The Compound and Friends

The Compound and Friends

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The Compound and Friends

Fri Apr 12 2024

Rates Might Go Higher

EconomyInvestingFinancial MediaInflationAuto Insurance

This episode covers a wide range of topics including misconceptions about Americans' savings, Real Housewives, investing, financial media previews, inflation concerns, auto insurance rates, lottery spending, wealth disparity, and music artists. The discussions provide insights into the economy, market behavior, and societal implications.

The Compound and Friends

Tue Apr 09 2024

Mike Francesa drops by, Jamie Dimon's letter, stock market shortage, the case for AppLovin

subscription managementsports talk radiobroadcastingpodcast monetizationsports gambling

This episode covers a wide range of topics including subscription management services, success and rivalry in sports talk radio, remotes and key figures in broadcasting, the 'Jambi' phenomenon, challenges in podcast monetization and sports gambling, the rise of sports gambling and the New York Knicks, A-Rod's potential ownership, Bill Belichick's future, NFL draft prospects, favorite sports movies, technology stock investments, market performance and earnings season, industrial/materials companies' performance, inflation and buybacks, JP Morgan Chase's market capitalization, AI use cases and market making, investing at all-time highs, tech giants' cash reserves, shorter workweeks, AI ad platform earnings, large cap stock performance, and a mystery sector ETF.

The Compound and Friends

Fri Apr 05 2024

Salt of the Earth

stock pitches'salt of the earth'trend-following strategiesallocation challengesmarket conditions

This episode covers various topics including missing out on stock pitches, the meaning of 'salt of the earth', trend-following strategies, challenges in allocation, market conditions, dividends and buybacks, market volatility, momentum strategies, private equity, ETFs, financial industry practices, beer preferences, tequila quality, and a valuable resource for investing.

The Compound and Friends

Tue Apr 02 2024

Investing Ideas From Jason Hsu, a Stock Market “As Good as It Gets”, Why the Fed Should Stop Talking

InvestingChinaEmerging MarketsAISemiconductor

This episode covers investing opportunities in China and emerging markets, along with market trends and insights. Topics include China's economic slowdown, challenges and risks in Chinese markets, investing in real estate as a store of value, the potential of emerging markets, the dominance of the US in artificial intelligence, semiconductor production, financial advisor biases, market rally and trends, Federal Reserve decisions, Donald Trump's stock holdings, theft issues in retail, and the performance of Tesla stock.

The Compound and Friends

Fri Mar 29 2024

High Conviction Stocks

RestaurantsCollege AdmissionsFlorida DriversStock MarketInvestment Strategies

The episode covers a wide range of topics including visiting restaurants in Boca Raton, Florida, college admissions and academic focus, Florida drivers and career transition, unrealistic returns and stock market concerns, investment strategies and economic data, market performance and valuation multiples, consumer spending and high-end income, automation and investment decisions, Netflix's growth and monetization strategies, monetizing shared passwords and tech giants, streaming industry and tech giants, Amazon's business segments and growth, Apple's operations and antitrust rulings, Apple's growth and behavioral psychology, Nvidia's data center business and drug pricing, weight loss drugs and behavioral psychology, workplace communication and holistic health, protein intake and personal experiences.

The Compound and Friends

Tue Mar 26 2024

Big Opportunities in Corporate Bonds With Dave Albrycht

Corporate bond marketFixed income investingInvestment opportunitiesRocket Money app'The Compound and Friends' podcast

The episode covers various topics related to the corporate bond market, fixed income investing, and investment opportunities. It discusses the Rocket Money app, 'The Compound and Friends' podcast, credit spreads, US corporate bond market growth, differences between equity and bond markets, investment processes, sector selection, private credit funds, active management, interest rate calls, the impact of the Fed's removal from the mortgage bond market, insatiable demand in the mortgage market, restored relative value in fixed income, investment opportunities and reinvestment risks, and challenges in the commercial real estate market. The episode also provides recommendations for cautious investing in commercial real estate and fixed income investing.

The Compound and Friends

Fri Mar 22 2024

If You're Not Bullish Now...

Market PredictionsReddit IPOUser DataFed ProjectionsNVIDIA

This episode covers a wide range of topics including market predictions, Reddit's IPO, user data, Fed projections, NVIDIA's influence, AI development, music trends, market sentiment, excessive risk, household wealth, political parties, spaghetti Westerns, and immigration. The episode concludes with a heartwarming story about Brian's lifelong passion for music.

The Compound and Friends

Tue Mar 19 2024

Nvidia's AI Woodstock, Office RE crash, avoid equal-weighting Nick Colas and Jessica Rabe

Stock MarketEmerging MarketsSpaceXNvidiaAI

The episode covers market analysis, factors influencing stock prices, comparison of S&P 500 indices, performance of emerging markets and US stock market, SpaceX's Starlink, Nvidia's advancements in GPU technology, leadership changes and advancements in AI, artificial general intelligence and future of work, structural differences in stock market and real estate market, challenges and optimism in commercial real estate market, declines in commercial real estate stocks and options trading, speculative bets and short-term indicators in stock market, debates on high-quality stocks and personal investing strategies, and General Electric's turnaround story.

The Compound and Friends

Fri Mar 15 2024

Inflation in Plain English

New York CityPalantirShort SellersInflationMarket Corrections

A comprehensive summary of various topics including a new building in New York City, controversial comments by the CEO of Palantir, the impact of short sellers on companies, inflation trends, market corrections, investment opportunities in Asia, concerns about TikTok and Tesla, and entertainment recommendations.

The Compound and Friends

Tue Mar 12 2024

Finding the next Mag 7 stocks, Europe rallying with Drew Dickson

Party CelebrationsSubscription ManagementPassive InvestmentStock Market FluctuationsEuropean Companies

The episode covers a range of topics including party celebrations, subscription management, passive investment, stock market fluctuations, European companies, inflation concerns, economic indicators, investment approaches, challenges of active management, comparison of companies like Nvidia and Cisco, valuation and fundamentals of Nvidia, positive signs in the stock market, identifying potential investment opportunities, metrics for investment opportunities, and technical analysis of stocks.

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