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Sun Jun 11 2023

April Wine's Third Album: Electric Jewels (1973)

  • Founding members David and Richie Henman quit during the recording of this album, and were replaced by Jerry Mercer and Gary Ma.
  • The album opens with a heavy metal vibe song called "Weeping Widow".
  • The second song, "Just Like That", is a driving rock song with a nice chorus.
  • The title track, "Electric Jewels", is a six-minute long throwback to the hippie vibe from their first album that the host does not like.
  • The fourth song, "You Opened My Eyes", is a boring acoustic ballad that does nothing for the host.
  • Side 2 opens with a decent enough rock song called "Come on Along".
  • "Lady Run Lady Hide" is a bigger ballad with big production but the host is not a big fan of it.
  • "I Can Hear You Calling" is another rocker where Jim Clench and Miles Goodwin trade vocals.
  • "Cats Claw" has lots of nice riffing and soaring guitar solo which the host likes.
  • The last song, "The Band Has Just Be Gun", has awesome guitar and some nice hooks but the breakdown section could be cut out according to the host.

Other Points

  • The podcast discusses a song with great guitar and nice hooks.
  • The breakdown section is not preferred by the speaker.
  • The song is a good way to end the album "Rockis" and "Heavy".
  • The band seems to have figured something out.

Upcoming Episode

  • Tomorrow's episode will cover April Wine's 4th album called "Stand".