Oxide and Friends

Oxide and Friends

Oxide hosts a weekly Discord show where we discuss a wide range of topics: computer history, startups, Oxide hardware bringup, and other topics du jour. These are the recordings in podcast form. Join us live (usually Mondays at 5pm PT) https://discord.gg/gcQxNHAKCB Subscribe to our calendar: https://sesh.fyi/api/calendar/v2/iMdFbuFRupMwuTiwvXswNU.ics

Oxide and Friends

Tue Jul 11 2023

Tales from Manufacturing: Shipping Rack 1

ManufacturingAIPackagingLogisticsUser Experience

The episode covers various aspects of manufacturing at Oxide, including debunking fears of AI taking over, building and scaling up production, packaging considerations, on-site presence during manufacturing, collaboration challenges, overcoming issues, testing, logistics, user experience, collaboration, reflection, testing capabilities, operations team, and open source policies.

Oxide and Friends

Tue Jul 04 2023

Shipping the first Oxide rack: Your questions answered!

OxideOn-premises ITHardware integrationPower optimizationCustomer support

This episode covers the launch of Oxide, a product that allows on-premises IT access to cloud computing. It explores the benefits of on-premises infrastructure, challenges in building hardware and software integration, efficiency and power optimization in on-premises infrastructure, testing and installation of Oxide rack, improving server management and customer experience, transparency, trust, and customer support, improving customer support and time to value, efficient interfaces and ownership of infrastructure, Oxide as an independent cloud and future potential, scalability, software support, and future plans, live migration, upgrades, and cooling solutions, power budget and operating system considerations, challenges with Linux and open source licensing, product features, economic model, and open source, overcoming challenges and building the company, navigating banking crisis and support from investors, support from fans and future plans

Oxide and Friends

Tue Jun 27 2023

Okay, Doomer: A Rebuttal to AI Doom-mongering

Apocalyptic ThinkingDigital SystemsHuman InvolvementAI RisksBalancing Concerns

The episode explores the cultish nature of apocalyptic beliefs, the challenges in building digital systems, the importance of human involvement in analysis and debugging, potential risks and resistance against AI, balancing concerns and real-world impact of AI, and perspectives on AI doomerism and future impact. It discusses topics such as Web3, AI ethics/safety, chip design, power distribution, print circuit boards (PCBs), software-hardware interactions, and the need for human creativity and problem-solving. The podcast aims to address concerns and provide reassurance to those worried about the potential dangers of AI.