Wong Notes

Wong Notes

Hi, my name is Cory Wong. This is my podcast. I'm going to talk to your favorite artists as they discuss their personal tricks of the trade, never-before-heard stories, and the proper response when Sinatra wants to peep your master tapes.

Wong Notes

Thu Feb 09 2023

Theo Katzman: The Songwriter Behind the Guitarist

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This episode features an interview with Theo Catzman, a musician and member of the band Wolf Peck. They discuss Theo's new album, artistic identity, and the importance of embracing uniqueness as an artist. The episode also covers topics such as music-making tools, resilience, and the challenges of being a musician in today's world.

Wong Notes

Thu Jan 12 2023

Mateus Asato on Thinking Beyond the Guitar

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The episode features Corey Wong at the G4 guitar camp in Las Vegas, where he interviews Mateus Asado and discusses the challenges of being successful musicians in the modern era. They also talk about their experiences performing with renowned guitarists and the unique voices each guitarist brings to the stage. The episode covers topics such as expressing through guitar, creating melodic instrumental music, navigating challenges during the pandemic, mental health and social media, working with Bruno Mars, and finding support during difficult times.

Wong Notes

Thu Dec 29 2022

Paul Gilbert’s Shred School Is in Session


The episode covers Corey Wong's reflections on the past year, the upcoming release of Volfpack's new record, discussions with Paul Gilbert about guitars, insights on high action on guitars and Van Halen songs, vibrato techniques and upright bass solos, guitar techniques and authenticity, incorporating keyboards into music, competition among guitar players, lessons and techniques for guitar players, insights on picking techniques and phrase architecture, developing fast playing and controlling distortion, muting techniques and pick scratch.

Wong Notes

Wed Jun 08 2022

Yngwie J. Malmsteen: “I Never Felt That Art Is a Sport”


The episode covers various topics including Festy season and collaborations, the journey of a speaker in music, artistic expression and self-improvement, passion for performing and the versatility of the Stratocaster, the influence of Yngwie Malmsteen and Fender Stratocasters, adapting to changes in the music industry, and Inge Bay's unique artistry and humor.