Startup Therapy

Startup Therapy

The "No BS" version of how startups are really built, taught by actual startup Founders who have lived through all of it. Hosts Wil Schroter and Ryan Rutan talk candidly about the intense struggles Founders face both personally and professionally as they try to turn their idea into something that will change the world.

Startup Therapy

Mon Aug 07 2023

We Can't Stay Out Of The Game For Too Long


This episode explores the consequences of stepping away from the startup game for an extended period of time. It discusses the decay of relevance, the impact on relationships, the loss of skills and knowledge, the importance of maintaining the startup muscle, the comfort of being out, the challenges of returning, the mental toll, the consequences of staying out, the choice to stay out, the importance of timing, and accessing resources. The episode emphasizes the need to recognize these consequences and take action to avoid becoming irrelevant or losing valuable connections.

Startup Therapy

Mon Jul 31 2023

What if our Dreams are an Illusion?


The episode explores the endless pursuit of desires and the sacrifices made to achieve them. It questions the worthiness of our dreams and expectations, highlighting the tendency for humans to always desire more. The uncertainty and sacrifice involved in startups are compared to more certain outcomes. The illusion of reaching a Shangri-La moment is debunked, emphasizing the importance of understanding the consequences before making permanent decisions. The speaker's experience as a digital nomad reveals the value of roots and stability. Recalibrating goals and reassessing priorities are discussed, along with the shifting nature of dreams as circumstances change.

Startup Therapy

Mon Jul 24 2023

What if this isn't a "Big Business"?

EntrepreneurshipBusiness GrowthSuccess Mindset

The episode discusses the pressure of building a big business and emphasizes the importance of different levels of success. It challenges the narrative around building massive businesses and encourages founders to consider their own goals. The hosts stress the importance of setting realistic goals and finding freedom by pursuing individual desires. They also discuss the journey of building a sustainable business, avoiding investor pressure, and aligning goals with purpose. The episode explores the size of a business, timing for scaling, and staying focused on solving problems and prioritizing customers.

Startup Therapy

Mon Jul 17 2023

Founders, Not All Problems Are Apocalyptic

startup problemsproblem severityprioritizationburnouthandling challenges

Startups face a wide spectrum of problem severity, from minor issues to game over situations. It is crucial for founders to assess the severity of problems and prioritize them effectively. Overreacting to problems can lead to burnout and damage credibility. Problems are an ongoing part of startup life, but founders should aim to handle challenges with ease by focusing on level 8, 9, and 10 problems. Access to founder groups and resources can provide valuable support.

Startup Therapy

Mon Jul 03 2023

Stop Listening to Investors

InvestorsFoundersStartup Advice

Investors often provide feedback to founders, but their opinions may not always be accurate or valuable. Founders should be cautious of taking investor advice as gospel and evaluate its relevance. Investors use tactics to appear knowledgeable and authoritative, but their opinions represent only their own views. Learning from other founders and industry experts can be more beneficial. Successful businesses like Uber and Airbnb faced initial doubts from investors but proved them wrong. Investors may lack qualifications and their feedback should be taken with caution. Founders should focus on their vision and consider feedback from multiple sources.