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Marketing Made Simple

#95: How ChatGPT Can Make Your Marketing Easier

Wed Apr 12 2023

Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

00:01 - 06:05

  • Shares marketing tips, tactics, and resources for small business owners and marketers.
  • Interview with Jonah Berger, Wharton School Professor and author of Magic Words.
  • Magic Words provides practical tactics on what to say to get your way.

ChatGPT and AI-generated content

05:45 - 11:38

  • ChatGPT became the fastest growing user app of all time in just two months after its release in December 2020.
  • AI generated content is there to help people do their jobs better and faster.
  • "The coming change will center around the most impressive of our capabilities, the phenomenal ability to think, create, understand, and read." - Sam Altman
  • Voice predictive text tool is an example of AI that helps us do things faster and more efficiently.
  • ChatGPT is the same thing for marketers, helping them be more creative and efficient.
  • Using ChatGPT can help organize thoughts and make conversations more productive.
  • Be careful about trademarking AI-generated content as it's hard to get it trademarked exclusively.
  • ChatGPT is a starting point for creativity, efficiency, and shortcuts, not the actual end product.
  • The conversation is all about figuring out how to use ChatGPT in some really powerful ways by understanding what information to give it to ultimately give you what you need.
  • Storybrand Certified Guides share prompts they've used to spark ideas for using ChatGPT effectively in marketing.

Using ChatGPT in Marketing

11:13 - 15:58

  • Client Darren runs the Restored Leader, a leadership coaching team.
  • A LinkedIn post was created to announce Darren's recent podcast appearance.
  • ChatGPT was asked to write a short LinkedIn post using information from the email announcement.
  • The original email announcement included details about the new Restored Leader Guidebook and how it relates to leading from a place of rest and staying connected to core values.
  • ChatGPT's first attempt at a shorter LinkedIn post was deemed too fluffy and confusing.
  • The final version of the LinkedIn post focused on discussing core values as a vital role in leadership, with a call-to-action to listen to the podcast episode for more insights.

Using ChatGPT for Writing

15:43 - 20:36

  • Two calls to action in a LinkedIn post might be confusing, so the link to the guidebook was cut out.
  • Consistency is important when posting on different platforms.
  • Chat GBT is a good first draft tool but lacks context and nuance.
  • People are still needed in the writing process.
  • Giving as much context as possible upfront helps produce a better first draft.
  • Asking Chat GBT questions can lead to even better first drafts.
  • Chat GBT is not a great research tool due to its limitations and potential inaccuracies.

AI Tools for Content Creation

20:12 - 25:01

  • AI tool OpenAI's GPT-3 model can help create content outlines, outreach emails, and webpage copy in seconds.
  • HubSpot has introduced Content Assistant and Chat Spot to make the CRM easier to use.
  • Be careful when using AI tools as a research tool. Validate your sources before using them.
  • Jay used Chad JPT to craft an email for a recent agency retreat thanking attendees for attending and encouraging them to stay engaged in the community.
  • The response from Chad JPT was too wordy and over-the-top even though it was casual and friendly.

Editing with ChatGPT

24:36 - 29:22

  • The original response was too wordy and over the top for the speaker's style.
  • Editing is the hardest part of writing, and it's important to be clear with chat GPT about what you want.
  • The speaker had chat GPT shorten the response by half, which produced a much shorter version.
  • The speaker made further edits to make the response more like their personal style and community.
  • They changed 'keep the vibes alive' to 'keep the connection alive'.
  • They removed some of the heavy-handed emojis and added a sentence redirecting attention back to community leaders.
  • They included a link to the Slack channel in their edited version.
  • Call-to-action is important and should be included in your check as you're editing.

Using ChatGPT for Marketing

29:08 - 33:10

  • ChatGPT can help you edit your copy down and become a better editor.
  • You can hire a Story Brand certified guide to clarify your message and create effective marketing.
  • The actionable step for this week is to use ChatGPT to write emails and social media posts.
  • Put in the prompt with a lot of information, be specific, and start creating more marketing.
  • When you execute on this, you're ultimately able to guide your customers to solve their problem and make them the hero of their own story.