Calm The Bleep Down Meditation & Mindfulness

Calm The Bleep Down Meditation & Mindfulness

Calm The Bleep Down is a podcast discussing the benefits and adventures that come from a daily practice of meditation. Check out our video podcasts, classes, and Merch at Watch the video version on

Calm The Bleep Down Meditation & Mindfulness

Mon Jul 10 2023

Full Body Scan - Meditation


The episode covers body scan meditation and deepening meditation techniques. Body scan meditation involves directing breath into different parts of the body to stay present and promote relaxation. Deepening meditation focuses on breathing and imagining sinking deeper into the seat or cushion, while progressively relaxing each part of the body.

Calm The Bleep Down Meditation & Mindfulness

Fri Jul 07 2023

Deepening The Practice - Meditation


The episode covers the basics of meditation, including the importance of consistency, dealing with wandering thoughts, and relaxing the body. It also provides tips for deepening the practice by focusing on the breath, observing distractions, and finding stillness.

Calm The Bleep Down Meditation & Mindfulness

Mon Jul 03 2023

Reprogramming Unconscious Thoughts - Meditation

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Today's episode focuses on reprogramming our unconscious mind through meditation. We explore how conscious thoughts become unconscious thinking, the discomfort of thinking new positive thoughts, and the process of replacing negative thought patterns with positive ones. Recognizing and isolating negative thoughts is the first step to reprogramming our minds. Meditation helps us become present and aware of our thought patterns, and repeating positive thoughts over time helps make them natural and familiar. We also discuss developing mindfulness and presence through focusing on the breath, recognizing when the mind wanders, and practicing being present in the moment.