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The Jordan Harbinger Show

865: Can Relationship Live on If China Takes Taiwan? | Feedback Friday

Fri Jul 21 2023
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The episode covers a range of topics including conversations with interesting people, Juan Zaratez discussing financial policy and combating terrorism, Carolyn Rose talking about the drug funding the Civil War in Syria, targeted ads, feedback from listeners, Jordan's trip to Kosovo, navigating a sensitive issue with a politically connected girlfriend in Taiwan, the sponsorship by Bradley Smokers and BetterHelp, the problems with MLMs, dealing with a brother's financial and mental health issues, taking responsibility for one's life, grooming tools and self-esteem issues, studying abroad and approaching parents about it, and a preview of The Jordan Harbinger Show featuring an investigator who solved a cold case serial killer.


MLMs are always scams

MLMs are predatory sales pitches that encourage people to dupe their friends and family into buying overpriced goods. They offer stability and money but are ultimately bad for society.

Taking care of oneself is important

When dealing with a family member's financial and mental health issues, it's crucial to prioritize one's own well-being and have tough conversations while providing appropriate support.

Addressing self-esteem issues

Encouraging therapy as a way to explore deeper feelings of unworthiness and hopelessness can help address severe self-esteem issues before getting married.

Approaching parents about studying abroad

Anticipating concerns and objections, highlighting the benefits of the study abroad experience, and approaching parents as collaborators can help navigate the conversation.


  1. The Jordan Harbinger Show
  2. Jordan's Trip to Kosovo
  3. Navigating a Sensitive Issue with Politically Connected Girlfriend in Taiwan
  4. Bradley Smokers and BetterHelp Sponsorship
  5. MLMs Are Always Scams
  6. Approaching Someone Involved in an MLM
  7. Dealing with a Brother's Financial and Mental Health Issues
  8. Taking Responsibility for One's Life
  9. Grooming Tools and Dealing with Severe Self-Esteem Issues
  10. Addressing Severe Self-Esteem Issues
  11. Talking to Parents About Studying Abroad
  12. Approaching Parents About Studying Abroad
  13. The Jordan Harbinger Show Preview

The Jordan Harbinger Show

00:00 - 05:56

  • The podcast features conversations with a variety of interesting people, including Juan Zaratez and Carolyn Rose.
  • Juan Zaratez discusses how the United States uses financial policy and the treasury to combat terrorism.
  • Carolyn Rose talks about Captagon, a drug that funds the Civil War in Syria.
  • Skeptical Sunday explores targeted ads and their increasing prevalence.
  • Feedback Friday episodes include stories, listener letters, advice, sound bites, and roasting of Gabriel's appearance and life choices.

Jordan's Trip to Kosovo

05:36 - 11:59

  • Encountered a German patrol while hiking in church ruins in Kosovo
  • German patrol questioned their presence and asked where they were from
  • Explained they were from the United States and just exploring
  • German patrol was surprised to see backpackers in that area at that time
  • UN had intervened in Kosovo after conflict between Serbs and Albanians
  • UN trips were essentially peacekeeping missions to prevent looting and destruction
  • Witnessed destroyed churches and met a man who was left behind by his Italian parents on vacation
  • Man grew up fostered by locals, had mental issues

Bradley Smokers and BetterHelp Sponsorship

18:12 - 25:05

  • Bradley Smokers is sponsoring the podcast, offering a game-changing meat smoker that makes smoking food easy and delicious.
  • The Bradley smoker uses proprietary technology to release smoke from wood biscuits without creating an ashy taste or unhealthy flavor.
  • The smoker is automated and takes the guesswork out of smoking food.
  • BetterHelp is also sponsoring the podcast, providing therapy services to help individuals find balance and care for themselves while supporting others.
  • BetterHelp offers access to licensed professional therapists online, making it convenient for those with busy schedules or living in remote areas.

MLMs Are Always Scams

24:36 - 31:42

  • MLMs are always scams, even for the few people at the top who make money.
  • MLM business model encourages practices that no actual business would use.
  • MLMs require people to dupe their friends and family into buying overpriced goods.
  • There is no such thing as an MLM that is not bad for society.
  • People who get involved in MLMs are usually vulnerable or desperate.
  • MLMs offer stability, money, community, and a sense of agency, but packaged as a predatory sales pitch.
  • The boyfriend's belief that his mentor saved his life raises concerns about brainwashing and medical claims made by the MLM products.
  • Questioning the MLM may threaten the relationship with the significant person in his life.
  • Not being able to separate personal relationships from problematic organizations is encouraged by predatory organizations like MLMs.
  • MLMs thrive on social exclusion when someone quits or criticizes them, similar to cults.
  • Defensive brand loyalty towards MLMs doesn't make sense compared to non-emotional reactions towards other products or beliefs.

