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How To Succeed In Product Management | Jeffrey Shulman, Red Russak & Soumeya Benghanem

80: How to Use ChatGPT to Land a Product Manager Role

Wed Apr 05 2023

Inclusive Product Management Summit

00:00 - 06:23

  • The summit is being hosted in Seattle on May 12th and May 13th to learn how inclusion can drive success for businesses.
  • Product managers give 100% of themselves to their customers, but the Product Management Center at the University of Washington is there for them.

Breaking into product management

05:53 - 11:58

  • Skills needed include technology knowledge, strategy understanding, product building execution, ideation discovery, and storytelling.
  • Communicating outcomes achieved through work is important even if one doesn't come from a pure product management background.
  • The process of becoming a product manager involves building skills, communicating them effectively, identifying companies that value them and suitable roles within those companies, convincing people to grant interviews and ultimately getting the job.
  • Using Chat GPT creatively has pros such as saving time in writing cover letters but also cons such as the need to personalize generated messages.

Using Chat GPT for cover letters and job search

11:50 - 18:28

  • Sheena uses her resume information to create prompts for chat GPT to write cover letters and job descriptions.
  • The quality of the outputs is excellent as long as you train chat GPT specifically on what you want.
  • Sheena considers getting an interview from a company as a measure of success.
  • Chat GPT has helped Sheena get one interview out of five applications so far.
  • Using AI tools like chat GPT is becoming table stakes in product management.
  • To improve prompts, Sumaya suggests using a prompt generation robot that gathers all necessary information and optimizes input and output.
  • Input information is crucial for a perfect output in cover letter writing.
  • Creativity and experimentation with new technology are important skills for product managers.
  • Different prompts can lead to the same outcome, but experimentation is key to finding one's preference.
  • The skill of writing and research is becoming more accessible, so differentiation lies in editing and follow-up prompts.
  • Chat GPT can be used to improve resumes, evaluate problems in job search, have mock interviews, draft emails to recruiters, and list companies that match preferences.
  • Right Sonic app can provide up-to-date information on startups hiring product managers in AI or digital transformation fields in the US.
  • Chat GPT can assume roles like career strategist to help prepare for interviews with specific prompts.

Using Chat GPT for interviewing skills and career path options

23:50 - 30:00

  • Shina and Fedor share their secrets on how to become product managers in the Inclusive Product Management Accelerator at the University of Washington.
  • They recommend using Chat GPT to practice interviewing skills and simulate the interviewing process with tools like Dictate Google Docs.
  • Sumaya suggests using Chat GPT to reframe skills from other professions into product management, rewrite resumes, and provide specific career path options.
  • Audience questions can be asked anonymously through DM or by raising a hand to ask on stage.
  • Chat GPT can also help create questions for interviews and respond in different voices or styles.

Recommended books for transitioning to a PM role

29:32 - 35:41

  • Recommended entry-level books include Continuous Discovery, Lean Startup by Eric Ries, Working Backwards, and any book that talks about founders.
  • Testing Business Ideas by David Bland is recommended for experimentation in product management.
  • Inspired by Marty Kagan is also recommended but lacks specific examples.
  • Lean Product Playbook by Dan Olsen and Samaya Fears is another recommended book.
  • Charge GPT can provide a list of relevant books on a topic.

Transitioning to product management from the medical profession

35:11 - 41:05

  • Doctors are transitioning to become clinical product managers.
  • There is a product management course for doctors to advise health tech companies more efficiently or even become health tech product managers.
  • Startups are a great place for doctors to work as product managers.
  • Highly regulated industries like healthcare and financial services require specialized knowledge in addition to product management skills.
  • The University of Washington has an inclusive product management accelerator designed to bring diverse voices into the field.
  • AI and technology are transforming industries, and someone who knows how the medical profession currently works can help build products that can make it work even better, more efficiently or more effectively.

Considerations when using Chat GPT in the workplace

40:38 - 46:25

  • JC advises against going into a medical product management course due to the bias it introduces.
  • He suggests learning about product management from other perspectives instead.
  • Transparency is important when using ChatGPT in the workplace.
  • It is an augmentation technology, not a replacement technology.
  • Being transparent about its use can improve efficiency and help coworkers understand its benefits.
  • The decision to accept or reject an applicant's use of ChatGPT ultimately lies with the interviewer.

Interviewees' perspectives on using Chat GPT in job applications

45:55 - 52:04

  • When asked if they use software like chat GPT in job applications, the interviewees would be honest and say yes.
  • They wouldn't proactively mention it, but they would share it if asked.
  • The interviewees are conflicted about becoming too reliant on AI tools in their jobs.
  • They want to fully embrace them, but also need to understand where this experiment is going and whether AI will become destructive in a way that they're not anticipating.
  • Chat GPT is meant to improve productivity, not replace human work. It should be used as a compliment to the things that you're doing.
  • There's no answer as to whether using chat GPT is okay with employers or not. It's a brand new tech and all perspectives need to be considered.
  • Chat GPT can be used for rephrasing cover letters so that they don't become too obvious or similar to others' cover letters.
  • Chat GPT prompts are available for organizing a brand in daily operations.

Tips and prompts for organizing a brand in daily operations

51:40 - 56:37

  • Lonnie asks for tips and prompts for organizing a brand in a business for daily operations.
  • Sheena suggests following LinkedIn presses that give prompts to help with job search or anything using chat GPT.
  • Fedor recommends several places where different types of chargers can be found, including a GitHub repository and
  • May emphasizes the importance of understanding how AI tools work and investing time in learning about them.
  • Sheena advises finding your superpower and emphasizing it on your cover letter, then using AI tools to build knowledge in product management.
  • The speakers encourage experimentation with technology to achieve personal goals and build a better future.