The Market Huddle

The Market Huddle

Join Patrick and Kevin bi-weekly when these two traders discuss the week's action in the markets - always keeping the other's feet to the fire for bad calls - yet hopefully having some fun while learning a little something in the process.  

The Market Huddle

Sat May 18 2024

Bull in a China Shop (Guest: Leonid Mironov)

ChinaEconomic DevelopmentTrade RelationsReal EstateEV Manufacturing

This episode covers various topics related to China's successes and failures, including its economic development, trade relations, real estate issues, EV manufacturing, advanced technology, commodity markets, and market performance. The guest, Leonid Mironav from Pacad Asset Management, shares insights based on his experiences and observations. Key points include China's focus on domestic development, its growing market share globally, advancements in EV manufacturing, challenges in the real estate sector, and the potential impact of AI on electricity needs. The episode also discusses commodity trends, investment opportunities, market manipulation, and personal stories.

The Market Huddle

Wed May 15 2024

MH+ Ep.38 Schumpeter’s Dream (guest: Paul Krake)

AIEconomic TransformationTechnological AdvancementsPortfolio ReturnsElectrification

This episode explores the increasing use of AI and its impact on various industries. It discusses predictions of significant economic transformation and portfolio returns driven by AI. The adoption of AI technologies is likened to transitioning from server rooms to cloud services. The implementation of AI in sectors like drug trials could revolutionize medicine. Challenges and opportunities in AI investing are also explored, along with the evolution of trading strategies and investment prospects in electrification infrastructure. The future of nuclear power and energy policies is discussed as well.

The Market Huddle

Fri May 03 2024

The Evolving Market Structure (Guest: Peter Haynes & Jenny Hadiaris)

marketstradingalgorithmic execution24-hour tradingjob market

This episode covers the evolving state of markets, algo orders and efficiency in trading, algorithmic execution for institutional clients, the shift towards passive participation, managing large orders and blocks, the controversy of 24-hour trading, challenges in trade settlement, market participation and investor confidence, the role of technology in finance, geopolitics and market structure, market reactions to job market news, currency and market speculation, gold and crude oil analysis, grains market and uranium spot prices, winter gas prices and market analysis, trading strategies and bond yields, biotech stocks and market trends, and surfing and real estate in Portugal.

The Market Huddle

Wed May 01 2024

MH+ Ep.37 The Rules Are Changing (guest: Warren Pies)

Market AnalysisPredictionsRecessionsInvestment StrategiesOil Market

This episode covers various aspects of the current market analysis, predictions, recession indicators, impact of bonds on investment strategies, and the oil market's holding period. Insights include buying dips in the stock market, quantitative trading strategies, fiscal stimulus impact, residential construction payrolls as recession indicators, changing dynamics of stocks and bonds, and the importance of monitoring market psychology.

The Market Huddle

Tue Apr 23 2024

MH+ Ep.36 So, it Seems Like I Missed Something (guest: Steve Sosnick)

Market VolatilityIndicatorsPortfolio InsuranceHedging StrategiesInterest Rates

This episode covers market volatility, indicators, portfolio insurance, hedging strategies, interest rates, options trading, option expirations, and market volatility during expiration events.

The Market Huddle

Sat Apr 20 2024

Lost Control of Financial Conditions (Guest: Danny Dayan)

Federal ReserveFinancial ConditionsCareer JourneyQuantitative EasingInterest Rate Markets

This episode covers various topics including the guest's background, the Federal Reserve's control of financial conditions, career journeys, quantitative easing, interest rate markets, economic predictions, resilience of the economy, impact of R star and neutral rates, criticism of the Fed's approach, risks and implications of sticky inflation, market optimism, Canada's economy, pessimism about Canada's economic situation, geopolitical risks, long-term market views, and an anecdote about dumpling bets.

The Market Huddle

Wed Apr 17 2024

MH+ Ep.35 The Uncomfortable Truth About Money (guest: Paul Podolsky)

MoneyFederal ReserveFiscal StimulusCredit SupplyInvestment Opportunities

This episode covers various topics related to money, including insights on Federal Reserve's policy choices, fiscal stimulus impact, credit supply and demand, investment opportunities, risks in emerging markets, currency impact, investing in the era of AI, changing productivity, and energy demand. The episode also discusses the instability of money and upcoming book by the podcast host.

The Market Huddle

Wed Apr 10 2024

MH+ Ep.34 Talkin’ Charts With Tony (guest: Tony Greer)

market transitioncommoditiesFederal Reserveinvestment optionssilver market

The episode covers insights on the transition of leadership in the markets from tech to natural resources and commodities. It discusses the performance of commodities like gold, oil, and copper, as well as the influence of the Federal Reserve's actions. The US economy's status and investment options such as gold, Bitcoin, and precious metals are explored. The silver market is highlighted as an attractive trade option compared to gold. Copper's performance and potential commodity shortage story are discussed. The episode also touches on different approaches towards equity markets and sector rotation.

The Market Huddle

Sat Apr 06 2024

Fundamentals Tightening Under The Covers (Guests: Paulo Macro & Kuppy)

FinanceInvestingMarket AnalysisPassive InvestingInflation

This episode covers various topics including the background and expertise of Paolo Macro, the importance of music and math in finance, the benefits of temping in the financial industry, career transitions and experiences, the impact of passive investing, inflation concerns, market conditions, insights on Brazil's economic performance, analysis of AMARK stock, trends in the gold market, trading strategies, market dynamics in oil and commodities, investing in China, and personal updates from the hosts.

The Market Huddle

Wed Apr 03 2024

MH+ Ep.33 Copper, Dispersion & Commodities (guest: Will Thomson)

copper marketglobal manufacturingsupply challengescopper miningreal asset investing

This episode covers various aspects of the copper market, including global manufacturing trends, factors influencing copper prices, supply challenges, recommended copper mining companies, opportunities in real asset investing, and geopolitical factors affecting undervalued metals.

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