

The future of work, freelancing, and the impact on marketers' careers are discussed in this episode. Passion Fruit, a marketing specialist marketplace, connects businesses with freelance marketing talent. The podcast covers topics such as verticalization, language of freelancing, changing mindsets in organizations, building unique business structures, growth strategies, establishing credibility, constraints and growth opportunities, content distribution, sales strategies, and success through unconventional approaches.

In Growth We Trust: Marketing | Growth | Startups

Wed Jan 03 2024

🔮 AI-Influencers, 2024 Side Hustles and Supercharged Content Marketing | Cody Schneider, Co-Founder at Swell AI

AIPersonal BrandingContent RepurposingAI-generated InfluencersPodcasting

The podcast episode features discussions on various topics including AI, personal branding, creating agencies, content repurposing, AI-generated influencers, and more. The hosts delve into the challenges and opportunities in these areas, providing insights and strategies for brands and individuals. They also touch on investment strategies, making money online, and the overwhelming nature of online content. The episode concludes with a focus on offline experiences and the value of exclusivity.

In Growth We Trust: Marketing | Growth | Startups

Thu Dec 21 2023

🔮 Bye Bye 2023, Stats Of The Pod And Fav Episodes | IGWT Mini Episode About Marketing, Growth, Startups

podcastgrowthengagementfavorite episodespodcast production

The episode covers the hosts' Christmas party, podcast growth, favorite episodes, podcast production, future plans, and expanding beyond audio. They discuss their success, engagement with listeners, use of AI tools, plans for live events, and diversifying guest lineup. The hosts express gratitude towards their guests and encourage feedback from listeners.

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