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The GoodLion Podcast

A Raw Conversation On Sex Scenes, Christians, and Media - (GoodLion Classic Episode)

Mon Jun 19 2023

Violence, Sex, and Nudity in Media

00:00 - 06:36

  • The hosts discuss the relevance of violence, sex, and nudity in media, particularly in relation to Game of Thrones.
  • They aim to provide complex answers to complex questions and point people towards God.
  • Media is becoming increasingly sexualized and streaming services are moving away from broadcast regulations.
  • Good Lion tackles topics that reflect the Lord's perspective, even if they are difficult to preach on.
  • These topics make for a fun discussion.

Theological Perspective on Sex, Violence, and Nudity

06:20 - 18:37

  • The Good Lion podcast network's official stance is to be non-judgmental towards sex, violence, and nudity in media.
  • Jesus cares more about the reasons behind our actions than the actions themselves.
  • Nudity is not inherently sinful; context matters.
  • Constructing a theology of sexual imagery or nudity starts with Genesis 2:25.
  • Genesis 2:25 shows that nudity is not a sin, but the intentions behind it matter.
  • The human body is good and God created people naked.
  • God acknowledges the need for covering in this fallen world.
  • Nudity itself is not a sin, but using it as a tool to get sexual attention or abusing someone else's nudity for sexual gratification is sinful.

Intentional Decision Making

18:20 - 25:19

  • Intentional decision making is important when it comes to sex, nudity, and violence in media.
  • Choosing to stick around during a scene that causes issues and stumbling with lust is not worth it.
  • Nudity for the purpose of trying to cause a sexual reaction is wrong.
  • It's important to build a framework for why nudity is okay in marriage but not outside of it.
  • Sexuality has one safe relationship where giving yourself away shows trust and vulnerability - marriage.

Inappropriate Conversations and Public Violence

24:52 - 31:22

  • Inappropriate conversations are inappropriate because of the lack of proper context and relationship.
  • Sex is a natural, good thing that God made, but it's inappropriate outside of marriage because the reason for its establishment is not present.
  • Public real violence is ongoing and similarly inappropriate in public.
  • Violence happening publicly can be terrible but when it happens in private, it's even more disgusting.

Simulated Violence and Sex

31:01 - 37:52

  • Fake violence like in movies or backyard games is not necessarily wrong.
  • Healthy violence happens when evil needs to be defeated or wrong needs to be shown as wrong for the sake of protection, justice, and promoting good.
  • Violence that happens in private is more disgusting than violence that happens publicly.
  • Violence in media often distances us from a simulated character or celebrates what it's doing.
  • Simulated violence doesn't necessarily cause damage to our soul if we can draw a clear distinction between what is fake and what is actually true.
  • Watching simulated violence isn't necessarily a sin, but the important question to ask is whether it's wrong to enjoy violence.
  • UFC fights are enjoyable because of the competitiveness, strategy, and sportsmanship involved.
  • Moments in UFC where one person keeps hitting another after they've clearly won are destructive and should be stopped.

Simulated Sex and Lust

43:47 - 50:34

  • Watching sexual content can be harmful for some people and their relationships with others and God.
  • Asexual people may not have sexual temptations or feelings, but watching sexual content can still be harmful.
  • Watching violent scenes that satisfy a desire for destruction is damaging to the soul.
  • Watching sexual scenes that satisfy a sexual desire, even without inspiring further action, is wrong and damaging to the soul.
  • Looking at someone with lust is committing adultery in our hearts, even if there's no actual act that happened.
  • Gratifying oneself sexually through media teaches an unhealthy way to relate to other people.
  • Nudity needs to be covered and have strong relational undergirding before it becomes good and healthy.
  • Violence can be right or wrong depending on factors such as provocation or protection of someone weaker.
  • Witnessing violence happening is not inherently wrong because it's happening in the moment, but witnessing sex between others is wrong because it's not us.

