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Tue Jun 13 2023

Summary of the Podcast Episode on April Wine's "The Whole World's Going Crazy"

  • April Wine's fifth album, "The Whole World's Going Crazy", released in 1976, is discussed in this podcast episode.
  • Bassist Jim Klench was replaced by Steve Lang for this album.
  • The album cover features a painting of an elf with a yo-yo, and Miles Goodwin produced the album himself.
  • The album went to number one in Canada and was the first Canadian album to go platinum with advanced orders.
  • The first song on the album is "Gimme Love", a generic rock song.
  • The second song, "So Bad", is a Jimi Hendrix-inspired groove rocker with a disappointing chorus.
  • "Wings of Love" is a boring ballad with an underwhelming chorus.
  • "We Can Be More Than We Are" is a bad instrumental track with strange phone call sections.
  • Side A ends with "Rock and Roll Woman", another uninspired title that doesn't deliver.
  • Side B opens with "Shot Down", another generic rock song that falls short despite some cool guitar work.
  • The second song on side B is called "Like a Lover/Like a Song", which is a cheesy ballad that has some pretty parts but overall isn't great.
  • The third song on side B, "Kick Willy Road," is a boogie rocker with decent melodies and considered the best song on the album so far.
  • However, "Kick Willy Road" is not enough to redeem the overall quality of the album.
  • The last two songs on the album, including the title track, are considered the best songs but do not make up for the rest of the album.
  • Overall, it's not a good album.