The Security Analysis Podcast

The Security Analysis Podcast

This podcast explores investment strategies, economics, personal finance, and stock analysis. It features real conversations and analysis to inform, educate, and entertain. Note that nothing in this podcast is investment advice and it is for entertainment & discussion purposes only. Do your own due diligence before making any investment.

The Security Analysis Podcast

Wed Jun 12 2024

Left Field Investing

Investment InsightsDermatology BusinessStock ValuationTopical TreatmentsAI Technology

This episode covers various investment insights including identifying microcap opportunities, transitioning to a stable dermatology business, stock valuation and market trends, advancements in topical treatments and international investments, AI technology in funeral services, the impact of the Biden administration on private prisons, and future plans.

The Security Analysis Podcast

Wed Jun 05 2024

Tyler Moody: The Enterprising Investor

InvestingValue InvestingStock SelectionPortfolio Management

Tyler Moody, an electrical engineer and DIY investor, shares his journey from quantitative to qualitative analysis in stock selection. He discusses the challenges of balancing investing with a full-time engineering career and family responsibilities. Moody emphasizes the importance of understanding why a stock is out of favor before investing and shares insights on value investing strategies, specific stocks in his portfolio, and content creation for investors. He has outperformed the S&P 500 and is evaluating his investment strategy.

The Security Analysis Podcast

Wed May 29 2024

Ben Sparham: QV Capital

financeinvestingmacroeconomicsrisk managementfundamental analysis

This episode covers a range of topics in finance and investing, including personal journeys into finance, discipline in investing, top-down investment processes, economic indicators, the US economy, interest rates, inflation, macro outlook, managing risk, legendary investors, fundamental analysis, valuing companies, Disney's turnaround, shifts in entertainment consumption, Google's dominance, investing in high-quality businesses, cashless transactions, simplicity in investment strategies, and risk management.

The Security Analysis Podcast

Wed May 22 2024

Edwin Dorsey: The Bear Cave, Part 2

Short SellingHershey'sFeastablesGLP1 DrugsYouTube Influencers

This episode covers insights on short selling opportunities and departing CEOs, the competition between Hershey's and Feastables, the rise of Feastables and its potential impact on Hershey's, challenges faced by Hershey's and potential competition from Feastables, the impact of GLP1 drugs and YouTube influencers on snack companies, Mr. Beast's influence and concerns about Palantir and Marquetta, issues with payment processing companies and challenges for Archer Aviation, criticism of Archer Aviation and competition faced by Chegg, and resources for learning about short selling and investing.

The Security Analysis Podcast

Wed May 15 2024

The Mikro Cap: Global Micro Cap Investing

microcap investingvalue investingstock analysisilliquiditydownside protection

This episode covers various aspects of microcap investing, including insights from experienced investors, strategies for success, and potential investment opportunities. Topics discussed include the journey into investing, factors contributing to investing success, investing in microcap stocks, strategies for microcap investing, key insights on investing, and the potential sale of Paramount. The episode provides valuable information for both novice and experienced investors interested in microcap stocks.

The Security Analysis Podcast

Wed May 08 2024

John Huber: Base Hit Investing

investingbloggingvalue investingreturn on capitalBuffett

This episode features John Huber, managing partner at Saber Capital Management, discussing his journey into investing, successful blogging and investing strategies, insights on investing returns and evaluation, Buffett's investment preferences and resilient companies, investing in companies with strong moats, successful strategy of investing in out of favor large cap stocks, opportunities in long-term investing and trusting skilled capital allocators, and Warren Buffett's decision to hold onto Berkshire stock.

The Security Analysis Podcast

Wed May 01 2024

Frank Vasquez: Risk Parity Investing Part 2

diversified portfoliosTelemudic portfoliomining techniquesinformation-based societyUSD as reserve currency

This episode covers topics such as diversified portfolios, the Telemudic portfolio, historical mining techniques, the transition to an information-based society, the USD as a reserve currency, hyperinflation, base rates and survivorship bias, market bubbles and technological advancements, avalanches and historical events, DFA methodology and investment analysis, PE ratios and market performance, uncertainty and diversification, and macro predictions and risk savvy.

The Security Analysis Podcast

Wed Apr 24 2024

The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life

Warren BuffettInvestmentBiographySuccessDiscipline

This episode explores the life and career of Warren Buffett, focusing on his childhood, motivation, personal life, investment philosophy, and approach to success. The podcast discusses the controversial biography 'The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life' by Alice Schroeder, highlighting its depth and impact on Buffett. Through key insights and anecdotes, listeners gain a comprehensive understanding of Buffett's journey from a young entrepreneur to one of the richest people in the world. The episode emphasizes Buffett's focus, discipline, and ability to overcome challenges, offering valuable lessons for aspiring investors and individuals seeking success.

The Security Analysis Podcast

Wed Apr 17 2024

Gautam Baid: The Making of a Value Investor

InvestingIndian Stock MarketInvestment Strategies

The episode covers various aspects of investing in the Indian stock market, including personal journeys into investing, investment frameworks and trends, avoiding hindsight bias and market volatility, investing in India's growth opportunities, market sentiment and risk management, risk management and diversification, and portfolio management and value investing principles.

The Security Analysis Podcast

Wed Apr 10 2024

Solo Episode: Paypal, Recession Fears, Paying Off Debt, and more

InvestingRetirement PlanningPortfolio BuildingDebt ManagementETFs

The episode covers various topics including the debate on whether markets are truly broken, retirement planning, building portfolios, personal investment strategies, debt management, and choosing ETFs for long-term performance. Key insights include the importance of consistent saving and investing, the debunking of the 'passive bubble' concept, and the recommendation of the Slivy ETF for maximum performance. The speaker also shares their personal investment strategies and contact information for further engagement.

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