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Motley Fool Money is a daily podcast for stock investors. Weekday episodes offer a long-term perspective on business news with The Motley Fool's investment analysts. Weekend shows are a mix of investing classes and longer-form interviews. The show is hosted by Dylan Lewis, Ricky Mulvey, and Mary Long.

Motley Fool Money

Wed Jun 12 2024

How to Greet the Next Bear Market

InflationInterest RatesStocksInvestmentsCompany Financials

This episode covers topics such as inflation and interest rates, stocks and investments, company financials and leadership, and leadership styles in the NBA. It provides insights into the current economic climate, investment strategies, organizational challenges, and the impact of different leadership styles.

Motley Fool Money

Tue Jun 11 2024

What Apple Didn’t Say

AppleWWDCAICracker BarrelRetirement

The episode covers Apple's WWDC conference updates, their approach to AI, challenges faced by Cracker Barrel, retirement age and income, and retirees' financial well-being. Key insights include Apple's focus on personal intelligence and privacy, the impact of Apple's new features on smaller apps, challenges for Cracker Barrel in modernizing without alienating customers, and the varying retirement age and income across the US.

Motley Fool Money

Mon Jun 10 2024

We Can Fix You, Southwest

activist investingstock splitsDow inclusionS&P 500cybersecurity

This episode covers topics such as activist investing in Southwest Airlines, Nvidia's stock split and Dow inclusion speculation, CrowdStrike's rise in the S&P 500, China's skyscraper boom, and the future of skyscrapers and mile-high buildings.

Motley Fool Money

Sun Jun 09 2024

Ozempic’s Unknowns

processed foodsweight loss drugsgut hormonesobesityhealth risks

This episode explores the impact of processed foods on obesity and the development of weight loss drugs that target gut hormones. It discusses the effectiveness and risks of these drugs, as well as the benefits and concerns associated with their use. Additionally, it examines the strategies employed by different countries to address obesity and considers the implications of prescribing weight loss drugs to children.

Motley Fool Money

Sat Jun 08 2024

Is Multifamily Overbuilt?

real estateapartmentsSunbeltoversupplyrental market

The episode discusses the oversupply of apartments in the Sunbelt region due to overbuilding. The growth of the Sunbelt has led to a mismatch in supply and demand, resulting in rent stabilization. The affordability issue in the housing market has driven demand for rental properties. Developers face challenges in obtaining construction financing, while Mid-America Apartments is navigating the oversupply situation. The real estate sector is undervalued, presenting investment opportunities.

Motley Fool Money

Fri Jun 07 2024

Cybersecurity Soars, Cyclical Stocks Cycle

financial performanceearningsgrowth potentialSEC ruleprice hikes

This episode covers various topics including the financial performance of CrowdStrike and Thor Industries, Lulu Lemon's earnings and future growth potential, the SEC rule on private funds' disclosure, Spotify's price hikes, active monopolization cases against Ticketmaster, Live Nation's revenue growth and challenges, and a discussion on favorite donut spots and other companies like DocuSign and Casey's General Stores.

Motley Fool Money

Thu Jun 06 2024

The Big Three Drive All-Time Highs

Stock MarketTech GiantsNVIDIAAI-focused CompaniesGenerative AI

The episode covers various topics including the stock market's all-time high driven by tech giants, NVIDIA surpassing Apple in valuation, opportunities in AI-focused companies, generative AI, consumer-friendly companies like Kava and Lululemon's success in overseas markets. It also discusses Lululemon's valuation compared to S&P, clean energy developments including advancements in electricity transmission technology and the importance of transitioning away from fossil fuel-generated electricity. Additionally, it explores geothermal energy advancements and technological innovations in the clean energy sector.

Motley Fool Money

Wed Jun 05 2024

“A Salesperson’s Dream”

CybersecurityEarningsStrategic ShiftDutch AuctionNetworking Technologies

The episode covers CrowdStrike's strong earnings and revenue growth, their strategic shift towards becoming a one-stop shop, the Dutch auction for shares, Arista Networks' market focus, and advancements in networking technologies for AI data centers.

Motley Fool Money

Tue Jun 04 2024

Hindenburg Targets Real Estate Lender

short sellingfinancial performancestock marketfinancial planningcareer opportunities

This episode covers topics such as short selling and Hindenburg Research, Axos Financial performance and concerns, Academy Sports potential and comparison, financial planning considerations, and career opportunities in financial planning.

Motley Fool Money

Mon Jun 03 2024

Waste Management Goes Dumpster Diving

Waste ManagementStericycleCostcoMembership PricesOpenAI

This episode covers Waste Management's acquisition of Stericycle, Costco's performance and potential membership price increase, OpenAI vs Google in content licensing, and the implications of Google's free indexing. It explores the opportunities and challenges faced by these companies in their respective industries.

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