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ChatGPT's First True Competitor? Anthropic Releases Claude 2

Wed Jul 12 2023
AIEmploymentAI PolicyCloud 2


The episode covers the impact of AI on employment, AI policy developments, and the applications of Cloud 2 in various fields.


AI poses risks and opportunities for employment

The OECD annual employment report highlights that 27% of jobs are at high risk from AI. Jobs with easily automatable skills are most vulnerable. However, AI also has positive impacts on job enjoyment and performance in certain industries.

Anthropic's Claw 2 competes with GPT-4

Claw 2, developed by Anthropic, is considered a strong competitor to GPT-4. It has a large context window and impressive performance on exams and coding tasks. Claud2 offers similar performance at a lower cost.

Cloud 2 offers cost and functionality advantages

Cloud 2, developed by Anthropix, is significantly cheaper than GPT-432K and has a larger context window with more recent knowledge. It has various applications in document summarization, UX writing, prototyping, data storytelling, and more.


  1. AI and Employment
  2. AI Policy and Developments
  3. Applications of Cloud 2

AI and Employment

00:01 - 06:26

  • According to the OECD annual employment report, 27% of jobs are at high risk from AI.
  • Jobs with at least 25 out of 100 easily automatable skills are most vulnerable.
  • Finance companies are taking various measures in response to AI, including retraining or upskilling workers, buying services, hiring new workers, and anticipating layoffs.
  • AI has a positive impact on job enjoyment and performance in the manufacturing and finance industries.
  • Professionals in the finance and manufacturing sectors report mental health benefits due to AI.
  • There is anxiety about job losses in the next 10 years due to AI in the finance and manufacturing sectors.

AI Policy and Developments

05:59 - 12:51

  • AI policy will be a major topic in the coming months.
  • Anthropic's Claw 2 is seen as a strong competitor to GPT-4.
  • Anthropic's constitutional AI model aims to instill values in the model through a constitution.
  • Claw 2 has a context window of 100k tokens, allowing it to process large amounts of information.
  • Claw 2 has shown impressive results on exams and coding performance compared to GPT-4.
  • Claud2 offers similar performance to GPT-4 but at a lower cost.
  • Claud2 has a knowledge cutoff in early 2021, while GPT-4's is in September 2021.

Applications of Cloud 2

12:24 - 18:33

  • Cloud 2 is currently 4 to 5 times cheaper than GPT-432K.
  • Cloud 2 has a much bigger context window and more recent knowledge natively.
  • Cloud 2 is valuable for document summarization, including single-document and multiple-document summarization.
  • Cloud 2 can be used for comparisons, common points, and changes between documents.
  • Cloud 2 has use cases in UX writing, prototyping, brainstorming conversation starters, data storytelling, and tutorial feedback editing.
  • Claude II AI is closer to GPT-4 in terms of quality and good at summarizing documents but still has more hallucination than GPT-4.
  • Cloud2 seems to follow a given JSON schema's description better than GPT-4 on coding tasks.
  • Anthropic employees are deeply concerned about the potential harms of AI technology and compare themselves to Robert Oppenheimer.
  • Claud 2 is a realistic competitor for GPT-4 with clear areas where it doesn't perform as well but offers cost and context window benefits.
  • Code interpreter is seen as a sneaky GPT-4.5 by some people due to its capabilities.
  • Anthropix Cloud 2 is a major player in the AI landscape.