Approaching Someone Involved in an MLM

31:17 - 37:43

  • MLMs encourage defensiveness and brand loyalty to sell their products
  • MLM participants often have a garage full of unsold inventory after leaving the MLM
  • To approach someone involved in an MLM, focus on understanding their loyalty and the role the organization plays for them
  • Avoid trying to steer them towards your own conclusion too quickly
  • It may take time and personal experiences for someone caught up in an MLM to realize its flaws
  • Merging finances or making big purchases together with someone involved in an MLM is risky
  • Consider if your values align with someone who can't acknowledge the problems with MLMs

Dealing with a Brother's Financial and Mental Health Issues

37:18 - 44:00

  • I paid my brother to get a volunteer job, but he only went for a few weeks and kept taking my money
  • I tried to involve him in my side business, but he let me down and I lost
  • I tried to help him get healthy, but he didn't follow through
  • My brother has been my mom's paid caregiver, but I don't think he provided the level of care she needed
  • He decided he didn't want to be her caregiver anymore and I supported his decision
  • He struggles with severe depression, anxiety, and self-harm
  • I paid for extensive private mental health support for him, but progress is slow
  • I had to stop supporting them financially due to personal challenges including being diagnosed with MS myself
  • Our mom passed away unexpectedly and I've had to take charge of everything while my brother has shut down
  • Our mom had debt against the house and I've had to spend most of my savings on that, funeral expenses, and house repairs
  • I offered to rent out the house so my brother can keep the proceeds for a year, but he doesn't want to because he's attached to it
  • Selling the house would cause him to lose government support and mental health aid
  • I want my brother to take responsibility for his life, but I don't know how to make him understand

Taking Responsibility for One's Life

43:40 - 49:57

  • The brother needs to take responsibility for his life, but so does the sister.
  • The sister has been compromising herself by taking care of her brother.
  • Taking care of the brother has made it harder for him to step up and take responsibility.
  • The sister may have a fear of failure or abandonment if she stops helping her brother.
  • It's difficult to let go of trying to save someone, but sometimes it's necessary.
  • The sister needs to focus on taking care of herself now.
  • Tough conversations need to be had and appropriate support given from afar.
  • The brother will push back and try to keep things as they were.
  • Friends can provide support during this difficult process.

Grooming Tools and Dealing with Severe Self-Esteem Issues

49:30 - 56:33

  • The podcast episode is sponsored by Manscaped, offering tools for grooming from head to toe.
  • Manscaped provides precision control and skin-safe technology for a smooth grooming experience.
  • The Manscaped Performance Package 4.0 is recommended as a gift option.
  • The hosts share their positive experiences with Airbnb as travelers and hosts.
  • Starting an Airbnb can be simple, even with just a spare room.
  • The worried groom seeks advice on helping his fiancee with severe self-esteem issues.
  • His fiancee expresses insecurity about being in photos and attending weddings.
  • She may have deeper feelings of unworthiness and hopelessness that require exploration.
  • Therapy is suggested as a way to address her fundamental issues.

Addressing Severe Self-Esteem Issues

56:14 - 1:02:26

  • I would encourage her to explore her self-worth issues, anxiety, depression, and identity with a professional therapist.
  • She should be open and honest about her fears and concerns in therapy.
  • It's important for her to work on these issues before getting married.
  • If she doesn't address these issues, they will likely continue to affect the relationship.
  • Consider how her struggles may impact future children if not resolved.

Talking to Parents About Studying Abroad

1:02:05 - 1:08:31

  • The listener is advised to have a conversation with their parents about studying abroad.
  • They should express their passion and excitement for the opportunity.
  • Anticipate and address any concerns or objections their parents may have.
  • Highlight the benefits of the study abroad experience, such as language learning and personal growth.

Approaching Parents About Studying Abroad

1:08:06 - 1:11:23

  • I would anticipate their questions, objections, and concerns and address them with research.
  • Getting school credit for language and other subjects while abroad can help show that the experience will pay for itself.
  • Working at hotels, hostels, or restaurants while abroad can help financially support the experience.
  • Approach parents as collaborators in the dream rather than gatekeepers to change the tone of the conversation.
  • The biggest obstacle seems to be fear of talking to parents about the study abroad plans.
  • Fear is a natural companion when pursuing something you desire deeply.
  • Avoiding discussing the dream with parents is a way to protect oneself from potential disappointment.
  • No success or joy comes without the risk of disappointment or being hurt.
  • Suggest bringing up the dream with parents and speaking from the heart about its importance.
  • Parents may say yes if approached respectfully and provided with information on benefits and solutions.
  • This request can teach how to ask for what you want and set a path towards an exciting life filled with similar conversations.
  • If parents cannot or do not agree, there are alternative ideas to explore for similar experiences.
  • Don't assume rejection; have faith that parents will respond positively.
  • The courage to have these conversations comes from vulnerability rather than bravery or absence of fear.

The Jordan Harbinger Show Preview

1:11:23 - 1:17:00

  • The best things in life and business come through networking and building relationships.
  • A preview of The Jordan Harbinger Show featuring an investigator who solved a cold case serial killer.
  • In the 1970s, there was a spike in serial predator crime due to vulnerable victims and lack of security measures.
  • Joe DiAngelo, a law enforcement officer, committed 50 attacks in Northern California between 1976 and 1979.
  • The investigator started working on the case in 1994 as a cold case investigator.
  • The Golden State killer would cry after raping some of his victims, showing genuine emotion.
  • The investigator debated whether to confront the Golden State killer before retiring.
  • To learn more about how Paul Holz puts himself inside the minds of serial killers, check out episode 725 of The Jordan Harbinger Show.