The Story of a Brand

The Story of a Brand

Welcome to The Story Of A Brand Show. Hear the unique entrepreneurial journeys of 1000+ Consumer Brand founders. We tap into the doubts, failures, wins and inspirations that come with building Consumer Brand startups in extremely competitive times. Whether you own a brand or work for one, you will learn from our guests as they share the building blocks of their brand’s evolution. Who knows, you may even discover a few new products that become faves.

The Story of a Brand

Wed Apr 10 2024

Brightland - For the Love of Food & Cooking

entrepreneurshipolive oilquality productshealth benefits

This episode explores the journey of an entrepreneur who started a business centered around high-quality olive oil sourced from family-run farms. It delves into the mental challenges faced by entrepreneurs, the importance of gratitude, and the health benefits of olive oil. The episode also highlights Brightland, a company that offers various olive oil products with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

The Story of a Brand

Tue Apr 09 2024

Fly By Jing - Expanding Palates and Minds

leadershippersonal growthself-reliancecompany cultureemployee development

This episode explores leadership, personal growth, self-reliance, building company culture, employee development, HR management, creating identity-driven brands, success and innovation in the food industry, flavor integrity, culinary experience, and multi-sensory enjoyment. Key insights include the importance of supporting employees' self-actualization, separating self-worth from business success, managing growth and adapting to change, investing in HR as a business grows, and evolving culture through taste.

The Story of a Brand

Fri Apr 05 2024

Keyspan - The Journey to a Healthier Future with Nate Taylor

health datareinventionpersonalized health programswomen's healthcommunity support

This episode explores the importance of understanding health data, reinventing oneself, personalized health programs, addressing women's health, and building a community for health goals. It emphasizes the need for lifelong learning, preventive measures, and behavior change in improving health outcomes. KeySpan's personalized health program, which includes regular biomarker testing and tailored lifestyle programs, is highlighted as a comprehensive solution. The episode concludes by promoting the benefits of community support and kindness.

The Story of a Brand

Wed Apr 03 2024

TryNow - How "Try Before You Buy" Is Shaping the Future of Online Shopping

try before you buyrisk-free trialscustomer-centricityexperiential marketingShopify

The episode discusses the power of trying products before buying and how it applies across various industries. It explores the concept of risk-free trials, the benefits for businesses and customers, and the integration of TryNow with Shopify. The episode also highlights the importance of customer-centricity and shares insights on effective marketing strategies.

The Story of a Brand

Tue Apr 02 2024

HUM Nutrition - Vitamins to to Support You at Every Stage of Life

Hum NutritionWellnessBeautyNutritionHealth

This episode features Walter Fostro, co-founder and CEO of Hum Nutrition, discussing the evolution of his business since his last interview in 2019. The episode covers topics such as the company's mission and approach, sustainability efforts, operational challenges during the pandemic, wellness tips for productivity, highlights of Hum Nutrition products, focus on women's health, quality and consumer-centric approach, and a guest appearance by Walter Falstro. Listeners are encouraged to visit the website for more information about Hum Nutrition and its offerings.

The Story of a Brand

Tue Apr 02 2024

Doughlicious, The London Dough Co - Kathryn Bricken’s Rise to Cookie Dough Queen with Doughlicious

entrepreneurshipfood industrybrandingproduct innovationmarketing strategy

This episode explores the journey of the founder of Delicious, a successful cookie dough business. It covers topics such as brand evolution, product innovation, global expansion, marketing strategy, sustainability, balancing growth and profitability, continuous product development, entrepreneurial reflections, and late-life wisdom. The founder's passion for high-quality ingredients and innovative recipes led to the creation of gluten-free and healthier cookie options. The company's products have gained international recognition and expanded into multiple countries. They focus on finding the right marketing strategy, sustainability practices, and making strategic decisions. The episode also highlights the importance of passion, team culture, customer engagement, and late-life wisdom in entrepreneurship.

The Story of a Brand

Sat Mar 30 2024

BodyHealth - How Uri Minkoff is Reframing People’s Relationship With Nutrition and Food

EntrepreneurshipParentingFinanceBody HealthIntegrative Health

This episode covers various topics related to entrepreneurship, parenting, nurturing passions, finance, and the evolution of Body Health. It emphasizes the importance of early success, gratitude, supporting children's choices, understanding finance, staying connected to motivation, updating offerings while maintaining core values, creating a community, personalized health approaches, and anticipating health trends.

The Story of a Brand

Fri Mar 29 2024

Crow Canyon Home - An Entrepreneur’s Journey to Revitalizing a Classic - The Resurgence of Enamelware at Crow Canyon Home

business acquisitionsmall businessenamelwaremarketingbranding

This episode explores the process of buying a small business, focusing on the experience of the CEO of Crow Canyon Home. Key insights include understanding why a business is being sold, the benefits of buying from retiring owners, the importance of relationships and financing, challenges in business acquisition, the popularity of enamelware, marketing strategies, and an overview of Crow Canyon Home's brand and products.

The Story of a Brand

Fri Mar 22 2024

ALOHA - A Business Built for the Greater Good

entrepreneurshipbusiness challengessustainabilityprofitabilitycore strengths

This episode discusses the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, the transition into entrepreneurship, keys to building a successful business, strategies for business success, qualities of successful entrepreneurs, Aloha's approach to business, factors contributing to Aloha's success, Aloha's product offerings, and the availability and marketing of Aloha products. The episode emphasizes the importance of gratitude, sustainability, profitability, core strengths, strategic decisions, humility, community, empowering employees, consciousness, impact-driven entrepreneurship, consumer-driven nature of the food industry, superior product attributes, building relationships with retailers, treating consumers like family, personal care, forecasting accuracy, taste and texture, third-party certifications, consumer-centric approach, value-driven businesses, protein and fiber content in bars, real food ingredients, variety packs, sustainability, community impact, wider accessibility of products, and kindness and empathy towards others' struggles.

The Story of a Brand

Thu Mar 21 2024

Mason Dixie Foods - Food that Resonates with Your Soul

foodentrepreneurshipbrandingsuccesscomfort food

This episode explores the journey of Mason Dixie Foods, a brand that focuses on natural frozen comfort foods like biscuits and breakfast sandwiches. The founder's emotional connection to food and gratitude played a significant role in building the brand. Overcoming challenges, finding inspiration, identifying market gaps, launching a Kickstarter campaign, seeking mentorship, testing creativity, unexpected success, scarcity marketing, frozen biscuits, retail opportunities, business success, luck, COVID challenges, natural frozen comfort foods, traditional cooking methods, staying true to values, community connection, and customer engagement are all key themes discussed.

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