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Mon Jun 12 2023

Stand Back by April Wine

  • Stand Back is the fourth album by Canadian band April Wine.
  • It was the first Canadian band album to go platinum in Canada.
  • The album cover features the band members standing behind a cannon.

Side One

  • The first song on the album is "Uwara Knight" by bassist Jim Klench.
  • It has an okay guitar solo but a weak chorus.
  • "Don't Push Me Around" is a cool rocker with better melodies than the previous song.
  • "Come Hear the Band" has an obvious David Bowie influence but ends up being pretty lame.
  • "Slowpoke" is a terrible song that is simply awful.
  • Side One ends with "Victim for Your Love," which is a pretty cool song with a David Bowie influence.

Side Two

  • "Baby Dun Got Some Soul" by Jim Klench is a horrible song.
  • "I Wouldn't Want to Lose Your Love" is a contrived ballad that worked as a hit but is weak.
  • "Highway Hard Run" is a lame attempt at an adventurous arrangement for a rock song.
  • "Not For You, Not For Rock and Roll" is a driving yet poppy rock song with nice melodies.
  • "Wouldn't Want Your Love Any Other Way" is a brilliant power pop song and one of the speaker's favorite April Wine songs.
  • "Tonight Is a Wonderful Time to Fall in Love" is a simple, basic, dumbed-down kind of pop-ballad that became a hit despite being generic and obvious.

Overall Assessment

  • The podcast discusses the composition of a song using only three chords and how small changes can make a big difference in the sound.
  • The speaker prefers the heavier rock songs on previous albums.
  • A David Bowie influence is detected in one of the songs.
  • "Baby Dun Got Some Soul" by Jim Klench is a horrible song.
  • Stand Back is not considered to be a great album by the speaker.