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The John Lennon Hour

Beatles Authors Speak Out

Fri Sep 04 2015

Beatles at the Ridge Festival

  • Charles Snap had a dream of revitalizing Walnut Ridge, Arkansas by creating tourist attractions and bolstering the economy.
  • The festival includes a music festival, county fair, talent show, crafts, and symposium featuring respected authors and experts on the Beatles.
  • "Beatles at the Ridge" is an annual festival rated as one of the 10 best places in the world to learn about the Beatles by USA Today.
  • The festival celebrates the town's roots in rock and roll and its connection to The Beatles, who landed in Walnut Ridge in 1964.

Lunch and Learn Program

  • An author who has written three books combining music history, stories, trivia, and recipes will be hosting a Lunch and Learn program at Beatles at the Ridge.
  • The author will be sharing her work, including her new children's book called "Little Dog in the Sun."
  • The Recipe Records cookbook series combines music and food with cleverly titled recipes inspired by different genres of music.
  • The lunch and learn event will focus on the Beatles cookbook and a recipe for Savoy Truffles, which is also a song off the white album.
  • Attendees will sample four different flavors of Savoy Truffles and enjoy trippy pink punch while listening to live music.

Something About the Beatles Podcast

  • Richard Buskin and Robert Rodriguez host the podcast "Something About the Beatles."
  • The podcast discusses various aspects of the Beatles' career and personal lives.
  • The hosts invite knowledgeable guests to join them on the show.
  • The podcast has been running for about a year and a half, with a goal of releasing two episodes per month.
  • The hosts have different perspectives on the Beatles due to their backgrounds (British vs. American) but both appreciate and respect their artistry.

Live Podcast Recording at Beatles at the Ridge

  • The hosts of "Something About the Beatles" will be recording a live podcast at Beatles at the Ridge.
  • The content of the show will be dictated by the questions and interests of those in attendance.
  • The hosts will be giving away copies of their books and a 2016 calendar featuring original artwork at the event.

Sarah Schmidt and "Happiness is Seeing the Beatles"

  • Sarah Schmidt, creator of, will be presenting about the Beatles and the Ozarks at Beatles at the Ridge.
  • She will share stories of people who met the Beatles in Alton, Missouri and Walnut Ridge, Arkansas.
  • Sarah has hundreds of stories on her website that have not been told in other sources.
  • Her new book, "Happiness is Seeing the Beatles," is about Beatle Mania in St. Louis and their infamous concert on August 21, 1966.

Book about Beatles Concert Experiences

  • The speaker is working on a book about the Beatles and is collecting stories from people who saw them in concert.
  • The deadline for submitting stories is approaching, but the speaker may be able to include a few more tidbits.
  • The speaker is starting a mailing list for those interested in receiving information about the book when it's released.

Raffle and Giveaways

  • The speaker will have free pencils with her website name at an upcoming event and will also hold a raffle with Beatles merchandise.
  • To enter the raffle, people need to fill out a form to be added to the speaker's mailing list.
  • The speaker will be giving away pencils with the website on them.
  • There will be a raffle with various Beatles-related prizes, including a magazine, poster, pins, and a $10 Amazon gift card.

Other Guests and Events

  • Filmmaker Seth Swersky will be a guest on the program to discuss his film "Beatles Stories."
  • The program encourages listeners to attend Beatles at the Ridge in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas on September 18th and 19th.
  • The event offers free admission, free parking, and a variety of Beatles experts.