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The Intelligence from The Economist

Thu Jun 13 2024

A real work of peace? An Israel-Hamas deal

New York Timesbestseller listpolitical biasnon-alcoholic beveragesBritain

The episode covers accusations of political bias in the New York Times bestseller list, the growing trend of non-alcoholic beverages in Britain, peace deal discussions between Israel and Hamas, and debates and challenges surrounding the Israeli peace deal.

The Intelligence from The Economist

Wed Jun 12 2024

America's next top-job model: our election forecast

Bank of Americamalariapresidential campaignselection forecaststrad wives

This episode covers topics such as partnering with Bank of America for business success, innovations in fighting malaria, insights into the presidential campaigns, election forecasts, factors affecting the election, and the rise of trad wives on TikTok.

The Intelligence from The Economist

Tue Jun 11 2024

Doing their not-own thing: “generation rent”

cybercrimeTikTokrentingmusic industry

This episode covers topics such as cybercrime, TikTok's foreign ownership issues, challenges of renting, and the importance of albums in the music industry.

The Intelligence from The Economist

Mon Jun 10 2024

French anti-foreign legion: an EU-election shock

podcastLe Chant d'HôtreEuropean parliamentary electionsFrench politicsGerman politics

This episode covers topics such as the Le Chant d'Hôtre podcast, European parliamentary elections, challenges in French and German politics, addressing absenteeism in American schools, and the challenges of naming cars.

The Intelligence from The Economist

Sat Jun 08 2024

The Modi Raj 1: The chaiwallah's son

Narendra ModiIndian politicsRSS organizationBJP partyHindu nationalism

This episode provides a comprehensive summary of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's early life, political career, and rise to power. It explores his attention to detail in clothing, his connection with India's diverse population, and the challenges he faced in recent elections. The episode also delves into Modi's upbringing in Vadnagar, his association with the RSS organization, and the role it played in shaping his youth and political ideology. Additionally, it covers his marriage, dedication to the RSS, and his significant political achievements as Chief Minister of Gujarat and Prime Minister of India.

The Intelligence from The Economist

Fri Jun 07 2024

One dam thing after another? Ukraine and reconstruction

Business TransformationDam BlastUkraineRewildingEnergy Infrastructure

This episode covers topics such as business transformation using ServiceNow's platform, the devastating dam blast in Ukraine and its aftermath, rebuilding efforts and energy infrastructure in Ukraine, Narendra Modi's challenges leading a coalition government, a challenging interview faced by Modi and ancient Egyptian studies conducted by Professor Barry Kemp.

The Intelligence from The Economist

Thu Jun 06 2024

Labour's pains: Britain’s growth problem

British electioneconomic challengesD-Day tourismNormandyVenice

The episode covers the British election and economic challenges, D-Day tourism in Normandy, and managing overtourism in Venice.

The Intelligence from The Economist

Wed Jun 05 2024

Modi’s mess: a shock election result spells uncertainty for India

IndiaElectionAfricaForeign InvestmentSpace

This episode covers India's election results, the impact of political and economic risk on Africa's foreign investment, and a low-tech solution for keeping astronauts fit in space.

The Intelligence from The Economist

Tue Jun 04 2024

The big gag: Hong Kong’s crackdown on freedom

Bank of AmericaStartup BoomHong KongPolitical FreedomJune Mendoza

This episode covers topics such as the startup boom in America, the erosion of political freedom in Hong Kong, and the artistic career of June Mendoza.

The Intelligence from The Economist

Mon Jun 03 2024

I, Claudia: Mexico’s new leader

Bank of AmericaMexicoElectionHurricane Season

In this episode of The Intelligence, we discuss the partnership between Bank of America and businesses, the election of Mexico's first female president, and the forecast for an active Atlantic hurricane season. We explore the challenges faced by Claudia Shainbaum, the stakes of the Mexican election, and insights from hurricane forecasts. Additionally, we introduce Rosie Bloor as the new co-host of The Intelligence.

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