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Thu Jun 13 2024

What's making Zomato bet big on Blinkit?

GrofersBlinkitquick commerceZomato

Blinkit, formerly known as Grofers, faced financial challenges but managed to transform into a successful quick commerce platform. Despite competition and operational hurdles, Blinkit leads in terms of GMV and is on track to become profitable. The success can be attributed to factors such as optimizing dock stores, Zomato's expertise, and the thriving quick commerce market. However, there were protests from delivery partners due to changes in payout rates. Blinkit expanded its catalog and focuses on repeat orders. Zomato believes Blinkit will surpass its food delivery business in growth.


Wed Jun 12 2024

What do health insurers have against pregnancies?

health insurancematernity expensescorporate health insuranceinfertility treatments

This episode explores the challenges women face with health insurance coverage for maternity expenses. It discusses the reliance on corporate health insurance, the options for maternity coverage, and the inclusion of infertility treatments in insurance policies.


Tue Jun 11 2024

Why Cleartrip could learn a thing or two from old school travel agents

travel industryonline travel aggregatorsClear TripFlipkart

This episode explores the challenges faced by Clear Trip, an online travel aggregator acquired by Flipkart. Despite the acquisition, Clear Trip has struggled financially and deviated from successful travel agent strategies. The episode highlights the importance of industry expertise and the need for a long-term approach in the travel industry.


Mon Jun 10 2024

Energy drinks are the hot new category in India and PepsiCo's Sting is its king

Energy DrinksIndiaStingHealth RisksMarketing Tactics

Energy drinks have gained popularity in India, with PepsiCo's Sting leading the market. However, the growth of energy drinks has raised health concerns among the youth and rural population. Marketing tactics create a false sense of need for energy drinks, while regulations are being reevaluated to address high consumption.


Fri Jun 07 2024

Daybreak Special: Inside the rise of 'daterimonial' apps in India

Indian dating appsRelationshipsCultural connectionsFamily approvalCommunity approval

The episode explores the world of Indian dating apps, highlighting the differences between Western and traditional Indian apps. It discusses the challenges faced in finding a life partner through dating apps, including considerations of caste, community, and societal pressure. The importance of family and community approval is emphasized, along with the potential for cultural connections in relationships.


Thu Jun 06 2024

What is suddenly sending shivers down the spines of 350,000 CAs?

Chartered AccountantsAuditing IndustryNFRAFinancial Fraud

India's chartered accountants are facing increased risk in their work due to the NFRA's actions. The auditing industry has undergone a major shakeup, and auditors are resigning in large numbers. The NFRA acts as a watchdog for auditors, going after those who miss financial fraud. However, auditors argue that their job is complex and cannot guarantee the accuracy of financial statements. The NFRA's penalties and challenges have led to significant changes in the auditing industry.


Wed Jun 05 2024

Why reining in financial influencers is a Catch-22 problem

financial influencersSEBI regulationsinvestment advice

A comprehensive look at the rise of financial influencers in India, the challenges of regulating them, and the need for guidelines to protect investors.


Tue Jun 04 2024

EVs aren’t everybody's cup of tea. Maruti-Toyota are making the most of it.

Maruti SuzukiToyotahybrid vehiclesEVspartnership

This episode explores the partnership between Maruti Suzuki and Toyota in India, which has led to the success of hybrid vehicles in the country. It compares the popularity of hybrids and EVs, discusses the factors influencing consumer preference, and examines the future outlook for these technologies in India.


Mon Jun 03 2024

Why free airport lounge access is not so free anymore

airport loungescredit cardslounge accessbanking

Airport lounge access, once exclusive, has become more accessible due to the increase in credit card issuance. Credit card companies offer free access to airport lounges as an attractive feature. However, the growing number of credit card holders and overuse of lounge access has become costly for banks. As a result, banks are taking steps to restrict lounge access for non-premium card holders and move towards spend-based access in the future.


Thu May 30 2024

Why we date, marry, or breakup with Swiggy Instamart, Blinkit, Zepto & BigBasket

10-minute delivery appsquick commerceuser behaviorsgrocery delivery appsquick delivery apps

The episode discusses the impact of 10-minute delivery apps on daily lives and society. The host, PJK, is obsessed with quick commerce and has written about it extensively. Zomato's acquisition of Blinkit marked a significant shift in the 10-minute delivery app landscape in India. There has been a noticeable trend towards rapid growth and investment in quick commerce businesses like Zepto and Swiggy Instamart.

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