How do empires rise? Why do they fall? And how have they shaped the world around us today? William Dalrymple and Anita Anand explore the stories, personalities and events of empire over the course of history.


Wed Jun 12 2024

159. The American Revolution: Building The New Rome (Ep 4)

American RevolutionPeace NegotiationsIndiaEarly RepublicJohn Adams

The episode explores the final episode of a mini-series on the American Revolution, the connections between the American Revolution and India, and the political landscape of the early republic. It discusses key events, negotiations, loyalist concerns, and the impact of the American Revolution on India and Canada. The episode also delves into the internal divisions, political ideologies, westward expansion, and the friendship between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.


Mon Jun 10 2024

158. The American Revolution: Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness (Ep 3)

American RevolutionDeclaration of IndependenceRevolutionary WarYorktown

The episode explores the Declaration of Independence and its significance in American history. It discusses the debates and revisions surrounding the document, as well as the impact on different groups. The signing of the Declaration marks a pivotal moment in American history, symbolizing the birth of the country and the fight for independence. The challenges and strategies in the Revolutionary War are examined, including logistical difficulties and instances of British atrocities. Foreign support and turning points, such as the Battle of Saratoga and French involvement, are highlighted. The Southern Campaign and the surrender at Yorktown are explored, along with their implications for British strategy and American victory.


Wed Jun 05 2024

157. The American Revolution: The Shot Heard Around the World (Ep 2)

American RevolutionBoston Tea PartyContinental CongressGeorge WashingtonThomas Paine

The episode discusses the events leading up to the American Revolution, focusing on the Boston Tea Party, the First Continental Congress, and key battles. It explores the tensions between the American colonists and the British government, as well as the role of influential figures like George Washington and Thomas Paine. The involvement of enslaved Africans in the revolution is also highlighted.


Mon Jun 03 2024

156. The American Revolution: No Taxation Without Representation (Ep 1)

American RevolutionHarvard UniversityColonial DynamicsRevolutionary SentimentsBritish Empire

The episode explores the influence of Harvard University on the formation of the founding fathers during the American Revolution. It delves into the differences between New England and Southern colonies, the role of slavery, and the impact of commercial ties. The episode also discusses tensions between American colonists and the British government, conflicts with Native Americans, and the causes of revolutionary sentiments and actions. It highlights growing opposition to British taxation, key figures leading to independence, and significant events like the Boston Massacre.


Thu May 30 2024

155. The Founding Fathers: Benjamin Franklin (Ep 5)

Benjamin FranklinFounding FatherAmerican RevolutionScientistInventor

The podcast episode discusses Benjamin Franklin and his role as a founding father of America. It explores Franklin's extraordinary scientific achievements, his pursuit of knowledge and civic improvement, his personal life and scientific contributions, his influence on American unity, and his changing attitudes and political divide. The episode provides insights into Franklin's character, his relationships, and the challenges he faced during the American Revolution.


Wed May 29 2024

154. The Founding Fathers: John Adams (Ep 4)

John AdamsAmerican HistoryBoston MassacreStamp Act

The episode explores the life of John Adams, from his early years and academic journey to his marriage, family life, and his pivotal role in defending British soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre. It delves into Adams' character traits, his views on education, principles, and integrity, as well as his relationship with Abigail. The Stamp Act and its impact on Adams' revolutionary views are also discussed.


Tue May 28 2024

153. The Founding Fathers: Alexander Hamilton (Ep 3)

Alexander HamiltonFounding FathersAmerican Revolution

This episode explores the background and early life of Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of the United States. From his humble beginnings in the Caribbean to his journey to America, Hamilton's story is one of resilience and determination. The episode delves into his family history, his upbringing, and the challenges he faced along the way. It also highlights his strong opposition to slavery and his role in shaping the financial system of the new nation.


Mon May 27 2024

152. The Founding Fathers: Thomas Jefferson (Ep 2)

American RevolutionFounding FathersThomas Jefferson

The podcast episode explores the origin stories of major figures in the founding of America, focusing on Thomas Jefferson. It delves into his personal life, early influences, leadership role in the revolution, and complexities surrounding his views on slavery.


Wed May 22 2024

151. The Founding Fathers: George Washington

George WashingtonAmerican RevolutionFrench and Indian WarsColonial AmericaFounding Fathers

This episode explores the life and origins of George Washington, delving into his complex family background, early life experiences, pursuit of ambitions, involvement in the French and Indian Wars, role in the Braddock expedition, bravery and disillusionment, as well as his personal life and political involvement. The narrative highlights Washington's multifaceted character and sheds light on key events that shaped his journey.


Mon May 20 2024

150. Worlds Colliding: Seizing Settlers in New England

Early American settlersCaptivesDeerfieldFragility of British settlementsComplex relationships

The episode discusses the story of early American settlers captured by First Nations, focusing on the narrative of Reverend Williams and his daughter Eunice. It highlights the fragility of early British settlements in the 17th and 18th centuries, contrasting it with the dominant narrative of Victorian imperialism. Deerfield, a town in Massachusetts, was settled by white settlers on disputed land, leading to conflicts with indigenous tribes and involvement in global power struggles between France and Britain. The settlers in Deerfield experience a series of raids, with the big attack happening in February 1704 resulting in many casualties and captives being taken towards Canada. Eunice Williams, a captive during the Ottoman Empire, chose to stay with the Mohawk tribe despite efforts to bring her back. She lived a happy life with her new culture and family until she passed away at the age of 89.

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