How would your life change if you reached Financial Independence and got to the point where working is optional? What actions can you take today to make that not just possible but probable. Jonathan & Brad explore the tactics that the FI community uses to reclaim decades of their lives. They discuss reducing expenses, crushing debt, tax optimization, building passive income streams through online businesses and real estate and how to travel the world for free. Every episode is packed with actionable tips and no topic is too big or small as long as it speeds up the process of reaching financial independence.


Mon Aug 07 2023

449 | Rubber Ducks and Systems for Land Investing

Financial IndependenceReal Estate InvestingLand InvestingEssentialismPersonal Growth

This episode features JT Olmsted, a land investor who shares his journey to financial independence through real estate investing. Starting with a desire for financial freedom, JT and his wife developed disciplined saving and investing habits. As they had children, their vision for the future evolved, leading them to explore real estate investments. After initial setbacks, they found success in land investing and built a business around it. The episode covers various aspects of real estate investing, including personal growth, essentialism, transitioning to land investing, strategies, insights, and pricing. JT also shares personal reflections and life hacks. The episode concludes with community engagement opportunities and recommendations for further learning.


Mon Jul 31 2023

448 | July Roundup: Working Backwards Into FI

financial independencevaluesspendinginvestingreal estate

This episode of ChooseFI covers a wide range of topics related to financial independence. The hosts discuss the importance of values, shifting perspectives, and digging deeper into what we truly value. They also explore optimizing spending and investing for financial independence, as well as the role of optimism in real estate investing. The episode concludes with insights on Roth IRA contributions, spousal involvement in finances, and the importance of not always optimizing for maximum return. Overall, this episode provides valuable insights and practical advice for those on the path to financial independence.


Mon Jul 24 2023

447 | Mailbag: Breaking up with your Advisor, I Bonds, 4% Rule, Accounts for Kids, Roth IRAs | Sean Mullaney

Dexa.aiMailbag SegmentBreaking up with Financial AdvisorTransferring Retirement AccountsConsiderations for Transferring Shares is a new company that allows users to search and index podcasts, including ChooseFI. The episode features a mailbag segment with Sean Malini, discussing topics such as breaking up with a financial advisor, i bonds, the four percent rule, Roth IRAs, and opening accounts for children. The episode covers various aspects of transferring retirement accounts, considerations for transferring shares, donating appreciated stock and I bonds, taxation and strategies for I bonds, the 4% rule and investing for retirement, investment accounts for children, Roth IRA contributions and conversions, five-year rules for Roth IRAs, and withdrawal rules and exceptions for Roth IRAs.


Mon Jul 17 2023

446 | Small and Mighty Real Estate Investor | Chad Carson

Real Estate InvestingFinancial IndependenceWalkable CommunitiesDebt ManagementSmall Investors

The episode covers the importance of having 'enough' in real estate investing, living in walkable communities, getting involved in your community, optimizing real estate investments, building systems and operations, paying off debt and simplifying investments, strategies for debt management, debating real estate debt, the small and mighty investor's guide, achieving financial independence, and concludes with a call to action. The book 'Small and Mighty' by Chad Carson provides techniques and rules for real estate investing, emphasizing lifestyle and free time over scaling businesses. Pre-orders come with bonuses like a live Q&A call and coaching sessions. Bigger Pockets offers a 10% discount with the promo code 'choosefi'. ChooseFI email subscribers will receive a PDF of Chad Carson's personal buy box.


Mon Jul 10 2023

445 | Fundamental Truths of Investing | Brian Feroldi

InvestingFinancial Independence

The episode covers lessons from Brian's investing experience, Warren Buffett's investment strategies, the importance of pessimism and optimism in investing, psychology and history in investing, investing strategies for long-term success, understanding market volatility and long-term investing, and additional resources for financial independence.


Mon Jul 03 2023

444 | Spending for Happiness | Carl Jensen & Doug Cunnington

Financial IndependenceSpending for HappinessExperiencesMindsetConvenience

The episode discusses the evolution of the financial independence movement, shifting focus from accumulating money to using it for happiness, spending money on experiences and prioritizing meaningful activities, embracing unique experiences and updating mindsets on spending, adjusting mindsets on spending as net worth grows, investing in convenience and location for a better life, addressing pain points and prioritizing unique experiences, making the most of time and creating lasting memories, planning for the future and giving while still alive, updating thinking on financial support for children, and concludes with an invitation to future conversations.


Mon Jun 26 2023

443 | The Invisible Nature of Spending | Ginger Roundup

Hotel RewardsBooking TipsGlobal EntryAll-Inclusive VacationsCar Ownership Costs

This episode covers various topics including hotel rewards, booking tips, Global Entry, all-inclusive vacations, car ownership costs, fitness strategies, retirement planning with a pension, and success stories from the community. The hosts discuss the value of hotel rewards nights and the simplicity of redeeming them. They recommend starting with Ultima Rewards points and highlight the benefits of Global Entry. All-inclusive vacations are explored, along with the true cost of owning a car. Fitness strategies and retirement planning tips are shared, including considerations for pensions and Social Security. The episode concludes with inspiring success stories from the community.


Mon Jun 19 2023

442 | Intermediate Travel Rewards

Travel RewardsCredit CardsPointsFlightsHotels

The episode covers intermediate and advanced topics on travel rewards, including earning and redeeming points for flights and hotel stays. It emphasizes the importance of responsible credit card habits and offers tips on maximizing savings and finding award availability. The guest shares personal experiences and insights, highlighting the value of flexibility and strategic timing. The episode also discusses tools and resources for converting credit card currencies, booking multiple award seats, and learning more about travel rewards. Overall, it provides a comprehensive guide to navigating the world of travel rewards.


Mon Jun 12 2023

441 | The Valuist Returns | FI Roundup with Bo Loy

Financial IndependenceLearning New SkillsEmbracing ChangeEnjoying LifeHealth and Fitness

The episode covers various topics including financial independence, learning new skills, embracing change, enjoying life, health and fitness, affordable travel, teaching kids about money, taking action, and empowering oneself. It emphasizes the importance of living a good life, finding value in small things, and prioritizing what truly matters. The episode also highlights the benefits of hiring an online personal trainer and shares insights on teaching kids about money through amusement parks. It concludes with a focus on embracing opportunities, affecting change, and maintaining a positive mindset.


Mon Jun 05 2023

440 | Past Failure Does Not Define Future Success | Amy Minkley

financial independencescarcity mindsetcareer decisionsBaligap years

Amy Minkley shares her diverse journey towards financial independence, including leaving a high paying job, teaching in Japan, multiple retirements, international teaching, slow travel, and finding fulfillment in Bali. She discusses overcoming scarcity mindset, transforming money mindset, navigating career decisions, embracing change, exploring opportunities abroad, practicing gratitude, and living life well. Amy also highlights the importance of rediscovering Bali, building a community, creating meaningful connections, embracing gap years, and traveling with purpose.

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