Dirty Air F1

Dirty Air F1

It's 2023 and Dirty Air is back for another season exposing the comedic underbelly of the most ludicrous sport on earth; Formula 1. Finally a place to laugh at the weird, wonderful and ridiculous world of Formula 1. This is your pit stop for all the on and off-track drama. Join us every week for new episodes throughout the season. Time to get dirty. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

Dirty Air F1

Mon Aug 07 2023

Is 2023 the most boring F1 season ever?

Formula OneRace RecapsPerformanceControversiesBanter

This episode covers various topics in the world of Formula One, including the Formula One retirement retreat spa, race recaps and predictions, performance and disappointments, controversies and speculations, banter and updates, miscellaneous updates and fun facts, and podcast updates and closing remarks.

Dirty Air F1

Tue Aug 01 2023

Belgian race review! And F1 viewing figures are down. Here's why...

ACASTF1 sitcomFormula One MSC Cruises Belgian Grand PrixDrive to SurviveF1 viewership

The episode covers various topics including ACAST's self-serve ad platform, ideas to make Formula One more entertaining, the Formula One MSC Cruises Belgian Grand Prix, Drive to Survive, F1 drivers' summer break plans, perceptions of F1 drivers, Charles Leclerc's apartment, and Formula One team rankings. It also provides insights on F1 viewership in the US, Max Verstappen's dominance, F1 fans' perception, and Ferrari's last championship.

Dirty Air F1

Mon Jul 24 2023

Was Hungary the worst race of the season??

Nico RosbergF1 JuniorsHungarian Grand PrixRace ResultsDriver Performance

The episode covers various topics including Nico Rosberg's behavior towards F1 Juniors, the Hungarian Grand Prix, race results and driver performance, retirement plans of Nicholas Latifi, McLaren's improvement, Ferrari and Aston Martin's disappointing performance, and Red Bull Racing's dominance. The hosts also discuss consultants in F1, Dirty Air merch, and promote buying merch on social media. The episode concludes with a mention of a Britney Spears song.

Dirty Air F1

Mon Jul 17 2023

Yuki Tsunoda's performance coach Michael Italiano (our first ever guest!)

Formula OneRacingDriver SupportWeight and HydrationTeam Dynamics

The episode covers various topics related to Formula One racing, including race excitement, driver support, weight and hydration, team dynamics, mindset and mental strength, drivers' careers, Formula One's influence beyond racing, and race predictions. The discussions touch on subjects such as superstitions, driver performance, physical attributes, and potential movie roles for Formula One drivers. The episode also includes insights into the challenges faced by drivers and the importance of mental strength in sports.

Dirty Air F1

Mon Jul 10 2023

Dirty British Grand Prix 2023

Formula OneBritish Grand PrixRed BullSergio PerezCar Development

The episode covers the British Grand Prix, Damien Lewis's pre-race performance, team performances, race results, Red Bull's dominance, and fan observations. It also includes insights on Sergio Perez, car development, and future developments in Formula One.

Dirty Air F1

Sun Jul 09 2023

Live From The Silverstone Grand Prix

Carvana.comDirty Yeah! podcastQualifying resultsControversiesDriver highlights

The episode covers various topics including Carvana.com, the Dirty Yeah! podcast, driver highlights and performance, behind the scenes controversies, and insights and predictions. It discusses qualifying results, broken cars, reputation destruction attempts, wrong livery, and the allure of Fernando Alonso. It also highlights the small stature of Fernando Alonso, Pierre Ghazli's lack of fitness, Nico Hulkenberg's aggressive racing style, Akon's work ethic, Sergio Perez's poor performance, Yuki Sonoda's openness, and Kevin Magnussen's car issues. Additionally, it delves into behind the scenes incidents involving Will I Am, Lauren Stroll, Lawrence Stroll, Taboo from Black Eyed Peas, Fergie, Formula One drivers' bathroom habits, Yuki Sonoda's canceled performance coach, and the debate on drivers' pre-race activities. The episode concludes with insights on Max Verstappen's perception, Yuki Sonoda's fighting skills, Joss Verstappen's neck strength, Bernie Eccleston's absence, an all-night rave with DJ Chrissy Meakin and Joss Verstappen's free bar, and a prediction that Max Verstappen would win the race.

Dirty Air F1

Mon Jul 03 2023

VERY Dirty Austria & Live at Silverstone Announcement!

Formula OneAI communication assistanceStewardsRed BullRule violations

The episode covers various topics related to Formula One, including AI communication assistance, steward experiences, race highlights, national anthem performances, driver behavior, team dynamics, race results, track limit issues, steward decisions, and upcoming events. The hosts discuss their first day as stewards at Red Bull's home race in Austria and express disappointment with Red Bull's lack of penalties for rule violations. They also speculate about Christian Horner's influence over the stewards' decisions. The episode includes insights on driver performances, national anthem performances, and the use of in-ear monitors. It highlights Lewis Hamilton's behavior and potential team changes. The hosts discuss the preposterous nature of Formula One and its contrast with cricket matches. They review race results, penalties, and track limit issues. The episode explores perceptions of favoritism towards Red Bull by the stewards and suggests putting drivers in the Big Brother house. It also discusses Ferrari's performance, Lance Stroll's role in Aston Martin, Mercedes' car performance, and Max Verstappen's victory. The hosts analyze driver reactions, overtaking challenges, and safety concerns at the Spa circuit. The episode concludes with mentions of upcoming events, including the hosts' appearance at Silverstone and a special guest at the event.

Dirty Air F1

Mon Jun 26 2023

Special Guest Fernando Alonso!

Formula OneLewis HamiltonMax VerstappenGlastonburyRyan Reynolds

Prime Day is coming, Lewis Hamilton's activities and hair transplant, cost control in Formula One, Max Verstappen's dominance and competitiveness, Glastonbury, Ryan Reynolds and Michael B. Jordan's investments, and humorous interactions and predictions are discussed in this episode of the Dirty Air Formula One podcast.