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AI in the HR Arena: Nicole Blevins & Brandon Laws Discuss the Pros and Cons of ChatGPT in Human Resources

Fri May 12 2023

Chat GPT

00:09 - 12:38

  • Chat GPT is an AI tool that can solve problems and generate ideas quickly.
  • It can be used for idea generation, title generation, outlines, and summarizing podcast show notes.
  • The tool requires good prompts to give better outputs.
  • It can translate languages but accuracy is not guaranteed.
  • There are drawbacks to using the tool and people need to be cautious when using it.
  • Using chat GPT saves time by cutting through 75% of manual work.
  • Better prompts lead to better results when using chat GPT.
  • Chat GPT is being used in various industries and professions, including HR consulting.

HR Professionals and Chat GPT

06:09 - 18:49

  • HR professionals are using chat GPT to generate job descriptions, employee handbooks, policies, employee survey questions, and interview questions.
  • There is a concern about over-reliance on chat GPT output without the necessary expertise to check for compliance and accuracy.
  • The HR profession involves living in the gray area where past experience and expertise are crucial in making decisions.
  • AI tools like Chad GPT lack the experience and expertise lens in their responses.
  • Employers need to have nuanced conversations with HR professionals to address performance concerns or employer relations issues.

Concerns with Chat GPT

12:13 - 22:50

  • Chad GPT does not source information, which can lead to plagiarism concerns.
  • The tool may provide inaccurate information as it was trained pre-COVID and lacks current news and scientific findings.
  • Bias is a concern as Chad GPT was trained by a group of engineers who may have biases themselves, leading to biased results over time.
  • Using AI tools like Chad GPT can lead to non-critical thinking when creating job descriptions or other HR-related content.
  • AI-generated job descriptions may lead to a homogenous society if not used with critical thinking and creativity.
  • Over-reliance on AI may result in the loss of creative and critical thinking skills.

The Future of AI in HR

18:29 - 22:50

  • AI content is based on past information, so new content needs to be created for the system to pull from.
  • Communication is nuanced and requires human problem-solving skills.
  • AI will likely infiltrate every industry, including HR.
  • It's important to use AI responsibly and with caution.