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Masters in Business

Bloomberg Radio host Barry Ritholtz looks at the people and ideas that shape markets, investing and business.

Masters in Business

Mon May 20 2024

Introducing: Big Take Asia


The episode covers the challenges of understanding Asia, introduces the Big Take Asia podcast from Bloomberg, and highlights its focus on the biggest economies in the region and their global impact.

Masters in Business

Thu May 16 2024

Savita Subramanian on Equity and Quantitative Strategy

Insurance SolutionsCareer PathFinanceBehavioral FinanceInvesting Rules

This episode covers a wide range of topics including insurance solutions, career paths in finance, behavioral finance, investing rules, market opportunities, quantitative models, valuation, rising rate environment, market sentiment, positioning data, AI impact, changing market dynamics, labor intensity, market optimism, economic cycle, regulation challenges, TV show recommendations, personal insights, mentors, books, and investing advice.

Masters in Business

Wed May 15 2024

At the Money: Hot & Cold Investments

investingasset classessector rotationfiscal concernsgeographical trends

This episode discusses the hot sectors of the moment, fallen asset classes, interest rate risks, sector rotation, fiscal concerns, geographical trends, and investable opportunities. It provides insights into the changing dynamics of the market and offers guidance for portfolio management.

Masters in Business

Thu May 09 2024

Jim O'Shaughnessy on How AI Will Change Everything From Arts to Stocks

FinanceInvestment StrategiesOnline Investment PlatformsSocial InvestingTax Loss Harvesting

The episode covers Jim O'Shaughnessy's career in finance, investment strategies, the evolution of online investment platforms, social investing, tax loss harvesting, customized investing, challenges in valuing tech companies, AI-driven innovations, O'Shaughnessy Ventures and Fellowship, AI's impact on social entrepreneurship, medicine, and scientific research, Stability AI, AI's impact on industries and mass customization, Jim O'Shaughnessy's advice and reading list, and the Qatar Economic Forum.

Masters in Business

Wed May 08 2024

At the Money: Building A Concentrated Portfolio

American Express Business Gold CardQatar Economic ForumConcentrated PortfoliosDiversificationActive Management

This episode discusses the benefits and strategies of concentrated portfolios, including the American Express Business Gold Card, the Qatar Economic Forum, diversification in stock portfolios, understanding concentrated portfolios, global tilt in concentrated portfolios, and the relationship between active management and passive indexing.

Masters in Business

Thu May 02 2024

Joanne Bradford on the Power of Marketing

CareerEntrepreneurshipStartupsFinancial PlanningEmpowerment

This episode features Joanne Bradford, who has had a successful career in technology, marketing, and finance. She shares insights from her experiences at Microsoft, Yahoo, SoFi, and Honey. The episode covers topics such as entrepreneurship, growing startups, financial planning, empowerment of women, gender bias, and advice for recent graduates. Joanne emphasizes the importance of innovation, financial control, and taking calculated risks. She also recommends resources for those interested in finance careers.

Masters in Business

Wed May 01 2024

At the Money: Should You Be A Stock Picker?

American ExpressBusiness Gold CardVisibility GapStock Picking

The episode discusses the American Express Business Gold Card, the Visibility Gap podcast, and the topic of stock picking. It explores the challenges of stock picking, biases faced by retail investors, and the performance of individual stocks. The key takeaway is that most investors are better off owning a broad index rather than attempting to pick winning stocks.

Masters in Business

Fri Apr 26 2024

Ed Yardeni on Long-Term Bull Market

AI Writing AssistanceMarket PredictionsFed PolicyEconomic ResilienceMarket Breadth

This episode covers a wide range of topics including AI writing assistance, market predictions based on data analysis, Fed policy, economic resilience, market breadth, real estate trends, housing market challenges, technology impact on economics, Bitcoin and market predictions, financial crisis insights, demography's role in economic trends, and investment strategies for long-term success.

Masters in Business

Wed Apr 24 2024

At the Money: What Data Matters and What Doesn't

economicsdata analysisinflationreal estaterecession

Learn how to use economic data to make informed decisions and cut through the noise of opinions. Discover key data series to follow and understand their predictive value. Gain insights into inflation trends and the real estate market. Find out how to predict recessions and which data series investors should focus on.

Masters in Business

Fri Apr 19 2024

Goldman Sachs Ashish Shah on Reading the Market With AI and Technology

Asset ManagementInvestingLeadershipFinanceGoldman Sachs

This episode features A C-Shah, the co-head and CIO of Public Investing at Goldman Sachs Asset Management. A C-Shah shares insights from their diverse background in technology, innovation, equity, credit, and fixed income. They discuss the challenges of building scalable investment processes and the importance of culture in asset management. The episode also covers experiences at Lehman Brothers during the financial crisis, the transition to Barclays, and leadership lessons learned. Additionally, it explores the role of a CIO in public investing, collaboration in finance, market outlook, fixed income concerns, and career growth.

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