The Impact of Sexual Imagery in Media

56:42 - 1:02:39

  • Watching sex scenes on TV involves real sexual expression and nudity, which are meant for the private bedroom of a husband and wife.
  • Watching sex scenes on TV is like spying on someone else's intimate moment through a window.
  • Screens have normalized the viewing of private moments that were not meant for public consumption.
  • The justification that actors are getting paid to perform does not make it right to watch their intimate moments for pleasure.
  • Our culture has broken our view of sex and sexuality.
  • Watching pornography is taking advantage of someone else's sexuality.
  • Many people in the porn industry have been abused or threatened.
  • Marriage should never be a place to take advantage of someone.
  • Simulating sex can make some people want the real thing.
  • Simulated violence does not necessarily lead to real violence, but simulated sex can lead to wanting the real thing.

Healthy Sexuality and Lust

1:15:03 - 1:22:04

  • Attraction and sexual impulses are meant to bind two people together, the question is should you be bound to the person you're looking at?
  • The church has done a disservice by portraying sex as gross and wrong instead of beautiful and good.
  • Watching simulated sexuality in a show can trigger porn desires because it stirs up sexual desire in us.
  • Pornography teaches our minds to have sexual responses towards multiple people and variety, which is not healthy for marriage.
  • Pornography takes away from the idea of one person, one body, one sexuality that we are committed to for life.
  • Pornography can lead to a lack of healthy sexuality in a marriage.
  • Marriages without a healthy view of sex and drive for one another have issues staying together.
  • Jesus says that in his kingdom, we should not objectify human beings for our own sexual satisfaction.
  • Jesus is interested in the heart that leads to actions.
  • Sexual purity begins inwardly and it will begin with inward transformation.
  • God's goal is for every area of life to be transformed inwardly.
  • There is a distinction between sexual desire, which is healthy and God-given, and lust, which takes something that's not rightfully yours.
  • James uses sexual imagery to make a point about how desires can impregnate us with sin.
  • Evil desires lead to sin, which grows and eventually kills us.
  • Sin can be enticing and present itself as a fun friend, but it is actually looking to have its way with us.
  • Jesus warns against allowing anything in our lives that causes us to sin.
  • We should cut out any shows or movies that cause sinful desires.

The Influence of Media on Desires

1:28:07 - 1:34:37

  • Watching sexual images can lead to wanting to imitate them in real life.
  • Movies and TV shows influence us and make us want to follow in the footsteps of heroes presented on screen.
  • Scenes where characters are happy and satisfied can make viewers want to imitate their actions.
  • It's important for people in dating relationships to be aware of triggers and not expose themselves or their partners to content that could be harmful.
  • Even seemingly innocent scenes can lead to desires that go much further, as seen in the movie Friends with Benefits.
  • Don't dismiss triggers as insignificant; if they're leading you down a bad path, they need to be dealt with.

Cutting Out Harmful Content

1:34:12 - 1:41:05

  • If anything causes you to stumble, it's probably a good idea to get it out of your life.
  • Sex sells and the industry knows that. They financially know that they can bank on it making an impact.
  • There is this literal dark force behind the scenes. Satan wants men and women to objectify one another.
  • Anything that is this open door that's just constantly causing us to struggle with sin, Jesus would say cut it out.
  • When it comes to imagery that evokes sexual desire outside of marriage, it will always ask us for something. It will always ask us to pay it some kind of tribute.

The Destructive Nature of Sexual Imagery

1:40:42 - 1:46:41

  • Sexual imagery offers salvation from frustration, loneliness, and sadness.
  • It demands that we sacrifice at its altar, often leading us to stop viewing other people as human.
  • We may recognize that we've lost control long after we've surrendered it.
  • VidAngel is an online filtering service that filters out violence, language, disturbing elements, sex, nudity or anything else you'd want to filter out while watching content online.
  • Watching a story with characters who do evil things is not necessarily wrong but encountering things in the show that cause one to stumble can harm relationships with loved ones and Jesus.
  • VidAngel could be helpful for those who struggle with viewing certain types of content and have conviction that it would not be the best thing for them and their marriage and their walk with the Lord.
  • Christians don't have to watch only Little House in the Prairie or Veggie Tales but should try their best to not place anything in front of them that causes them to stumble.